Vice Admiral Veristi Nuecylle

Name Veristi Nuecylle

Position Sector Commander

Rank Vice Admiral


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Sun Apr 25th, 2021 @ 3:28am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kerelian
Age 57

Physical Appearance

Height 6’3”
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Silver Grey
Eye Color Green with flecks of gold
Physical Description Tall and lanky, with striking good looks


Father Arsqan
Mother Lurentian
Brother(s) Two younger brothers, both in politics.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kerelians at a glance:


Kerelians have a unique auditory system which minimizes noise and distortion and gives an accurate frequency response. While most humanoid species hear between 20-20000 hz, Kerelians have an incredible range of 2-42,000 hz and can hear sounds 8 times fainter than other humanoids. The ridges that make up the outer ear, or pinna, amplify the sound waves and passes them to 6 sets of canals and eardrums thus splitting the sound waves into 6 distinct frequency ranges. The vibration from the ear drums are sent to 6 cochleas which convert them to nerve impulses and transmitted to an enlarged temporal lobe. Also unique to other species, there is no degenerative hearing loss.


The Kerelian voice consists of sounds made by the vocal folds (cords), muscles of the larynx, and size of the vocal tract. Its frequency ranges from about 10 to 42,000 Hz, 6 times greater than other humanoids. The lungs pump air into the larynx which vibrates 2 sets of vocal folds (Kerelians are the only race to have two) producing 2 different sets of frequencies. The frequencies are sent to a complex set of microscopic tubes and valves that can selectively add or subtract the frequencies resulting in incredible range. The muscles of the larynx adjust the length and tension of the vocal folds to ‘fine tune’ pitch and tone.


To live in a low pressure/oxygen atmosphere Kerelians have developed larger than normal lungs and heart. Efficient anaerobic and aerobic systems manage how oxygen is delivered to key organs and muscles. A mini organ called an Ebra augments the production of red blood cells. Kerelians have two kidneys and two lungs and need both of each to survive. In the case of disease or injury the body can survive with one until a new one regenerated. This process takes 2-4 weeks and in the interim a prosthetic is used.


The brain is not divided into hemispheres. It consist of 4 lobes. The temporal lobe is the largest and most complex. It is responsible for processing audio information and a large portion, the Euadin, is used solely as a "back up" memory node for the other lobes. In case of injury to a lobe, information stored in that area can be retrieved from the Euadin later on preventing memory loss. An area in the Temporal lobe, the Zyfur area, is only active in about 15 percent of Kerelians who are born empathic, either E1 or E2 on the Telepathic/Empathic Scale. It is still a mystery to why this is so. There is no genetic evidence that emphatic abilities are inherited. Kerelian neurologists theorize a gene is mutated while the fetus is developing. The 4 lobed brain also means Kerelian thoughts and emotions cannot be perceived by most empathic and telepathic species, such as Betazoids

Personal History Veristi is the eldest of three sons born to ambitious politician Lurentian Nuecylle and her husband Arsqan. When Veristi was four, his mother became premier of Kerelia Prime, elevating the family’s profile.

Lurentian rotated between being an absentee parent and demanding unrealistic expectations of her sons, viewing them as extensions of her goals. She desired her family to become a dynasty, with herself as the head.

To achieve these goals, Veristi was educated at home with a revolving door of private tutors. Being rarely allowed to socialize with children his own age, the boy tended to view himself as an adult, and a third parent to his younger brothers.

At the end of Lurentian’s third term as premier, she announced to the now-teenaged Veristi that the family would be moving to Earth, with Lurentian accepting a position on the Federation Council.

Veristi struggled on Earth, initially assuming humans to be somewhat deaf and rude. He retreated into schoolwork and learning as much as possible about starships, eventually realizing he wanted to escape Earth...and Lurentian.

At the age of 17, Veristi attended a ship commissioning ceremony at Utopia Planetia Shipyards. He observed officers not much older than himself joining ships that spent months, or sometimes years in deep space.

Kerelian law prevented Veristi from applying to Starfleet until he was 19, meaning he had to keep his plans hidden from his family.