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Thought Bubble

Posted on Wed Mar 24th, 2021 @ 3:03pm by Lieutenant J'remar Menun

Chief Sec/Tac Officer's personal log, stardate 2399118.8

"Training went smoothly today, as was expected. My team is nothing if not thorough and put-together, even after the startling news we received during the briefing with the Captain and the Admiral. I would not have expected such a prestigious representative of the Federation like Admiral Hansen to go rogue. It's not unheard of, but it still makes my blood boil to think of a man who had sworn an oath to protect the Federation turn on the very ideals he vowed to uphold. It's illogical, to borrow the Vulcan phrase. Time will only tell the truth behind the matter, but I will not be satisfied until that traitor is apprehended and punished for his crimes against the Federation."

J'remar took a breath, pinching the bridge of his nose to keep himself from shouting into the computer. Just the mere thought of that "narcissistic asshole" as Aurelia so colorfully described him was more than enough to make him want to do something violent. He steadied himself, regaining his composure. This was a personal log, but he still liked to keep a certain amount of calm and levelness to them.

"I noticed Ensign Kay lagged behind a bit in the targeting drills. I'll have to consider putting her and Ensign Moraine into the same accelerated training course if we want to be ready by the time we begin our liberation of the Edo. I'll have to memo myself to ask Aurelia to work up a new training rotation for the next few days."

"The station feels like it's on red alert at any given time. What few officers we have left are tense and brisk, the civilians, despite not having been told something is happening, are beginning to realize what's going on. The Captain is stressed, constantly in private discussions with Admiral Nuecylle. I myself feel like we're about to head into a warzone. The Marines are being prepped for deployment, in addition to my security forces, and with their combined strength I hope we can finally put an end to this nightmare."

He had walked over to the wall across from his bed, falling silent. He inspected the rows of pictures hung up on said wall, a rare smile cracking his rough features. He reached out and adjusted one of the pictures, gaze lingering on the moment trapped within the frame.

It was a younger version of himself, no older than 10, running in an endless field of yellow-green grass. His arms were thrown wide and he was looking in the direction of the photographer, a wide, playful smile on his face. To his right was a taller girl, his older sister, M'yrra. She seemed to be chasing after J'remar, a mischievous grin permeating her features. The sun was high and there seemed to be wind blowing across the tops of the grass. The two youngsters seemed so happy, so carefree. J'remar sighed, crossing his arms in front of him. Those two young children didn't have to worry about the safety of several billion people due to a rogue Admiral. Those two children didn't have the weight of thousands and thousands of officers' lives on their shoulders. To be young was to be free, and to be free was to be without worry. M'yrra was always telling him after he joined Starfleet that he worried to much, that he put to much pressure on himself to do better.

'You can't heroically save the galaxy if the galaxy needs to end up saving you instead,' she once told him during a subspace call several years ago. 'If you put to much weight on yourself you'll drown.'

With his sister's words ringing in his ear, he resumed his log. "I will not let any more innocent lives be ruined because of Hansen's actions. We'll stop him or we'll die trying."

"End log."


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