Death of an Angel

Posted on Fri May 7th, 2021 @ 9:56pm by Captain Indrala Xerix

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Cargo Bay Gamma

The massive cargo bay was the only place large enough to hold all those who had gathered to pay their final respects to Viradi. The young Ensign had captured the hearts of all those who knew him, his keen intellect and boyish charm. His youthful innocence stolen away for no reason. Captain Indrala Xerix resented the loss bitterly as she watched the gathering mourners, immaculate dress uniforms with black armbands to salute their fallen comrade. She approached the podium set off to the side, a respectful distance from the casket draped in a Starfleet flag and crown with an enormous spray of flowers. Fitting for the boy who was as optimistic as a spring morning.

((OOC: Arrivals Here and if anyone wishes to speak before Indrala, they are welcome))

“Innocence, Optimism, and Kindness... These three attributes defined Ensign Viradi. Overcoming extraordinary cultural obstacles, he was the first male Angeleno to serve in Starfleet. And he did so with a disposition so sunny and filled with hope that even the most jaded among us felt it. A talented and intelligent officer, our crew and our organization are better for having had Ensign Viradi in it. And if there is anything I know he would want us to retain from our short time with him, it is those three values he treasured. Innocence, Optimism, and Kindness. Thank you for your service, Viradi. You will be missed dearly.” Indrala’s eyes were glossy and her voice nearly cracked at the end.

His remains would be returned to Angel One, where he would be interred at sea like all of his forebears.

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