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An unexpected visit from a Rear Admiral, and his fleet. Swarming over the station like insects, end up taking more than what is offered. Leaving the station with minimal personnel and defences, the crew need to get more creative to overcome the shortages. This leads to the reactivation of an old Starship, the USS Royal Oak.

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Plague of Dissent

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After raiding Deep Space 12, Admiral Hansen's fleet departed for manoeuvres, or at least that is what the departure log reflected. Admiral Hansen had other plans, using his fleet, has demanded he be promoted to Commander in Chief of Starfleet. To ensure this he has taken the planet Rubicun III hostage, and created a blockade to give credence to his demands.

Part of Season 1

Beneath the Raptor’s Wings

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Part of Season 1

Side Posts

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Shore leave, side missions, travel, spending time with your significant other, all posts of this nature can be placed within this mission. Anything not directly related to the mission.

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