Lieutenant JG Stefan Zamfir

Name Stefan Marku Zamfir

Position Personal Protection Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 190
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tall has medium length hair which he usually sweeps it back from his forehead.Square jaw with a cleft in it. Athletic build, green eyes, with an intense gaze at times. When off duty he likes to wear casual clothing. Blue Jeans, tee shirts. Button up shirts. On special occasions he'll dress in slacks, a long sleeve dress shirt of an attractive color, and slip on dress shoes. Also when needed, will go in full tux, or a really nice suit.


Father Marku Alexandru Zamfir ( deceased)
Mother Ilinca Lenuta Dragos (deceased)
Brother(s) Lucian Dragos
Sister(s) Camelia Georgeta Zamfir
Other Family Aunt- Tatiana Dragos, adopted mother.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stefan was more of an outgoing individual unlike his older brother, Lucian who was more of a quiet reserved person. Stefan didn't have the middle child syndrome, as in feeling like he was invisible. With him being part of a trio, he and his two siblings learned to work as a unit. That carried on in his life, making it to where he worked together well with others. He is kind, considerate, and respectful.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Analytical
+ Diligent Worker

-Worried about his siblings especially his older brother. Lucian had disappeared sometime ago and Stefan has no idea where he had gone. He knows that his brother is alive due that connection twins or more can share.

- Is of Romanian royalty (Count), but it is kept secret due to enemies, aka his uncle, who is in prison but still has influence. Has no desire to really step into any role of such, due to his upbringing.
Ambitions Have a family of his own

Find his brother wherever he might be.
Hobbies & Interests Loves to sketch, plays the Celtic harp, and plays the violin and piano. Does dance and is accomplished at it, but only dances from time to time when he is needing to do so. Martial Arts and blades. Loves to camp. Loves growing plants, from flowers to herbs, and loves to grow his own herbs to make tea with. He loves tea, especially ginger, for it seems to warm him from the inside out.

Personal History It was an unusual beginning for the Zamfir Triplets, all three born in an Romanian prison hospital not too far from Transylvania. Their father, Marku Alexandru Zamfir, was murdered; their mother Ilinca Lenuta (Dragos) Zamfir who was pregnant with them, framed for his death. Their father was a well respected, keen business man. He also treated his wife and his extended family very well. There was one fly in the ointment, that of his cousin, Horatiu Eugen Zamfir. The man seemed so sincere on the outside, charming, polite. Beneath that polished surface lay a dark and rotten core. He was jealous of his older cousin, he wanted to run the company, and the only way that he could would be either Marku stepping down or die. Marku was in peak health so there shouldn't be any reason for him to die anytime soon. Though, accidents can happen.

When Ilianca was 4 and half months along, tragedy struck, an seemingly bizarre accident happened which killed Marku. After an investigation, it was"found" that Ilianca had planned the accident, and she had perpetrated it. (Bribery and greasing of palms helped in the conviction and the truth hidden.)

Ilianca grief stricken and in shock barely keeping her faculties together, in order to send off a message to her only sibling, her sister, Tatiana Sorina Dragos, pleading for her help. Ilianca was then whisked away to spend the rest of her pregnancy in a prison.

Now Tatiana served in Starfleet, as part of its Intelligence Agency. As soon as she got word that her sister was in trouble, Tatiana requested an leave of absence to go see her very pregnant sister. It was granted. Tatiana arrived at what she thought was her sister's home, but found she wasn't there. The place was empty, devoid of life and furnishings, it was as if Ilianca and Marku never existed. This didn't sit well with Tatiana, she put her skills into finding where her sister was, chasing down any clues or sightings, anybody who could give her a clue where her sister could be.

A few months passed, Tatiana was feeling frantic it was nearing time for her sister to give birth, where was she? She got a break, she heard in the depths of a dark dank hole in the wall, of a woman getting ready to give birth. She listened to the story being told at the next table, of the poor woman caught in grief, pleading for someone to believe her that she didn't kill her husband. They believed her story, but they didn't have the connections to help her. They had seen a man, by the name of Horatiu, coming in to verbally torture her, basking in the state of helplessness of his victim. She was bedridden due to the upcoming birth of the triplets. He had been heard telling Ilianca that he would be taking the children and raising them as his own.

