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Pas de Deux

Posted on Tue Apr 13th, 2021 @ 3:26am by Lieutenant JG Stefan Zamfir & Captain Indrala Xerix

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Physical Training Room C-11
Timeline: Before Swarm

“Pyat, shest, sem, vosem!” Counted her instructor.

Indrala counted her way through the positions for the umpteenth, focusing on her breathing and timing as she went. The Balanchine-style dancing was a little less structured than what she was used to. But it was enjoyable nonetheless. Even with a holographic partner

“The chin is too high. Who are you being haughty towards?” Chided the Russian.

“Whomever I wish, Monsieur.” She retorted, careful to keep her timing.

He laughed, an obnoxious single note filled with sarcasm.

“That’s enough for today. I need a swan, not some preening flamingo.” Said the instructor.

Indrala said nothing, grateful to be finished. She was soaked with sweat and utterly exhausted after three hours of warm-ups, drilling, and criticism. Throwing an oversized sweater over her dance clothes, she headed for the door

When the door was opened, a tall, dark haired man would be there, a grey towel was thrown over one shoulder, dressed in a pair of black sweat pants and a dark blue tee shirt showing signs he had been working out. Upon his feet were joggers. He stopped short before running into Indrala, "Whoops, sorry was going to take a peek in there. I had heard some music coming from there." Stepping to one side to let her pass by. He had a friendly smile, which was reflected in his eyes.

“Simultaneously inappropriate and impulsive.” She remarked. Her disdainful glance didn’t fail to linger a brief moment on his chiseled jawline, before she walked around him. “But by all means, please continue to linger and gawk” she said, coming off more rudely than intended.

He just chuckled, and followed after her. "I didn't mean to be rude, was just enjoying the music. What piece were you, I assume, dancing to?" noting her outfit and surmising she had been dancing. "And before I seem even more rude, my name is Stefan Zamfir."

The Betazoid recognized the name and turned on her heel, facing the man. Of course this would be him. “Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, by George Balanchine, Lieutenant Zamfir. And I am Captain Xerix, commanding officer of Deep Space Twelve and the unwitting beneficiary of your latest mission briefing. If this is a preview of how obtrusive your presence here will be, I am already less than amused.” She said, noting yet again that her temper was getting the better of her.

Stefan put up both of his hands in a placating manner. "I wasn't actually intending on meeting you this way, this is just all circumstance. I heard the music, came to check it out, then found myself face to face with you. I was over there." pointing two doors down. "doing my workout and then walked by.. You probably don't believe me. " taking a look at her, she was beautiful but, she was the one he was going to protect. As what he'd been told, he needed to do.

Indrala softened her tone slightly, realizing it was an honest mistake and that she was projecting her anger at others onto this person. “I believe you. I apologize. The last few weeks have been...trying. Where are you coming from?”

"DS9, had to accompany a Bajoran Agricultural Minister to an important meeting between two worlds who were wanting the new soil treatment they had developed years ago. The minister had received some death threats so they asked me to accompany him. Thankfully, it was a successful meeting and the minister is now safe and sound, back home. I never knew people could get so heated up over soil and just how fertile it should or shouldn't be. It looked like they were going to get into a fist fight."

Indrala’s face suddenly became deadpan. “Well, I’m glad your Bajoran didn’t wind up taking a dirt nap.” She said.

Stefan did a double take on that one, just looking at Indrala, an eyebrow raised slightly. "I agree wholeheartedly, that would have been a bad thing to have had happen." a slight smile dashing across his lips, then it disappeared. He couldn't tell if she made a deliberate pun or, was serious. He didn't know her at all, besides what he had read in reports about her.

"Where are we headed Captain?" he decided to ask, walking alongside her now, and definitely going on alert.

“Well I am heading to my quarters. I’d recommend you head for a shower” she chuckled. “My shift starts in an hour. I’ll have Standiford get your security clearances updated so that you can enter secured-access areas. She will also be sending you copies of my schedules.” Indrala said, wiping her hand on a towel. “Welcome aboard Deep Space Twelve, Lieutenant”

Stefan nodded, but still accompanied her, "Thank you, however, I'll walk you to your quarters then I'll go take care of the other details. I will need to make sure the quarters are secure and also know where you live." Stefan was already assuming his role as being bodyguard, shifting into it was really easy, for he had done this for quite sometime.

Stuffing down the instinct to tell him off, Indrala willed herself to remember that this was his job. “I have an apartment in the Civilian District. This way” she gestured as they walked.

As they walked, Stefan went back to her remark about the music she had danced to. "Ballet is a commendable dance form. For the Pas De Deux, did you have a holographic partner? If I had heard right, that is a dance for two. Though it could be a solo as well."

