Commander Cirila Ylvor

Name Cirila Ylvor

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Joined Trill
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 80kgs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Cirila has a petite build and is slim for her height. She maintains her physique with regular Pilates, exercise and holodeck programs. She wears her quite short. Unlike other Trill, her spots cover over parts of her ears.

Has an odd ability to wear more lesser known items of clothing from the Starfleet Standards of Dress. On duty is more comfortable wearing the ankle high field boots with her pants bloused into them, or the Skirt/Dress uniform options. Given her Engineering background can be found in the Engineering jumpsuit when doing anything technical.

Off duty, is either in Starfleet fitness attire or loose flowing clothing, usually with a matching pair of heels. In many of her holodeck programs, she immerses herself in the program, wearing a variety of uniforms or clothing matching particular eras. She has amassed a small collection over the years.


Spouse None
Father Bernac Idiris
Mother Delora Idiris

Personality & Traits

General Overview Having lived many lives Cirila is rarely in a situation where she is unaware of what to do, and has a knack for reading situations. She marvels at being surprised however, revels in it. She has developed a keen interest in watching people, and can sometimes be found sitting quietly with her own thoughts in a public space.

Cirila is a great listener, and talks when she needs to, always with a kind smile or concerned look if required.

One could say that all these many years and experiences have made her paranoid, but she thinks of it more as practicality.

Cirila doesn't know everything, but she is aware of what she doesn't know.

Is an efficient officer, and can sometimes be ruthless when getting a job done, as the job comes first, however can be found biting her lip whilst concentrating.

Cirila has had many relationships in her lifetimes, and as such is not bound by gender when it comes to attraction. Has also been known to flirt on occasion, only when she is sure of reciprocation.
Ambitions Initially wanted to be assigned to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers before her joining on Trill, she has since given to more of a Command focused career path. Having taken the Bridge Officer's Test and Command courses she is biding her time before having a command of a starship or station. She will continue to tinker on her own engineering projects in her spare time.

Personal ambitions are to perform the Zhian'tara ceremony and meet her previous hosts.

Hopes to someday come up with an invention that will have her remembered, not just for being a joined Trill, but an inventor.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:
Cirila has more hobbies than time for them:
- Tinkering and designing holodeck programs
- Engineering equipment from tools to ergonomic items
- Collecting old communicators and uniforms
- Reading historical fiction
- Designing things, from items of clothing to starships
- Blacksmithing

Loves to do Yoga and Pilates in her spare time, finds it relaxing and fulfilling. Enjoys a good relax in a sauna, followed by a swim in the ocean, has a self designed holosuite program which features such a locale.

When she wants to blow off steam or energy, practice hand to hand martial arts, with and without bladed weapons. Frequently runs CQB courses in her free time, shuffling the scenarios regularly.

When she hasn't worked out for a while she feels restless.

Small unit tactics
Uniforms - symbolism, structure, tradition
Design - Starship, equipment, clothing

Musical tastes:
Has a keen taste for Folk music from across the Galaxy, she finds there is something primal and strengthening about ancient music. From Nordic to Bajoran she has amassed a large collection of albums, and has seen some live performances.

Culinary tastes:
Prefers colder foods, her favorite dessert is Sorbet with berries. Enjoys one or several cups of Raktajino, depending on her schedule. Isn't one for drinking synthehol/alcohol, but has a particular favorite, a Bolian cider.

- Has a collection of old Uniforms, from Starfleet maroon jackets, to an old Romulan Imperial guard uniform. Has also made replicas of older Earth uniforms, loves the abundant camouflage patterns of old 20th century Earth.
- Old communicators, from the 2150's to 2330's.
- A Fairbarin-Sykes Commando knife, circa 1970, given by a former OC after the passing of her previous host. Once handed back to her new host, has rarely left her side. A reminder.
- Several physical models of inspiring works of architecture.
- Has used a real forge on a Klingon colony world to produce her own Mek'Leth, and Basket hilted broadsword. One of her previous hosts had a knack for blacksmithing.

Personal History Ylvor Symbiote:

The Ylvor symbiote which Cirila has been joined has lived many lives. It has been around for 280 years and lived in 7 hosts, with Cirila being the latest.

