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Posted on Sun Apr 25th, 2021 @ 4:19pm by Captain Indrala Xerix & Lieutenant J'remar Menun & Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi & Lieutenant Sukan & Lieutenant JG Alex Lockwood & Lieutenant JG Stefan Zamfir & Lieutenant Chase Thatch & Lieutenant Eklisa & Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett & Ensign Tolak & Staff Warrant Officer Maven Standiford
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Mission: Side Posts
Location: Mess hall, DS12
Timeline: After the events of 'Plagues of Descent'

The mess hall’s tables had been pushed away, the chairs now arranged in rows facing a podium with the Starfleet delta emblazoned on the front. Indrala stood off to one side, conversing with Standiford, the Captain having called for a general assembly.

Alex Lockwood arrived on time and on schedule, he disliked these formal occasions but he was there for it none the less.

Captain Xerix approached the podium and cleared her throat, the sound of her feathery voice amplified throughout the large space.

“Thank you all for joining me. We’ve been through a very rough time and I’ll be authorizing leave as much as possible. You were called to stand up for what we all believe in, and you responded. That merits acknowledgment, for each of you. But there are some whose continued service warrants extra attention.” She nodded to Standilford, who was holding a garnet-red velvet box.

“Lieutenant Sukan, please join us” she said quietly.

Sukan stepped forwards, slightly unsure about what was happening, but maintaining a professional composure. He glanced towards the crowd briefly as he reached the podium, placing his hands behind his back before turning to face the captain.

“You are nearby promoted to full Lieutenant. Congratulations. Let’s exchange that pip shall we?” She said with a smirk on her face.

Sukan nodded, removing the black pip from his uniform and handing it over to the Captain.

Indrala watched her Staff Attache bestow the solid pip on the Vulcan before returning to the podium.

“Lieutenant Eklisa” she said, scanning the crowd for the Denobulan science officer.

Her braid tossed from one shoulder to the next in surprise, Eklisa hopped up close to the podium. She smiled shallowly, eyes wide. "Ma'am?" With more of an idea of what was going on, she looked proportionally less surprised than Sukan, which neared about five times more.

“You’re all of the work ethic with none of the ego. I appreciate that. Effective immediately, you are full Lieutenant. Congratulations Eklisa.” She smiled warmly at the unassuming Denobulan.

"Thank you." Eklisa flashed a full-sized smile, then set her black pip next to Sukan's.

Indrala faced the officers again. “Ensign Aurelia Garrett, at your convenience...” she said.

Aurelia froze, positive the captain was calling someone else. Baeryn tapped Garret on the thigh pulling her out of the trance. Standing she starting scanning the crowd for Menun as she made her way towards the captain. Uncharacteristically frantic for her chiefs encouragement.

Menun, half a dozen meters away from where Aurelia had been yanked out of her trance by Baeryn, figured she would be next on the agenda for today's promotions. In an uncommon act of displaying his emotions, he smiled at her as she passed by. Not a large smile, nor a pleasant-looking one, but a genuine one. He'd recommended her promotion to the captain, after the crisis was over, and Xerix had wholehearted agreed. The Orion nodded once along with his smile, as if to say "You deserve this, Aurelia. As soon as she was nearer to the captain and not quite facing him anymore, he dropped the smile, but the strangely warm and uplifting feeling in his heart remained. Weird. He didn't normally feel...much at all.

Approaching Indrala, Aurelia smiled up at the betazoid. Giving a slight dip of her head she said, “Captain.”

“Ensign Garrett, I’m pleased to promote you to Lieutenant, Junior Grade. I’m informed that you’ve become a fixture of this crew, and a bolster to morale. Congratulations” said the Captain.

Aurelia fought the urge to turn and give a deep curtsy for the surrounding crew. Knowing the captain had zero patience for such antics she simply replied giving one of her more charming smiles, "The pleasure has been all mine Captain." She accepted the black pip, marveling at it, still in somewhat of a shocked state.

Standing off to one side but not too far from Captain Xerix, Stefan considered this a prime place to, well... get a good view of those who serve under the captain. He hadn't met any of the people yet, but he will in time. He smiled at the reactions of those getting their ranks upgraded. Knowing that the Captain knew her people, he felt that those she called were deserving of their recognition.

Indrala had caught some of the emotion Garrett was feeling, and had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from cackling out loud. She composed herself and looked to her crew once more.

“Next up...Lieutenant Thatch, please join us” said the Betazoid.

Thatch stops from his seat as he straightened his dress uniform as he walked up. Contrary to his usual appearance from working, he cleans up quite nice. He figured it was necessary to have his military dress uniform just incase of occasions like this, at least that's what his mom said before he left the planet. He walked up as he smiled at the captain before standing more at attention, years of proper etiquette having been drilled into him.

Indrala arched an immaculately curved brow at the engineer’s choice of uniform. “Dress for the job you want... I suppose.” she said in a deadpan expression before laughing and retrieving a solid pip from Standilford. “I am especially pleased to promote you to full Lieutenant, and... to the position of Chief Engineering Officer. Congratulations Mister Thatch.” She said.

He nodded at her. "Always dress to impress skipper. I look forward to serving you, she ship, and the crew best I can." He said with a smile as he gave a quick salute before going back to his seat.

Indrala tried not to be annoyed by the salute, instead focusing on the rest of her announcements. “Ensign Tolak will now be joining the strategic operations department. I am sure he will do well in his new posting.”

"Please congratulate those who have accepted promotion, and wish them the best in their new appointments!" Captain Xerix announced, starting a round of applause, "Champagne!"


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