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Securing my Ride

Posted on Mon Jan 18th, 2021 @ 8:24pm by Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett & Captain Indrala Xerix & Lieutenant Dean Marks

Location: Shuttle deck


The Star Ship was in his detection grid; it had a Federation Transponder signal; as did his shuttle 'Frankie', the fact he was in route to Star Base 12 for his new assignment he had been Running bit ahead of schedule; the fact he wanted to get to his destination ahead of his Report day, one needs time to settle in and all, he had Frankie running at a good cruising speed to see how the Engine and warp field upgrades would work. More modern powerplant and Warp coil replacements from a later model of shuttle equipped and modified for racing gave her a little more kick in the speed by a warp factor. Ten years of advancement and a little modification helped to modernize things. And six months of trading and Replicator rations with odd jobs around his last assignment for the parts.

Marks was keeping her at warp five; high running speed but not full out. Her maximum being six and high cruising about 4.7 to 5 if not fighting gravitational factors. He maintained the nickname of 'Zippy' the class of shuttle is known for. Noting the close proximity of a Federation Vessel Marks would just sit back and let his Transponder identify him and thus not interfere with a ship on patrol.

A quiet voice with a surprisingly menacing tone came over the shuttle’s comms. “Unidentified shuttle, this is Indrala, Captain of the USS Falchion. You are too close to our ship, adjust your heading or I’ll do it for you with a tractor beam.” Came the threat.

=^= Shuttle 1357924... =^= He checked to assure his Federation Transponder was operating, a light rap on the panel showed a green light and the fully transmitting Friendly ship signal to the USS Falchon. =^= Sorry to have been in our Patrol Space." He started to make the adjustments to his course. =^=Just heading to Star Base Twelve and out to see the sights Captain Indrala. No harm intended, not even standard weapons, just testing her racing capability ma'am. =^= He gave a truth without the experimental Micro EMP device launcher, no sacrilege of harming a Space Faring vessel by his hand.

“The people of Earth have a saying, Mr Marks. Never a second chance for a first impression. Let’s hope that’s not true. You’re clear to land in shuttle bay one. And deactivate the emp emitter, Lieutenant” said the captain.

=^= Roger on that Captain, landing Shuttle Bay One as instructed. =^= Marks reply while duly making sure the EMP device had a bleeding off with the charge as he angled the shuttle. =^= He rally had done nothing wrong, the EMP is a quite harmless way to keep Pirates , Romulans or other Pirates from attacking what seemed an easy target. =^= Sorry about that, open space can be a rough neighborhood sometimes, especially for shuttle and small craft. =^=

The Frankie was a nimble little vessel and it was quite easy to guide her to the assigned Shuttle Bay that had opened for his entry. Easing the small craft into the bay; extending the landing gear after entry, he lightly touched down with great care. All he needed to really get in trouble was to scratch the decking. Lowering the rear ramp he put on his jacket and walked down waiting to be 'met' by an Officer so he could request the permissions to Come Aboard. The decks had the smell of refit or fresh out of Drydock.

"Good thing I did not flare on landing, the Captain will want to keep that new ship smell and all." He remarked to himself only as he came to the bottom of the ramp.

Aurelia entered the docking bay with a not so pleasant expression on her face and her hand hovering slightly in front of her phaser. She didn’t like surprises. She made eye contact with the man walking down the ramp, her bright green eyes not very welcoming.

“It’s a good thing indeed, the captain wouldn’t be very forgiving had you caused damage upon landing.” Her voice came off irritated. “My name is Aurelia, assistant chief of security for the U.S.S Falchion. Would you care to explain why you were “Sight seeing” so close to our ship? An explanation as to your early arrival would be satisfactory as well. According to my reports your not due at DS 12 for a couple more days.”

"You know type II phasers are great for field welding, they also make great cutting torches so would it be all that rude for you to kind of point that in another direction?" He pointed to his chest. "I'll heal but if you hit the ship I would have to fix it and I have put a lot of time and experimentation on both her power plant as well as her drive systems. The impulse Ferring Assembly are very good and if you really play a little more with the harmonics of the Dilithium Crystals you can cut down the resonance of the warp field to pander better to the background of space; both having mineral properties to them." He shrugged. Frankie has a top speed that is best in her class, sure to give a type 11 a run for the money in a race." He nod. "I was hoping but had under estimated the cruising speed slightly..." He tilted his head slightly. "That does answer your question right?"

Aurelia scrunched her eyebrows already irritated with Marks babbling, contemplating stunning him just to shut him up. She gave him a once over only half listening to the words coming out of his mouth. The tension in her shoulders settled as she began to accept that the man standing before her was the Falchions new Chief Engineer. She could ask him to verify his identify but it seemed redundant after the captain had already done so. She sighed, "It does for now. The short notice of your arrival leaves you with me as your welcoming party. So... welcome." She gestured for him to follow her. "Captain Xerik is on the bridge."