1st Host: Roban Ylvor
Roban was an Anthropologist, Xeno-archaeologist and historian, who already had an amazing career behind him. Being joined at 38 was more an experience for the symbiote than the host, with the symbiote's first joining leading to knowledge passing the opposite way it should. With the nature of his work, Roban was part of an expedition to explore a planet called Minitian, which was in a Medieval era of society. No Prime directive stopped him interacting with locals, and his knowledge saw him advise the King of a particular country on this planet. The remainder of the expedition left, but having lived with the people for some time, he integrated into their society, learning swordsmanship, blacksmithing, archery, horse-riding. An absolute dream assignment for a historian, to live through history. Conflict broke out and as advisor to the King, Roban saw himself alongside his friend the King as they rode into battle. After year long campaigns Roban was a cunning warrior, but met his match with another swordsman. Sustaining injuries not initially life-threatening, complications with medicine at the time and his physiology saw him set off an emergency beacon for a Trill ship to recover him. Roban mentioned that he would return one day in some form or another, which puzzled the King. The state mourned his death and had a state funeral in his honor.

2nd Host: Karis Ylvor
Karis was substantially younger to be joined, but was out of necessity. Given the nature of how Roban had passed and the slow nature of Warp travel in 2142, there was a rush to get the symbiote into another host. There was an adjustment period for the two, but given the many years spent with Roban there was a wisdom to the young symbiote already. There was a pull to return to Minitian to continue the work Roban had started, but Karis Ylvor was her own person and had to act as such. Joining the Trill Private Service was the first taste of Military life, being such a small organization required a jack-of-all-trades approach. Initially starting off as a Pilot, before starting an Engineering course. Serving proudly in the TPS for many years, retiring as a Captain, Karis found as she was aging that she would like to live in peace. Inventing things in her studio, as well as creating art was how her life wound down. Karis never did return to Minitian.

3rd Host: Latierga Ylvor
As a young Joined Trill, once again the universe was their oyster, having heard rumours of a United Federation of Planets, there was curiosity there. When the UFP came to Trill in peace, and proceedings came into play for Trillius prime joining the Federation, Latierga took the opportunity to visit Earth. As this fledgling Federation was establishing itself in the greater community, it was an exciting thing to be a part of. Getting swept up in the excitement Latierga applied for Starfleet Academy. She was certain she wasn't the first Trill to join, but certainly wouldn't be the last.

Signing up for the Science division, her first ship was the USS Kepler, Columbia Class. Where she quickly found herself immersed in work she had many years of experience with from her previous hosts. Advancing quickly through Starfleet in it's early days, found herself as a Lieutenant on the USS Heimdall, Ranger class, on a survey mission to Minitian. Given her expertise in this mission, her proposal for a duck blind mission was extensive and enthusiastic. It had been many years and something inside her was telling her she was home. The mission was approved and the team set about learning all they could, whilst pretending to be outsiders from a far off country. Latierga's spots drew attention, and she was brought before the King, but not before passing a statue in a town square of Roban, spots clearly carved into the statue. As almost an entire lifetime had passed since Roban left, the King's son had now taken up the mantle. Fearing the worst the Starfleet crew went about trying to extract Latierga, but before they could, found themselves at a large banquet, welcomed as old friends. After a private audience with the King, Latierga explained the situation, and how she was there, how she knew his father, lived with his people and how she had returned. The King understood as his father had told of the strange mystical tattooed man who he'd admired for many years. Being the host of the King saw the Starfleet crew treated to tours and lavish living for some time before having to return to the ship to continue their mission. A protection initiative was installed around Minitian, so that no other species could take advantage of the under-developed species. Having gained such insight and knowledge without exposing themselves as aliens, Ylvor was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Latierga got married to her commanding officer on the Heimdall Captain Dalton Wakefield, and they had 2 children, Hurin and Modin, who were half-human/half-trill. It was uncertain if they could themselves take on a symbiote. Many more years passed and her career continued, before retiring as a Commander, instructing Science Cadets at Starfleet Academy. Once again fulfilling her remaining life working on projects of her own, writing about her experiences. She passed peacefully on a final trip to Trillius prime.