“Deux does imply two. Do you dance?” She asked, not really answering his question at all.

Stefan hid a smile, she did a nice deflect there. "I do dance, could always do with more practice though." giving a bit of a shrug. "Are you looking for a dance partner?"

Entering the turbo lift, Indrala was forced to look at the Officer again. “Do you enjoy pain? You’re asking to spend two to three hours a day training in one of the most technically difficult art forms, with a flag officer you have to spend the rest of your waking hours nearby. I’m going to assume that was a polite offer and decline” she said, not unkindly.

Stefan's eyes narrowed at Indrala, "Captain, that was not an idle offer." his voice rather firm. "Ballet gives a person stamina that has been utilized in sports. I would rather not be sitting idly by watching you dance, when I do have some skill in dancing. I can also be alert to surroundings, even when I am part of your dance regimen. That is, if you are able to deal with that." a spark of challenge in his eyes.

Before she could reply, the turbolift opened toner deck. The corridor was perforated with alcoves between the apartments which offered views of space to one side and the arboretum to the other.

“Have you chosen permanent accommodations on the station yet? The crew quarters aren’t bad. Though I like the privacy of the civilian apartments” she asked.

"I have not been placed in any semi permanent quarters as of yet. I've got temporary accommodations, and well, as I didn't have any idea of where you were bunking down at, I hadn't made the arrangements yet. " Stefan thought back as to when he last had accommodations that seemed permanent. That was when he was younger. He now basically lived out of his duffle bag as he was one who needed to pick up and leave at a moments notice.

"Civilian apartment sounds very lovely." looking at the way the apartments are set up. "It would be nice."

“This is me.” She said gesturing at the door. “I believe you mentioned needing to do a security sweep. Do mind my guard dog.” She cautioned.

"A guard dog, good glad you have one." Not showing any fear of her words. He looked at her, "If you would please....." after all he didn't have access yet to go into her quarters

Indrala took another step, her commbadge keying the door to unlock. “Best of luck” she said.

Stefan stepped inside and as the door closed he was already to one side, making a quick scan of the area on either side of the door, then ventured forth, starting out first to the right, also keeping a wary eye for Indrala's guard dog. For different species there are different sorts of guard dogs, some even had guard cats who were rather well trained. He didn't know what species of dog she'd have, so was working to prepare himself for what may come. And the most important thing was to stay in a state of calm.

Choupette came bounding out from the bedroom, barking her most intimidating of barks, which was to say utterly adorable. Her sable and white coat and dark, soulful eyes gave her away as more of a lover than a fighter.

Stefan smiled and crouched down holding his hand out, palm up low to the ground as he didn't want to intimidate, in order for the guard dog to get his scent. He still wasn't going to take a chance though, as even gentle looking dogs still had a bite to them. "Hello mighty guardian." he murmured softly.

“She’s quite the security officer, isn’t she?” Asked Indrala.

Stefan looked up over his shoulder and smiled. "Never underestimate an animal. I knew of a cat who took on a dog 6 times her size and leaped on the back of said animal and raked her claws across the eyes of the dog. The dog ran wasn't going to stick around for that sort of abuse. "May I touch her?" always best to ask the owner of the animal.

“Of course. She’ll never forgive you if you don’t.” Said indrala, heading to the kitchen.

She returned with two glasses of lavender lemonade. “Here, try this.” She offered, handing him the glass.

Stefan moved over and reached out to pet the dog, still crouched and enjoying the softness of her fur. He rose up and accepted the drink. "Looks good." taking a sip. "And tastes wonderful." having noted the dog actions, Stefan relaxed slightly, but not completely still going around the quarters checking just in case. He maybe cautious or overly cautious but sometimes intruders tend to make friends with some dogs just to gain entrance. A quick going over and paused at her bedroom. "May I check there?"

“I appreciate your thoroughness, but is that strictly necessary? Perhaps a detailed analysis of my wardrobe to look for harmful fabrics is next? No I think that’s enough for. I’m going to be late for my shift as it sits.” She said dismissively

"I am certain you are rather capable of knowing about harmful fabrics. As is you are now safe and sound and I will see you shortly." finishing off his lavender lemonade. "Thank you once again for this delicious beverage."

He crouched down once more to give her guard dog a pet, then rose up again. "See you later, Captain." making his way to the door.

“Please don’t take my reluctances personally. I’m still getting used to the numbers of liberalities this posting has taken from me. Dismissed, Lieutenant.” She said honestly.

Stefan smiled, "It's all right, Captain, it's all part of the job." Giving her a low and graceful courtly bow, then turned around and left without another word.



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