There are worst people to welcome him to the ship than a pretty young woman Marks supposed, the phaser was warranted with his appearing on their sensors. The time trials were above his expectations but he should have perhaps checked a Flight Path prior to his departure.

"Thank you Aurelia, I am Dean." He offered a handshake. "Truth is, I should have check the patrol Schedules before I departed; I was taking a path through what I thought to be Open Space."

Aurelia paused glancing down at his hand, it wasn't a gesture often used around her and it made her slightly uneasy given she would be shaking his hand with the hand closest to her phaser. She wasn't one to allow someone to catch her off guard. 'My paranoia is getting a bit out of hand.' she thought. She looked back up to Dean and gave him a small smile while taking his hand and firmly shaking it.

"Well then I guess it's a coincidence of you to run into us. Now if you'll come with me." She opened her arm wide to allow Marks to exit the shuttle bay and into the corridor before her. Aurelia hoped he didn't go on again about some engineering information on their short trek to the bridge, but she thought it unlikely given how the last five minutes had already gone.

Going ahead of her he waited for her to catch up and walk beside her towards the turbo lift.

"Did I mention it was kind of you to meet me?" Marks asked

Aurelia chuckled as she stepped into the turbo lift. She waited for Dean to join her before speaking loudly, “Bridge.” she instructed the lift. Turning to Dean she addressed his question, ”Kind perhaps, if it wasn’t my job to do so.” The lift operated so smoothly that you had to concentrate very hard to notice you were moving.

"You did not scold me but asked a question." Marks pointed out. "From the proper etiquette and the sociological aspects you handled the situation very well." He complemented. "How much trouble do you think I am in with the Captain, as you know her better than I do?"

Aurelia simply shrugged. "You didn't pose a significant threat, I doubt she will be upset. I can't speak for the captain but I think it's safe to assume you didn't make the best first impression."

"Sociology is not my strong suit." Marks said calmly. "Why did my little jaunt through space in a non-restricted system cause problems?" He shook his head. "I was just testing the capability of a shuttle and happened to cross your path, not even aware you were out here?" HE sighed. "MY impression ruined because of a Navigational Mistake."

Very aware that they were about to reach their destination in just a few seconds Aurelia considered whether she should comfort Marks or let him continue to sweat before meeting with the captain. She decided she was in a caring mood and gave Dean a small smile as the lift stopped and the door swooshed open revealing the bridge of the Falchion.

"Good luck Lieutenant." She whispered before exciting the lift. She stood just outside the turbo lift door waiting for the captains attention before introducing Marks.

“By all means, move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me.” Indrala remarked dryly.

Aurelia glanced back into the turbo lift nodding for Dean to join her on the bridge. Turning her attention back to the Captain she introduced the new officer. “Captain, seems I’ve found our new chief of Engineering. Lieutenant Dean Marks.”

Mark had moved ahead to stand close to the Captain. "It is a pleasure Captain." He nod his head. "You have a fine looking ship Captain."

“Thank you. Let’s try to keep her that way. Tell me about your previous posting, Lieutenant.” She replied

"Not all that different from your vessel, just a couple of sizes bigger." Marks said calmly. "A refit class with the latest upgrades and being sent out to do her work. Galaxy on down the line to the Nova things are pretty much the same when you get to the basics. Work on the power grid, keep the engines purring and quietly make a reputation as a 'Miracle Worker' should the need arise. Giving the love and attention to the Warp Core, the heart of any Lady is a very dedicated job as we all know that a Lady is always worth the efforts." He nod. "The lady seems ready to have a little TLC."

Looking about the bridge as he spoke, taking in the unique symphony of sounds that only this 'Lady' would make.

"You can hear her voice in the systems..." Gesturing to the cacophony of electronic beeps and tones around him. "Feel the heartbeat through the decks and just bask in the warmth of her Life support systems." Grinning un abashed. "Can't wait to assure her heart keeping giving you what is required Captain." He shook his head. "But of the Antaries, she was a refit Galaxy Class recently out of Dry Dock." He seemed to take in a slow analyzing breath. "Yes ma'am, same new smell around here." Looking to her he nod again. "Of course I look forward to checking her out as we all know that Dry Dock Workers are pretty much paid by the job and getting the system working is a priority rather than the By the exacting Book construction that takes more time." Shaking his head. "Nope, they have incentive to get a ship out in space and start the next job, ships are made by an assembly line mentality and thus the Artistic..."

He paused and cleared his throat.

"Well, I have had experience with ships just out of Dock and how to properly break-in a Warp Core and new systems Captain, you will be able to mind other things knowing the Engineering Department will be diligent in keep the Lady going smooth."

Aurelia held in a laugh keeping her face as stoic as possible. She waited for the captains reaction to the ramblings of the smart but talkative new engineer.

Indrala glared at the ensign “Don’t you have duties to attend to?” She said sternly, before returning to the loquacious engineering officer. “Let me give you the tools to a good relationship with your new captain. Brevity, novel approaches, and avoiding ascribing a gender to this vessel or any other in my presence. Welcome aboard.” She said, ending the conversation briskly


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