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The scent of suspicion

Posted on Sun Apr 25th, 2021 @ 3:28am by Vice Admiral Veristi Nuecylle & Captain Indrala Xerix & Ensign Viradi & Staff Warrant Officer Maven Standiford

Mission: Side Posts
Location: VIP quarters, ds12
Timeline: After the promotion ceremony

“I don’t care how advanced it is, it isn’t coming within 3 million kilometers of this space station.” Indrala said

The Vulcanoid engineer arched an eyebrow, apparently perplexed by the decision.

“I don’t know why you look surprised, Mister T’Saen. That ship’s twin just ripped a hole in space and time large enough to swallow a shipyards and the best part of a asteroid field. Until we have a solution and some reasonable assurances of safety, I will not be endangering this station.”

“I quite agree, Captain. Instead, send a tug to haul a drydock unit out to the Seleya. And mark out a perimeter with buoys to keep everyone safe.” Admiral Nuecylle ordered.

Indrala looked to her yeoman, who nodded and tapped on her PADD.

“I have worked on this design for the last eight years, Captain. Am I going to be allowed to see her through to completion?” Asked T’Saen.

The Admiral stepped in once more. “At this point, it’s doubtful the Seleya will continue development. She has an unstable power source, and was constructed in secret. We don’t even know if she’s been built to standards. But if development is allowed to continue, you will have a leading role. I’d urge you to remember that those ships were to play a key role in an in

The engineer somewhat mollified, he was dismissed from the meeting room, Maven was as well, much to her chagrin. Indrala gave a pause after they left before speaking.

“With everything that’s happened, we haven’t had a chance to finish that discussion.” She told the admiral.

(A few hours later)

Ensign Viradi was giving the final check to the VIP quarters being opened for the arriving Romulans, including a member of the Imperial family, who hadn’t been seen by outsiders in generations.

A science officer by occupation, Viradi also had become the station socialite. His parties and events rarely failed to make a splash, though he doubted the cold, calculating Romulans would care about his efforts.

In the foyer of the opulent lodgings, an enormous bouquet sat on a circular table. It had flowers from a selection of Federation worlds, and was trimmed with fern leaves from Romulus. Sadly he realized that the live version of the fern would be part of a protection act, due to the supernova destroying the twin planets and everything left on them.

Indrala’s personal handwriting on a card bid welcome to the esteemed guest. Enormous orange-and-red Canna flowers from earth invited him to inhale. Unbeknownst to him, the powdery substance on the flowers’ anthers wasn’t pollen.

The Angeleno’s vision faded, and his pulse slowed. His mind was simply too foggy to call for help. He crumpled to the floor, having a hard time drawing breath.

And then Viradi breathed no more.


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