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Away Team To The Rescue

Posted on Sat Nov 28th, 2020 @ 3:43pm by Lieutenant JG Mai Lestra & Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett

Location: Transporter Room 2
Timeline: After "A Call for Aid"

Ellis arrived at the transporter room early to make sure his EVA suit was in fully operational. He hated using the suits, sometimes in was a necessary evil but he didn't think risking his life's for these Kessoks was one of those times.

Lestra walked into the transporter room, quite ready to die. These suits had never agreed with her, even though she'd taken a basic course at the Academy for them. They were so stuffy, and confining. Every time she had to wear one she felt like it was going to make her claustrophobic. She saluted, or tried to, at Lieutenant Ellis.
"Lieutenant Junior Grade Mai Lestra, reporting for the away...whew mission," She said while breathing heavily.

The next figure to enter the transporter room behind Lestra was Aurelia. She wore a coy grin as she admired the way the EVA suit fit closely to her form. Despite the nature of the mission she was pumped full of adrenaline and excitement. Lia's confidence had a way of comforting those around her, she hoped this was still the case with a newer crew. Looking up she addressed the others with a smile, winking subtly at Lieutenant Ellis. "Lieutenants."

"Hey." Ellis replied by way of a greeting, however, when he saw Garret wink at him he gave her a cheeky smile back.

Aurelia held eye contact with Ellis a tad longer then conventional. Those blue eyes got her every time. Aurelia noticed the other females rapid breathing. "You seem as thrilled as I am!" She joked.

"Ok everyone, let's suit up and head over to the Kessok ship. I want to see what needs to be done before we commit any more teams or resources. Any questions?" Ellis said.

Lestra shook her head, her head still slightly spinning at the thought of having to spend any more time in these suits than she had already.

"None." Aurelia responded slipping into a more serious mindset. The air seemed to shift in the transporter room. Aurelia continued inspecting her gear, triple checking that her phaser was set to stun.

"Alright, let the fun begin." Ellis said as he clipped his helm onto his suit and stepped up onto the transporter pad.

The Bajoran stepped up soon after him, taking her place and waiting to beam over, periodically clenching and unclenching her fists to keep herself from freaking out.

Aurelia was the last to step onto the transporter pad. She glanced toward Ellis. "Ready when you are sir." She noticed the Bajorans discomfort and mentally noted to keep an sharp eye on her.

"Energise." Ellis ordered. Moments later the team were engulfed in the transporter beam and on their way to the Kessok ship.


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