Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Damiani

Name Alyssa Damiani

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Sun Apr 25th, 2021 @ 4:18pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'0"
Weight 108 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description In form, she's very small both in height and figure. Standing at only five foot tall, her weight matches at just over a hundred pounds. She's wiry, though, and stronger than she looks, but is willowy with only gentle curves to show her feminine figure. Her hair is dark and thick, and her eyes seem to be an impossible size, as well as black and liquid, like ink, and very expressive.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Alyssa remains a quiet woman. While she has been granted a voice thanks to the medical miracles of the age, and she is no longer the frightened child who landed on Trilista all those years ago, being “a quiet person” has just become her nature. She is gentle and caring, but fierce when she has to be. She’s intelligent and has a quirky sense of humor.

Personal History Alyssa, once known as Mouse, doesn't remember where she was born, and she doesn't remember her parents. She doesn't know what her name was, either. Her memories start when she was roughly around the age of five, as best anyone could guess. She doesn't know much about her early childhood or anything else. She just knows that as far back as she can remember, she hasn’t been able to speak. (Medical tests would later show that it was a birth abnormality that became permanent because it wasn’t treated early.)

For the eleven years that she could remember, until around the age of sixteen, she lived on the streets of whatever city and planet she got to. She was often a stowaway on freighters and always on the move. She spent some time with a woman whose name she can't remember if she ever learned it, but it was this woman who taught her the language of hand signals and who gave her the name Mouse, for her frightened and quick countenance. She would eventually move on after this woman passed away.

In her early adolescence, she began to hear the thoughts and sense the emotions of others when her paracortex became active. She learned to tune it out, because it was that or be completely overwhelmed by it, and she had other things to focus on: survival being at the top of that list.

At the age of sixteen, fate would drop her off at Trilista Colony. It was here that she would find people who came to care about her. She met a woman who owned an animal preserve, and Mouse had always been good with animals. This woman spoke the language of signs and gave Mouse a home and a job. It was quiet and she liked the work. She settled in quickly and survived all the disaster and drama that came to the planet. For two years, her life would go like this--until she began to want something more.

Having learned to read and write during this time, it was discovered that she was very intelligent and learned quickly. With the consent of the colony's commander and the legal assumption of a proper name--Alyssa Damiani--she began to train for Starfleet long distance until she decided to move to Earth, where she attended medical school and Starfleet Academy simultaneously. She didn't need much rest and her education was life blood to her. Though she'd always be shy and quiet, it brought her out of her terrified mind set.

It was on Earth, at Stenner Medical University, that she met Joseph Lynn. He was a doctor and a professor at the school, as well as a leading name in medical invention and experimentation, specializing in restorative devices and surgery. He would be drawn to Alyssa's bright mind and quick wit, as well as her lack of voice. He would invent something, with her help, that would give her a voice by working off the brain waves of her Betazoid mind. The voice itself was produced by a box implanted in her throat. It would take a while to learn to move her lips when speaking, lest she frighten people.

Joseph Lynn would be much more to her than that. He'd be her mentor while she learned the medical profession with frightening ferocity, and he'd be her first love. With the life that she had led, she didn't care that he was thirty years her senior. She was drawn to his wisdom and his stability. He resisted at first, but he'd fallen in love with her, too. They would spend the rest of her time on Earth in a discrete relationship and it would be a defining part of her life.

Eventually, she would complete her schooling and be assigned to her first post, which was Starbase Dacia. Her relationship with Joseph altered, but they remained close and fairly devoted to one another, as neither really had interest to change that. He visited her a few times on the station, and they kept in frequent contact.

She made a career for herself for two years there, until she received word of his death. It was a terrible blow for her, and she returned to Earth to visit his grave. She took a short leave of absence to spend time on the planet and consider her future before returning to duty. She was transferred to the USS Leto at that time, and then the USS Poseidon, before eventually being assigned to the USS Falchion at Deep Space Twelve.