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Telepathic Transportation

Posted on Thu Dec 24th, 2020 @ 4:29pm by Lieutenant Eklisa & Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Damiani

Location: Shuttle Munificent, en route to rendezvous with the Falchion
Timeline: 2399

Twenty years.

Helias had been a protection officer for twenty years. Diplomats, royalty, flag officers. They were all the same. Until Indrala Xerix had beamed onto the Falchion and left him high and dry inside the Starbase. Worse yet, in a cruel twist of fate, he had boarded the first shuttle heading for the Falchion, which happened to be carrying her new doctor...another Betazoid.

Cramped space, combined with relatively low warp speeds, meant the Deltan would be spending all of his waking time with the mental blocks up, avoiding the Doctor’s gaze whenever possible.

Fortunately for the clearly uncomfortable man sitting in the shuttle with her, Alyssa Damiani had spent most of her life avoiding people and putting up walls of all sorts against them. Mental and social were the easiest for her by now and the 'avoid me' vibes that seemed to radiate from the Deltan was enough to make her settle into her seat with a PADD in hand. It was the latest from the Starfleet Journal of Experimental Medical Procedures. She always kept up to date on that one.

A proximity sensor beeped quietly at the helm, rousing Helias from his thoughts. “Commander, we have arrived at the Falchion.” Helias said. As the shuttle glided out of warp, the sleek hull of the ship came into view, as well as that of an unknown vessel.

Eklisa was seated in the best spot to observe the other two, enjoying the tension. It was hardly perceptible on their expressions, but somehow the Deltan looked like he wanted to crawl out of the Betazoid's line of sight.

When the Falchion came into veiw, she stretched upward and yawned, stretching out her Denobulan tongue, then squinted at the unknown vessel, taking quick mental notes on all visible damage. Unless this kind of vessel often carried discolored splotches similar to plasma burns.

Lifting her inky-black eyes from her reading, Lys looked through the viewport and saw the ship that she was to call home for the foreseeable future, as well as the other vessel. She wondered about it, but she was equally sure that she would find out soon enough. CMOs were rarely kept uninformed, she had learned. She could feel the curiosity of those around her as well, which simply echoed her own. "It looks like we'll be off to a running start," she commented to no one in particular. (For anyone watching and listening very closely, they might notice that her voice didn't quite seem to come from her mouth and sometimes, words and mouth movement were not perfectly synced.)

Helias couldn’t wait to confront the captain. She had mortified his pride. He keyed the comms. “Falchion, this is the Shuttle Munificent, requesting permission to dock.”

The impatience washed over the ship's new chief of medical and she glanced sidelong at the warrant office, one brow arching. "Eager to be aboard?" she asked lightly. Casually.

Looking between Helias and Dr.Damiani, Eklisa hummed. She loved watching conversations she couldn't percieve all of, guessing at what might be happening. She could smell the tension in the atmosphere and didn't much have to guess. She raised her own eyebrow to mirror the doctor.

“I have a job to do, sir. I’m sure you do as well” Helias replied economically.

"Curious about the ship?" Eklisa looked between the doctor and the officer.

Lys just made a soft "hmm" type noise toward the rather curt fellow before looking at the other and offering a small smile. "Of course," she replied. "Doctor Alyssa Damiani," she offered by way of introduction.

“Eklisa! I’m the new science officer. I’m probably going to be asked to head straight to the bridge once we’re aboard, but I hope to see you both around!” She continued to grin, though her thoughts betrayed her trepidation and hopes to make a good impression on the two, who both seemed more experienced than her. She was a bit of a prodigy, and she solved problems like she was made to do so, but she lacked a lot of field experience and she hoped to gain some soon.

"I am the chief medical officer," Lysira said. "I see everyone sooner or later."


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