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Silicon Triage

Posted on Thu Jan 14th, 2021 @ 5:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Damiani & Ensign Viradi

Location: Sickbay, USS Falchion
Timeline: OOC: This is a backlog prior to shore leave/part of the last plot.

Viradi made his way from the bridge to the Falchion’s sickbay. The small ship was easy to navigate, and the Angeleno was quickly beginning to feel at home. Having some training in first aid, the diminutive man had volunteered to help out in sickbay. The new Denobulan science officer seemed to have things well under control.

As the doors opened to sickbay, the Ensign was greeted by a flurry of activity. Officers and crewmen from every division paced around the relatively small sickbay. Some were swiping on computer terminals, others were frantically typing on PADDs, and others were reconfiguring medical equipment. There were several conversations happening at once, discussing everything from isolinear shielding for the bio-beds, to creating pockets of localised temperature difference.

The Emergency Medical Hologram had been moving from conversation to conversation, taking advantage of its ability to move itself instantaneously. As it finished up teaching an enlisted crewman how to use a reconfigured micro-sutre, the EMH went to greet the new arrival.

"Welcome to Sickbay, Ensign Viradi. How may I assist you?" The EMH spoke calmly - there was no room for panic during a medical emergency.

The Angeleno eyed the AI for a moment. He had limited experience with them. “I’m here to assist in triage. How many Kessok did they beam over?” He asked.

"We are expecting the Kessok to arrive at any moment. Currently, we are working on training volunteers, as well as reconfiguring equipment to work with silicon life-forms, and their unique physiologies". At that point, the EMH produced a PADD out of nowhere - like himself, it was a holographic construct - and handed it to the Ensign. "This PADD contains all information we know about the Kessok - it is rather limited. I would recommend that you assist Lieutenant Commander Damiani - she is currently at the main computer terminal."

A deceptively small humanoid body was standing at the aforementioned main computer terminal. Her pale, slender hands were gripping either side in what looked like a near death-grip but if her skin was going white with tension, her natural skin tone hid that fact. Her eyes were flickered from one side of the screen to the other in near-unnatural rapidity that probably would've frightened anyone that saw it had she been looking at them.

"Yes, she is," she said, projecting her voice just enough to reach the ones who were talking yet without looking up from her reading. A moment after she spoke, she couldn't recall if she'd remembered to move her lips. Oh well. "Come on over and introduce yourself. We need all the able bodies we can get."

Viradi began covering the short distance, before nearly tripping into a rapidly materializing form. A Kessok, he assumed, based on the sheer foreignness of its physical form. One of its legs was missing at nearly the halfway point.

Alyssa's head jerked up in time to see the first of the injured as it was beamed over. "Or we could just jump right into the fire," she commented wryly as she hurried over with her tricorder open and scanning. She was already shouting orders regarding the leg and triage for it, but she needed to know everything that was wrong...

The Angeleno’s eyes widened. He had trained in basic triage, but had never seen anything so alien as the Kessok. He looked around and found a stretcher, maneuvering it down next to the wounded stranger and the doctor. “What are your orders, sir?” He said.

"Make sure every incoming patient has a breathing unit," she ordered quickly. "They are coming from a nitrogen-rich environment and I don't want any of them suffocating while we try to heal them."

Viradi retrieved the devices from a nearby container, and began applying them to the Kessok wounded. One had a deep, greasy-looking wound in its chest cavity. “Doc, I think you need to see this.” He said quietly.

Lys finished what she could with the patient she had before passing off to a nurse to head over to Viradi. "What do we have?" she asked before she was even in line of sight.

They had a lot of work to do.


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