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Reflection on Last Night's Party

Posted on Fri Jan 15th, 2021 @ 10:23pm by Lieutenant Eklisa

Eklisa's personal log, new year's day

I wore flowers that carried meaning to last night's party.
Bluebells- Contancy
Blue Hyacinth- Constancy also
it seemed to bear repeating. I hope to be very consistent, and setting intentions for the new year is a common tradition.
Chamomile- Patience in adversity
I hear that patience is the best trait during stressful times. I am thankful for my mother's patience with me.
Cornflower- Be gentle with me
I recognize my inexperience and hope the coming year will be challenging, but gentle.
Sorrel- Affection
For my new friends, for my friends to come.
Zinnia- thoughts of absent friends
My siblings, mostly, but also my classmates at the academy and aboard my last assignment. I wish Grex could see me now.
But enough about me, I wanted to talk about the new year's party.

We were in a flower-tressed cargo bay. There was a dance floor, tables, and 2 bars, which framed the exits. It was beautiful, if loud and odiforous.
I was reminded of Benia's orchards in early spring, opening up into colors untold and smelling like sugar and lifeblood.

Ensign Viradi wore a lily-of-the-valley stem
-returning hapiness

Lt. Taldrah Loh had cherry blossoms, and looked stunning as always.
-good education
-transience of life
-gentleness, kindness
-feminine beauty

Aurelia wore three large orange Tigerlilies in her hair.
-confidence without arrogance

Counselor Lestra had dark aster and white daisies. I think she should wear daisies more often, they suit her, both in beauty and in scent.
Asters represent:
-wisdom, devotion
(They feature in earth poet Robert Frost's "A Late Walk":
I end not far from my going forth
By picking the faded blue
Of the last remaining aster flower
To carry again to you.)
And Daisies:
-beauty unknown to possesor
-loyalty, purity, etc.

Lestara claimed the flowers remind her of beautifully blooming gardens in monasteries among the Bajoran mountains. None of them were quite so dense, it seems. I've heard of monks keeping gardens on Bajor, but I've never gotten to visit a bajoran monastery in spring, that sounds lovely.
Her mother had to give up dancing, which must've been hard for her.
Aurelia joined the party, then Dean Marks, Then Taldrah approached to introduce herself to Lestara. By then, it was quite bustling.
The last to join our group was the former borg, Alex Lockwood, who Aurelia knew. Aurelia knows lots of people, she's very friendly. I made sure everyone wore at least one flower-
Dean Marks: Yellow Rose

Taldrah Loh & Alex Lockwood: Carnation
-good friends

When Viradi gave his two-minute warning I ushered the others into the center to wait. Viradi really did such a good job on the decorations and I hope he had a good time. I'll have to ask him what he was drinking, it looked very sweet.
The final surprise was worth the wait! I hope Viradi knows how much everyone appreciates his work.


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