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The Vulcan Heart

Posted on Sat Mar 27th, 2021 @ 2:29am by Lieutenant Sukan

"Begin personal log.

Lieutenant Sukan's personal log, stardate 239901.11

I have lived my entire life surrounded by Vulcans. On Vulcan, I met only five aliens. At the academy, half of my class was Vulcan. On the T'Kumbra, the entire compliment was Vulcan. As such, I have had no need to act on emotions. Computer, pause recording."

Sukan sat down in his quarters. He had been feeling stronger emotions than he had ever felt in his life, and completely suppressing them as he had done was proving to be unviable. He bowed his head towards the floor for a few seconds, before continuing.

"Computer, resume recording. Vulcans have often claimed that they do not feel emotions. I can no longer claim that I do not feel emotions. Computer, pause recording."

Sukan went to his desk - one of the few items of furniture in the otherwise sparce quarters - and retrieved a metal badge. The Vulcan IDIC symbol - a piece of metal forged some time in the 17th century on Vulcan, and passed down for generations.

"Computer, resume recording.
Vulcans believe in infinite diversity, in infinite combinations. It is a founding principal of our species. Perhaps, in the room for infinite diversity, there is room for emotion. Perhaps, I should not attempt to suppress my emotions completely."

Sukan flipped the medallion in his hand as he spoke, making mental note of every dent, every scratch, every piece of history etched into the dulled metal.

"There is a story, told on Earth, about a box. Inside the box was sickness, death, and other evils. It was given to a women, who opened the box, releasing the evils into the world. Nowadays, the phrase - 'to open Pandora's box' - is an idiom for performing an action that will result in negative unforseen consequences.

I was taught on Vulcan that emotions are much like Pandora's box. To open them is to unleash evil on the galaxy. For many years, I ascribed to that belief. Now, however, I do not.

I believe that acting on emotion can be a logical decision. To ignore a fundamental aspect of my own species, for some belief..."

Sukan placed the medallion back into his drawer, and closed it.

"...that would be illogical. Computer, end personal log."

Sukan sat back down, and mused over what he had said. It felt right, but it also felt... wrong.
Perhaps he needed to experiment with acting on emotion.
"Sukan to Eklisa. Are you and Garrett still heading to Holodeck 3 at 1400 hours?"


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