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Posted on Mon Apr 26th, 2021 @ 3:32pm by Commander Cirila Ylvor & Captain Dalton Wakefield

Mission: Plague of Dissent
Location: Sickbay Recovery Ward
Timeline: 12 Hours after 'Daggers from the Sky'

Cirila awoke with a jolt, and a massive wave of pain followed. She writhed in the biobed, her eyes hurt adjusting to the light, but she soon realised everything hurt. Starting to realize her surroundings were not that of the streets Rubicun III, but a Starfleet medical facility. The lower light of the ward meant it was later in the night and she was having a hard time focusing on the figure in the room. The silhouette was trying to stop her from moving by placing their hands on her shoulders. A wave of panic ran through her, as some memories started coming back. She could very well be in the hands of Hansen's fleet, a prisoner.

Another figure rushed into the room and she felt a hypospray pressed against her neck. Her pain started to fade away and become a dull ache. Things started to clear up and she felt she could breathe again. The hands on her shoulders became more relaxed and she could focus on the figures in front of her. Relief as she realised it was Captain Wakefield, and a ward Nurse.

"....given you some Asinolyathin to ease the pain," The Nurse said, placing a reassuring hand on Cirila's shoulder, "The Chief Medical officer will see you soon," The Nurse nodded to Wakefield before leaving. Wakefield sat on the edge of the bed facing Cirila.

"Captain Wakefield," she said still regaining her breath, "Is Gamma Company ok, the Away team? Were there any other injuries or fatalities?"

"Nothing serious Ma'am, you were our worst," Wakefield said reassuringly, "You took a phaser bolt straight to your chest armour, knocked you down. Only superficial injuries to 8 other Marines, they've been discharged already. You gave us quite the scare, you've been in and out of consciousness for the last 12 hours. Doc assures me that the Symbiote is fine," Wakefield explained, his voice calm but not patronizing. Cirila breathed more relief, placing a hand on her chest where it still hurt, then onto Wakefield's hand, closing her eyes, a tear slid down her cheek. She steeled herself, looking back to Wakefield who had a look of pure concern, mixed with fatigue. Stubble was present on his chin, and his face was still slightly dirty, even though he wore a new uniform.

"Who got me up?" Cirila said sitting up in her bed, "Who do I have to thank?"

Wakefield looked down "Apparently it was me," he said confused, "I don't exactly remember what happened, just flashes, I remember seeing you get hit, pulling you into cover, then I was getting your armour off to start treating you and assessing the damage."

Cirila was herself confused, squeezed his hand, her brow furrowed, "What happened exactly. What about the mission."

"I pulled you into cover, then the platoon exchanged fire with Hansen's forces. They weren't pulling punches, a patrol had caught sight of us and fired without warning. We dug in, I handed you over to the Corpsman when they arrived and called in Air support. Before I could get my orders out, the Icarus was in orbit calling a stand down to all forces on both sides," Wakefield continued explaining. She knew he was summarizing heavily, and with the way she felt, she would have plenty of time to read the report being bedridden.

"I picked you up and put you on the Argo with the other wounded and brought you back to DS12. We got word on the way back that Hansen had been killed in action and that those personnel had been affected by a drug, making them susceptible to influence," Dalton seemed all of a sudden tired and yawned.

"Apologies Commander," he said, covering his mouth with his other hand, wincing at the movement as he had forgotten the Dermaline patches restricted movement. There were several patches on his finger tips, fingers, palm and his wrist.

Cirila caught sight of this, and it was her turn to be concerned, she grabbed his wrist gently, inspecting his injury, touching some of the patches gingerly, "What happened here?"

Wakefield shrugged, "I uh.. was in a rush to get your plate off, the heat hadn't fully dispersed into the heat sink on your gear. I used my hand to tear it off. I didn't notice until I got on the Argo that I had second degree burns."

"Dalton," she tutted concerned, the name sounding foreign to her tongue, but got a wide grin from him as he heard her say it. After a moment, he pulled his hand away slowly, flexing it to ease the pain.

"Well Commander, I have to finish the After action report and get everyone squared away, just wanted to know you were ok," He said standing up to leave, straightening his uniform.

Cirila lay back down in her bio bed, only now realizing in her writhing, she had uncovered one of her bare legs, with the medical gown the only thing she was wearing. The contrast of her light skin and the dark spots running from her hip to her foot. Now at a differing vantage point, Wakefield's eyes widened and looked away quickly, Cirila felt herself blush. She realigned the blanket to cover herself.

"Um, thank you Captain, for saving me and my symbiote. For getting the Company back in one piece. Please bring me your report when you are done, I'd like to see the full list of injuries and holo-recordings as well please," Cirila said, remembering that she did still have a job to do.

"Yes Commander, I will. Please let me know if you need anything," Wakefield said, a small genuine smile crossed his face, came to a casual attention, and walked out of the room. Cirila watched after him through the slightly tinted glass of her small room. Just before going out of eye-shot, Wakefield turned back for a moment, and continued walking. She smiled once more, just to herself and her head fell back on the pillow.

Cirila, alone now, felt like she had run the gamete of emotions; fear, panic, relaxed, happy, confusion, concern, arousal, and embarrassment. She kicked herself for being so emotional, but being as fatigued as she was she couldn't put up her normal fa├žade. She put her arms up, the back of her wrists crossed over on her forehead, which she instantly regretted as the pain from her injury flared for a moment. She went over what she remembered from the contact, she didn't even see the movement. Just a flash and then nothing, that could have been it for her, and possibly the symbiote. A couple of tears fell down her cheek.

Movement in her peripheral vision brought her back out of her thoughts, as she recognized two new silhouettes approaching. Both the Captain and the CMO rounded the corner into her room. Wiping her eyes and cheeks, she sniffed, "Captain, Doctor."

---To Be Continued---


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