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Relative Talks

Posted on Wed Apr 14th, 2021 @ 1:46am by Lieutenant JG Stefan Zamfir

Stefan made it to his temporary quarters noticing that he had a message waiting for him. He opened it up after putting in his encryption code and then saw the images of both his aunt and his sister there. He activated a white noise generator then took the device away from where he had his computer.

"Hey Stefan, by now you are already getting settled, how about giving us a message and check in. We know how you just love to keep us waiting."

Stefan laughed, and then sent off a message letting them know he was within his temporary quarters.

Their images appeared, "Finally you answer after making us wait forever. What do you think of your new assignment? Have you met the Captain? Is she pretty?"

His aunt interrupted Camelia interrogation. "Shush now. I will do the questioning. Now please tell me about her, have you met her?"

"Yes I have met her but not in an official status yet. We basically bumped into each other. I've got to report in to a meeting with her and others for something. Don't know what it is all about though. I still have to get an apartment, and hopefully its not too far from hers, its in the civilian part of the station."

"Don't worry I can take care of that for you. What do you think of her?" Tatiana asked.

"We just met, mom, she is into ballet." deciding to tell his Aunt knowing that she won't be stopping pestering him if he doesn't tell her some details. "Wait you already know that, so why are you quizzing me? Someone who knows you, assigned me here. Is there any reason?"

There is one but that is a need to know basis." Tatiana replied with a firm expression in her eyes.

Stefan growled, "Okay hopefully you will let me know. All I got is watch her and observe and protect her. Which I will do so you can count on me for that."

"Okay I am dying here. Is she pretty, is she nice. What is she like?" Camelia interjected.

"Formidable." Stefan replied, deadpanning. He wasn't going to give up any other details without a fight.

"Oooh he likes her." Camelia replied with a grin.

"Hey wait, that is unfair you are reading me. Don't be doing the triplet thing okay? Just because we are a trio and have that strange connection that multiple births tend to have. Its not nice to do that." Stefan protesting.

Camelia folded her arms over her chest glaring at him. "You know I can keep this up indefinitely. Then did her cute puppy dogged eye look to her older brother.

"Arghh will you cut that out! You only get away with that if I let you. but okay, she is beautiful, lovely shape, walks gracefully and well.. personality. She intrigues me, which means I need to be careful. Gotta keep my cards played close to my chest. "

"You know she is full betazed."Tatiana remarked. "I hope you have been utilizing those mental exercises you've been taught."

"Yes I have and I can allow, certain things to show but the innermost thoughts I keep hidden away. I remember them. I am still annoyed at you about those exercises you put me through, and your friend." Stefan remarked, giving a frown.

"You needed it otherwise you'd be read like an open book by those who can use telepathy. Besides you aren't the only one who was put through that. Your siblings were also."

Stefan nodded, "Yes and which is the reason why we can't find Lucian. Anyway, have you heard any news about him?"

"No not one whit." Tatiana replied. "its as if the universe has swallowed him up."

Stefan nodded. "Okay well I've got to get my things ready and get to work."

Tatiana nodded, "Be careful."

Stefan nodded. "I will do my best but her safety comes first and foremost."

Camelia looked at her brother. "I don't want to lose you like we've sort of done with Lucian."

"Oh he'll make contact with us someday, some time." kissing his hand and blowing a kiss to his aunt and sister and making a gesture of a hug, getting return from them, he then turned off his communication, and got ready for work.


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