Lieutenant Chase Thatch

Name Chase Romeo Thatch

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Wed May 5th, 2021 @ 8:23pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 210
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Chase has a rather muscular build but nothing close to a bodybuilder but more military build. His eyes are rather bright. The haircut is messy, most of the time with some kind of grime in a crew cut. He has a scar on his arm and a few on his back and chest with burn scars along with his hands.


Spouse None
Father Scott Thatch
Mother Kay Thatch
Brother(s) Joshua Fennix
Sister(s) Kristi Fennix

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stubborn, caring, ambitious, polite, responsible, easily distracted, gullible, silent when stressed, severe need for appreciation and approvaL, hard worker.
Strengths & Weaknesses Thinks out of the box, has very high patience, wishes to help in whatever, over-exuberant, brutally honest, regretful, can get upset or depressed when a hard task is done with no appreciation.
Ambitions Wishes to become a chief engineer for a major starship or station and be close with the crew to a personal value. Wishes to make everyone in the crew happy and feel safe.
Hobbies & Interests Playing guitar, chess, building and improving tech onboard, building new tools that assist crew.

Personal History Chase came from a quiet childhood. He was raised in a very conservative way. He did not have very many friends so his skills began to develop instead, leaving a very poor social skill set. His father was not very supportive compared to the rest of his family, eventually passing away due to exposure. When the war broke out his family was one of the few let aboard one of the last ships. His mother took care of his brother in law and sister newborn while they worked. His brother in security, his sister in medical. Once he was old enough, Chase began to talk to engineers, one, in particular, becoming almost a second father. The engineer supported him for years, showing him how to perform maintenance on stations and starships, eventually being surpassed in skills by the one he taught. One day the station they were housing in, was struck by something no one could see, the hull was damaged and the pipes were on the verge of exploding. Chase alongside his mentor attempted to fix the pipe to no avail. The pipe burst, exploding the support from that wing of the station. Chase was luckily on the other side of a safety airlock, his mentor was sucked out into the void of space, never seen again. Chase was rushed to medical where he had shrapnel that had tore through his back, arm, and chest, his hands burned by chemicals in the lines. It was presumed if he didn't die from his injuries, there would not be much he could accomplish. A few months later and a few surgeries at that, he began to start his career in engineering once more. He worked harder than ever before, his hand wrapped in bandages even to his day to protect his hands, and be a reminder to those who see and those he teaches, just how serious the job can be and how deadly. Despite all of his challenges, Chase is rarely seen without a smile on his face or focus in his eyes. He is driven to be better and now, after years serving under Starfleet command as a specialist in his craft, he can finally keep moving up the ranks to his goal.
Service Record McKinley Station, Starship Maintenance
Deep Space 9, Engineer officer
K-7, Assistant chief engineer
Jupiter Station, Assitant Cheif Engineer