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A Call For Aid

Posted on Sun Nov 29th, 2020 @ 8:11am by Captain Indrala Xerix & Lieutenant J'remar Menun & Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett

Location: USS Falchion, Maelstrom region
Timeline: Three weeks after ship launch

Captain Indrala Xerix was at her desk in the ready room, eyes burning from too many hours of staring at system reports. Initial reports on the ship’s propulsion systems looked promising.

The Falchion was three weeks into her shakedown cruise, testing systems one at a time in an agonizing yet important torture test. Starfleet vessels were renowned for their redundancy and durability, and Indrala intended her new corvette to join in that reputation.

The Betazoid was pulled from her brief pause by an incoming communication from DS12. Yeoman Standiford’s face met hers when she accepted the call.

“Yeoman, if this is about Chief Helias still being bent out of shape…”

“Captain, we’ve received a communication from just outside the Caridian nebula. I’m transmitting it now.”

Thirty minutes later, all of the Falchion senior staff were gathered on the bridge. Indrala didn’t bother to pack them all into the staff meeting room. She simply didn’t have enough information to be discussed. Instead, she stood in what had lovingly been referred to as “the pit” in the center of the bridge.

“We’ve received what is believed to be an SOS communication from a group known as the Kessok. Little is known about this species, save that they occupy a portion of the Maelstrom. They seem to prefer isolation and if this truly is an SOS, it marks the first time they have initiated communications with the Federation in history.” She said.

“Starfleet views this as a possible opportunity to open dialogue with the Kessok, so anything we can do to seize the opportunity.” The Captain continued. “We will reach the last known location of the ship in forty five minutes.”

“Lieutenant Loh, monitor all comms and we will need continuous scans.” Said the captain

“Already on it, Captain!” Taldrah replied, hoping her eagerness came off as more excited than impatient.

“Lieutenant Menun, be prepared to have weapons ready at a moment’s notice. Ready security officers should we need away teams.” Ordered the Betazoid

J'remar nodded and primed the phaser emitters. "Yes sir!"

Aurelia stood near J'remar awaiting orders already mentally listing the officers she would suggest for said away teams.

The Orion turned to Aurelia, lowering his tone as not to interrupt Captain Xerix. "Ready three separate away teams, armed with phaser rifles, then prime the torpedo tubes. I don't want anything to surprise us."

"Aye sir. We'll be ready." She responded in a hushed voice. Lia jumped to action pressing a sequence of buttons on the tactical console to notify the correct personnel.

“Mister EMH, prep sickbay to receive casualties. Pull from the enlisted crew if you require assistance.” Said Xerix

On the bridge, the EMH materialised out of nothing, and immediately responded with a quick "Understood, Captain", before transferring instantaneously over to sickbay.

“Lieutenant Ellis, make sure our vessel is ship-shape, and ready engineers for away teams as well.”

"Of course, Captain. My teams are standing by to assist." Ellis replied from the Engineering station.

As the Falchion exited warp, they were greeted by a crimson-colored ship, whose hull was stained here and there with the telltale signs of energy weapons fire. A green plume of plasma was steadily venting from her port nacelle.

“Hail the ship, let’s see if we can lend a hand. And scan nearby space. Whoever did this could be nearby.” Indrala said

“Hailing now, Sir.” Taldrah felt a rush of excitement with these words and hailed the ship. “Scanning in progress.”

Results of the scan came in quickly. “Captain, scans are showing 50 silicon based lifeforms on board as well as extensive damage to the ship,” she revealed. “Also, it looks like life support is failing, sir.” Her tone changed with these last words.

Almost immediately, their hail received a response. “We also have an incoming transmission. They’re responding to our hail, Sir, but... I can’t understand them.” Lieutenant Loh looked confused. “It seems their language isn’t compatible with our universal translators.”

Indrala thought for a moment. Being silicon-based meant her telepathy would be likely useless for communicating with them, never mind that it was generally frowned upon. An idea began to form in her mind, but it would take some time.

“Alright...since we can’t yet communicate with them, we can’t appear to be storming their ship with away teams. Commander Swift, take Ellis, Garrett and Counselor Lystra and beam over. Use EVA suits. The rest of you, we need to figure out who attacked this ship, and where they went.” Ordered the Captain.

J'remar nodded at Ensign Garrett. "Don't do anything rash," He advised her.

"Of course sir." Aurelia replied with a smug smile. Contrary to how most officers felt about the EVA suit Lia looked for any excuse to wear one. It took most of her self control to hide how giddy she was about this away mission.

Ellis signed a replacement to replace him at the engineering console so he could start arranging engineering teams accordingly.

Meanwhile, in sickbay, the Emergency Medical Hologram had rounded up several enlisted crewmembers, and assigned them various tasks in sickbay. Starfleet Medical had become significantly less appealing to new recruits in recent years, and it showed with the lack of medical personnel aboard the Falchion. The EMH was thankful that most of the medical equipment in sickbay, itself included, was relatively simple to use.

At that point, some additional information came onto the main screen in sickbay, directly from the bridge. The EMH quickly analysed it, and realised that it had its work cut out. Starfleet had encountered thousands of carbon-based lifeforms, yet less than a dozen silicon-based lifeforms - almost all Starfleet medical records concerning silicon-based life were written about the Horta, a species so different from standard humanoids that it requires its own medical textbooks. The EMH turned to address the crewmembers it had drafted. "Attention, it appears that we will be dealing with silicon-based life forms. Muller, replicate 2 kilograms of thermal concrete. It has been shown to be an effective wound seal in the past. Carter, T'Mak, access all available information on Horta physiology. Williams, inform the bridge that we will require as much information as possible. I will begin reconfiguring our instruments for silicon-based lifeforms."


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