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Making Progress

Posted on Fri Apr 9th, 2021 @ 10:10pm by Lieutenant Chase Thatch

Right, I figured writing these is a good way to keep track of some things. First off, I think with Alex's help, and with the new replicator finally in commission, and enough drones to get it done, we are finally able to get the Royal Oak to start breathing again. I have been working almost non stop to get this moving again, but it's finally down to the last few steps. Wiring besides complex ones such as for medical is done. Bridge is all wired up and ready to be underway. The paneling on the hull was baddly out of shape. I used the first few drones to replace all that which went smooth enough, I may have dropped one which is now floating around somewhere but..anyway. I decided to take a slight artistic libirties, and repainted the ship with some help from left over crew members. I think the captain might actually smile with how she looks. The halls are polished nice, all the control surfaces are good as new, I even installed a brand new chair for her on the bridge. Because this our Garrison vessel, I painted the insignia on the side of her, pretty proud of myself for that. Everything is color coded so continued use of my drone types can actually help around the ship as automated crew assistance in case we need it. I uploaded the scemantics into their software so, they can assist with repairs, docking, and external issues to be safer and not have to send the crew out. I'm impressed with my own ingenuity with them, I hope the rest of the crew sees the use in them as well.

All in all, the revamp of the ship is done. A few touches here and there are still left to do, I'll have to have Alex assist me with with more complex wire issues. However, all I have to do is get the heart of the ship in without well..blowing everything pressure. The drones should be able to handle it, I just gotta control them correctly and get them in position for me to attach everything then. I hope that they see the potential I bring to the team. As silly as it may be I do want to impress them.

Especially her...


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