This indeed caught Tatiana's attention, it was her sister they were talking about. She devised a way to speak to the people at the table, in a private area away from prying eyes. She told them she had the means and the way to get her sister and the babies out of the prison, if they were willing to help. They were willing. Tatiana got things set up to rescue her sister and babies, met her contacts for the prison, and was brought in as one of the medical staff to attend to Ilianca's birth. The time came, Tatiana helped to deliver the babies, boy, girl, boy. They were beautiful. Tatiana when there was a private moment, revealed herself Ilianca. Ilianca burst into tears, her sister had found her. And she was there at the birth. Ilianca requested to see her babies, and she was able to, naming the three. The oldest one was Lucien Dragos Zamfir, the girl was named, Camelia Georgeta Zamfir, the youngest boy, Stefan Marku Zamfir. She caressed and cooed at them, then she had to let them go back to the nursery to be fed. She wasn't able to feed them.

The other nurse took the babies to the nursery, one of the ones who were helpful. Tatiana stayed to speak with her sister, she told Ilianca that she had help to smuggle her and the babies away. Ilianca cried and held her sister close. She had hope once more, Ilianca was groggy from the medication after giving birth, and started falling asleep. Tatiana stayed until she did fall asleep, promising that she would wake her sister up when they were ready to go. Ilianca wouldn't let go of her hand, as she fell asleep, like she used to do when they were little. Tatiana, held her hand, as Ilianca's breathing turned to a deep sleep.

Tatiana gently moved her hand from Ilianca's preparing to move from the room, when she noticed that her sister was no longer breathing. There was no beeping of the monitors, no alarm which told of someone in distress. She tried to resuscitate her, but no avail. Fighting back her tears, Tatiana got her helpers, to help her move her sister's body out of the room, she got the babies and they left. Tatiana found a place where to bury her sister, and where Horatiu couldn't find her.

She let Star Fleet know she would be on extended leave of absence, to raise her sister's babies. She also let them know that she will keep in contact with them. Then she left to take her nephews and niece to raise them as her own. Faraway but still in Romania to keep them safe from Horatiu. Eight years passed, the children growing up in a simplistic life, and thriving. They were somewhat secluded, but it didn't matter to them as they had each other. And got into plenty of mischief, as children would often do. They did have some friends in the nearby village. The village thought that the two boys were identical twins, and the girl who was blonde was their cousin,who shared the same birthday. Tatiana didn't dissuade that tall tale which had started in the village and none of her doing.

It was Camelia's doing. She had gotten tired of getting into arguments with some of the village kids, saying that she was lying when she said that she was a triplet. She didn't even have the same color of hair as the boys. She was dark blonde ( Her mother's hair color) and the boys had dark hair, like their father. She came up with the story that her birthday was on the same day as theirs, so they called themselves the Dragos triplets. It seemed to satisfy those who had questions. Tatiana had them go by her last name, in order to keep them safe.

Tatiana made sure to give her kids a well rounded education. Not letting them be idle. They learned how to hunt, fish, find edible things to eat. She also had them learn music, art and other scholastic subjects, as well as things that expanded their creativity. Lucian took up the celtic harp as well as the violin from one of the villagers. Camelia learned the flute and Stefan, the piano, harp, and violin (Stefan wanted to learn the same instruments as his brother). They all could sing, and did performances to the delight of the villagers. Tatiana also taught them martial arts, and other fighting skills in which to make certain they could defend themselves. It was a dangerous world out there.

Tatiana never hid the truth of the triplets' real parents. At age twelve the triplets wanted to see where they would have grown up at. Tatiana wasn't against it. In fact, she wanted to go explore the estate herself after the first time she had been there when trying to find Ilianca. This time when they snuck inside, they found other furnishings, all belonging to Horatiu and family. He had declared himself to be the inheritor of the estate. After a search on the estate, they found the original furniture of the triplets' parents, in a storage shed, at the far edge. It was overgrown with vines, and trees that hadn't been trimmed. In there they found hidden away were holoprograms of their parents, written journals. As they were there looking at it all, an older gentleman revealed himself, he was a close friend to the triplets parents. He had been the one to move the furniture and other items out of the home, in hopes that someone would come to find out what truly happened.