4th Host: Arker Ylvor
Already a member of the Starfleet Marine Corps, Arker chose to enter the symbiote selection process as already he felt he had achieved as much as he could, he needed guidance, purpose, hoping to be given to him by the Symbiote. Being an Enlisted marine, he immediately applied for the Officer selection course and was accepted. Purpose, wisdom and knowledge gained from the joining was immense and somewhat overwhelming. Arker was quickly promoted to 1st Lieutenant, and sunk his teeth into any training he could. There was something dark about Arker, it was not about killing or taking life, it was however to be the best warrior he could be, which brought him in conflict with the previous hosts lives. During a zhian'tara ceremony, the other Trill hosts becoming manifest in others, advised him to change his ways, become a noble warrior of honor, much like Roban had become in later life. After a year of training with both Vulcan commando's and Andorian guardsmen, Arker felt a changed man upon returning to the Marines. As a Platoon commander he was involved in several battles over his career, from outright open combat, to anti-insurgent fighting, to close quarter battles. Upon promotion to Marine Captain, he was given a Sykes-Fairbairn commando knife from his Officer Commanding, as a token of his skill. That knife is still held by the Ylvor symbiote to this day, once a Marine, always a Marine.

On an excursion to chart an unmapped world, Marine forces accompanied Starfleet personnel, to develop their own training procedures with a new world exploration. Coming across a company of Klingons who had been cut off since their ship crashed in 2256, a brief but costly battle raged. Arker was one of those injured in the surprise engagement. However injured, still continued to issue orders and coordinate the withdrawal. His position was overrun, however still managed to protect his communications operator and Starfleet officers, by taking down 3 of the Klingon attackers with his knife and phaser, but succumbed to a Bat'leth wound in the process. As the fighting ceased due to a Klingon ship being called to advise the end of the fighting. Arker died as a result of his wounds and was rushed back to Trillius Prime.

5th Host: Grace Ylvor
After the Death of Arker, the Ylvor symbiote had encountered such pain and trauma, and was also the shortest life it had lived. Already a member of Starfleet security, Grace became averse to physical conflict, and changed division to become a Navigator. After only a few years, another career in Starfleet was not on the cards, and Grace resigned her commission. Becoming a writer, civil advocate and student, getting her doctorate in Federation Law. She went on to become a diplomatic aide with several ambassadors before training to become one herself. Making quite a career for herself, before once again deciding to become a mother. The highlight of her time was assisting with the ratification of the Treaty of Algeron in 2311.

Retiring on Risa, Grace penned her life's work into a series of Holo-novels, outlining historical events she was apart of, from an observation perspective, as she believed them to be important to witness. She also worked on some fictional stories, one based on Minitian the still evolving world. She passed away peacefully, having lived a life of service.

6th Host: Krom Ylvor
Little is known about the 6th Host's time, after leaving Starfleet, he journeyed off into reaches of unknown space. After 15 years, was found in a foreign gunship adrift, during the Cardassian border war. The craft had strange technology, and Krom was encased in white armour with strange markings. After being revived on the USS Gladius he immediately started asking for his brothers, asking about the war and was unsure of his location. He was not referring to the Cardassian war, but another conflict that he now barely remembered. As the Cardassian war was raging, he enlisted into the Marines and was given a quick training regime, however his muscle memory enabled him to breeze through the training. Gaining a commission to 2nd Lieutenant he was put in charge of a Platoon of Marines.

After the War, he made some efforts to find out how he came to be in that craft, and to remember this war he believed he had fought in. The Suit of armour, parts of the gunship and other relics of the Ylvor symbiote are kept in an estate in Trillius Prime. After soul searching with no results, he had almost given up on recovering this information. After finding a data storage device, he used his engineering knowledge to find he had been implanted with a digital dog tag, with his name, rank, serial number, unit designation, and several recordings of past battles recorded from his helmet. Flashes began to return, but they still remain fragmented.

He still had an enormous amount of grief that he could not explain or shake. He turned back to his life in the Alpha quadrant. Continuing his Marine career, he reached the rank of Major, at the outbreak of the Dominion war. He mentored a young 2nd Lieutenant, Kyle Shafto, a brand new officer, and the two remained together through the war.

As the marines were no longer needed after the war, he returned to Starfleet Academy to qualify as a bridge officer, taking a Security/Tactical pathway. Serving on several ships for a number of years, before gaining a promotion to Commander and heading for a teaching job at the Academy, teaching both Security and Marine cadets on combat techniques and survival. Krom was haunted in later life regarding how much war and conflict he had seen and the grief that goes with it, thankfully he married a woman who knew how to bring him out of his thoughts, a Betazoid woman who knew him better than anyone, his Imzadi. Krom passed away in 2389 and the symbiote was passed on to it's current host, Cirila.

7th Host: Cirila Ylvor