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Finally arrived

Posted on Thu Feb 18th, 2021 @ 7:53am by Lieutenant Chase Thatch

It has been forever since I have been on an actual team. Starfleet moved me around so much that actually having a dedicated team around me seemed like a impossibility. In meeting the crew so far alongside my old freind Magnus who earned another stripe since the last time I saw him, is now assigned counselor. Definitely a fitting role for him, I truly think he can help people here. As for 'here' DS12 is nothing and everything I expected. The station itself looks almost ransacked and judging by how it was described by the Captain, it in a way was. However, as per my bombastic self is..I am not sure how good a first impression I made. I was so wrapped up in my working mindset I feel like I have disrespected my new CO my first day. It was not the best thing to say. Magnus has also split off to accomplish his own new task. And here I am, back to old ways of being a shit in workaholic with my gadgets and drones. Granted, I'm getting work done. I'm sure the Captain and crew will be very impressed with my progress in just a day. Lord knows that's what immade these trinkets for in the first place. And with dry dock equipment around the station being basically gone from the aforementioned ransacking, I think these little guys are all we got right now. Luckily with the ship going through this refitting, gives the replicator plenty of matter to work with. I may use a portion of the engineer bay to make a larger replicator for larger objects. Being able to print drones in full vs parts and full hull plates over sections and welding them together would be more efficient and stronger. Hell, if I could I'd fit it into a casting tool on one of these anti grav drones and you could, in theory, repair full sections at the same time as scanning. But that's flawed in more ways than one and would take a lot of thought that I am currently to busy to spare. So far I have removed all old equipment on the inside such as the old systems since they are so outdated there was practically zero use for them. But of course just incase, I have saved the scans I made in the off chance they can be useful in simply replacement over refit. Ya never know. The 4 drones are still working hard. May have to look into a new blueprint for a larger one. I'm getting side tracked. I have yet to meet much of the crew. Only the Captain, one of the medical officers with Magnus and..that's it.

I'm still forming an opinion. Part of me feels like I'm working myself this hard because I wanna impress them. Wanna earn my spot here over just getting shipped out. I want to earn their approval. And this ship seems important to them so, it's a tall order but I have refitted ships before. Some larger than this. Of course that's with a full team and large equipment but, I always liked a challenge. They invited some other ship and crew to attend a party. I feel like I shouldn't go, I'm not sure how well I'd fit in around parties at the moment. Burnt hands dont tend to feel good during handshake ceremonies like parties. That plus I'm very outclassed as the country boy type, not rich parents ballroom dancing. No offense at all. I would not want to ruin their impression, seems this is where I need to be right now but..I'll think about it.


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