They spoke with him, for several hours, hidden away in the storeroom away from prying eyes. They found out information that Horatiu kept hidden away, somewhere in his office. A plan was made, they managed to turn off the security system, snuck in and went through the office. Horatiu was off visiting some dignitaries, so he wasn't home. They found what they were looking for, hidden away, supposedly where none could find it. They did, he had hidden evidence of his nefarious plan, framing their mother, and killing the father, in the very same place that their father usually hid important papers. Making sure there was no trace of them being there, they copied the evidence, and got out of the house.

With precious memories gathered, Tatiana decided that it was time to leave moving her family to be near Star Fleet Academy. While the triplets went to Junior High, she rejoined StarFleet as an instructor at the academy. They attended school, being placed in some accelerated learning classes due to their education under Tatiana. They took on their proper last name of Zamfir, doing so in honor of their parents. They finished junior high, and just as they were going to be going to High School, Tatiana, signed on as a scientist, on a colonist ship USSArctowski. She had set things into motion to bring Horatiu to justice for the murders of both her sister and brother in law. However she was told to get the triplets out of danger, as she may have stirred up a hornets nest.

They left, the triplets joining in schooling with the other kids who were going to colonize a planet that had been terraformed for that purpose. Four years later, they graduated, and the family decided to go back to Earth. Tatiana was asked to come back to the Academy, and the triplets decided they wanted to join StarFleet.

They started in Intelligence, then their interests diverged. Lucian did a double major in Science as well as Intelligence. Camilla went into Operations as well as Intelligence. Stefan, went into Security and Intelligence. The triplets completed their training, and went on seperate ships for their cadet cruises.

Cadet Cruise Nova class ship, the USS Seismic (Science ship) passing with honors gained the rank of Ensign.

All passing with flying colors. Stefan's older brother Lucian when on for another year of schooling. Then was transferred to a terraforming ship. Stefan was sent to the USS Nighthawk (Nebulae class) for a couple of years as part of the intelligence team.

Transferred to the USS Starstrike which was an Akira class ship. He gained his rank to LTJG on that ship. He only served a year on that ship due to something that happened later on.

Both he and his brother were summoned to the StarFleet Intelligence department. There they found out that they were to be part of an extraction team, to go find and rescue two members of a previous intelligence team. A message had been sent to StarFleet Intelligence, it was a call for help. The ones who needed it were none other than Aunt Tatiana and their sister, Camelia.

The brothers went through some cosmetic changes, their hair lightened to bleach blonde, their skin a dark bronze, a scar on Lucien's right cheek. Their cover story was a crew of privateers. They were able to successfully extract both aunt and sister from their situation, the two having had to hide away in the wilderness on a planet. There was a celebration when they returned to Earth, a family reunion.

StarFleet Intelligence, impressed with how well the family operated in intelligence, Stefan's older brother Lucian was persuaded to continue teaming up with his family members in Intelligence capacity. After all they were a team right from birth. It was supposed to be only one year, but that turned into three years instead. After a particularly difficult mission, where the triplets suffered injuries, the mission being successful, Lucian decided he'd had enough of the spy game, and had committed fully to being in science.

Stefan went into security, his aunt back to intelligence, Camelia went into Operations. Lucian went into science as his first love. Later on Stefan and Camelia got word of an attack on a research facility, where Lucian was at. Both Stefan and Camelia went to go find Lucian They found their older brother injured and with a broken spirit. He had lost his loved one. In due time Lucian had changed, becoming withdrawn, angry, then disappeared all together. Alive but not anywhere they can find him. He was utilizing his intelligence skills to drop off the radar of everyone.

Stefan is now concentrating on his skills of being in security, and also keeping an ear out for some news of his brother, wherever he might be.

Service Record Joined StarFleet Academy
Cadet Cruise Nova class ship, the USS Seismic
Passed with honors gained the rank of Ensign
Served on the USS Nighthawk (Nebula class ship)
Served on the USS Starstrike ( Akira Class Ship)

StarFleet Intelligence work, wherever they needed Stefan.

Transferred to Security on a starbase for a couple of years, becoming a bodyguard for diplomats who needed it. Found that he was going to be transferred to another place, he has no clue as to where he will be going next.