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Cat & Mouse

Posted on Fri Jan 22nd, 2021 @ 10:21pm by Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett

Location: Ds 12- Promenade

After the Falchion had returned from the mission to rescue the Kessok ship, Captain Xerix had allowed the senior staff to get some R'n'R. Which was great, except Blake wasn't sure what to do with himself.

So, he thought he'd take the opportunity to see what the station had to offer on the promenade. He'd heard plenty of good things (and a few bad) about the stations shopping district. He didn't need anything, he just went for a perusal.

Aurelia had gotten into the habit of ending her shifts by patrolling different sections of the stations promenade. Keeping a heavy eye on shops she had heard through the grape vine were up to no good. It didn't take long for most of the stations residents to warm up to Aurelia, she had a personality that was hard to dismiss or dislike. Her innocent looking features also played to her advantage.

Her gaze fell on the blue eyed commander making his way in the opposite direction. With a sly grin she changed course to sneak up behind him.

"Well hello blue eyes."

Blake was startled by the sudden voice behind him. He quickly turned, his instinct was to defend himself, however, as soon as he saw Aurelia his stance softened and he gave her a smile. "Ensign." He said with a smile by way of greeting. "Working or pleasure?"

"Pleasure now of course." She said giving Blake a playful wink. Aurelia held her hands at the small of her back as she continued to walk beside the commander. "I don't see you on the promenade often commander, to what do I owe the occasion?"

"I thought I'd come and have a mooch around." Ellis replied as they walked. "I would have thought you'd had enough of wandering these decks while on duty and would head off towards the hospitality sector or home to relax?"

"There is always something interesting transpiring somewhere on the promenade to keep my attention even after my shift has ended." She gave a smile and a nod to a couple leaving a restaurant they were walking past. Aurelia brought her attention back to Ellis. "Any exciting plans for shore leave commander?"

"If I'm honest, I hadn't realized we would be given some time off so I'm sort of in limbo really. There's not enough time to plan something away from the station, yet I'm not sure what to do on the station." Ellis said as they continued to walk. "What about you? Have you planned anything?"

"Ah yes, Originally I had planned to stay on the station as well but I've decided to take Lieutenant Eklisa back home to Earth for a few days. I'm also in the process of coercing Menun to accompany us. There's plenty of room if you would care to join us." She shrugged trying to hide her growing smile. "but if you care not to travel I'm sure there will be plenty of mischief to be had here at the station with Menun and I both away."

"It's been a while since I've been back to earth." Blake admitted openly. "However, I feel I should stay close by incase I'm needed."

"I guess someone's got to stay back," She said with a shrug. "I've been meaning to Congratulate you by the way! We've just been so busy since your promotion I let it get away from me."

Blake smiled, "Thank you. I have to say I was shocked when I was called to the Captain's office and was given the promotion and change of assignment. It's a lot of adjustment." He said as they continued to stroll along the promenade. "I'm guessing you have more work now Lieutenant Menun has been given second officer responsibilities?"

Aurelias eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped dramatically. "He...second officer...what? Really?!" She gasped, "He hasn't said anything yet!!!"

"Oh...erm...yeah. happened the same day I was promoted too." Ellis replied feeling awkward. "I'm guessing that's a no on the extra work front then?"

“You know how he is, he’ll try to balance everything himself.” Aurelia shook her head in disbelief that Menun hadn’t been the one to tell her about his promotion. Her face fell into a frown, she worked side by side with him and she hadn’t taken notice in any shift in his work ethic. She wanted to be someone Menun could lean on, why would he have kept this from her? “I guess I’ve been too preoccupied with the promenade drama.”

"True." Blake replied about the security chief. "Yes, I've seen a slight increase in criminal activity lately. Any suspects for this increase?"

Aurelia solemnly shook her head. Her eyes scanned the immediate path they walked along the promenades more popular retails shops, she gestured to the holiday decor and beings occupying the open space. “It seems to be on account of the coming holidays. It’s brought more visitors to the station, most testing my teams forbearance. New comers claiming to be ignorant of federation rules, in my opinion they are just pushing limits.” Shrugging she put on one of her more charming smiles remembering to whom she was venting, ”Nothing we can’t handle.”

Blake nodded, "Makes sense, new place to push to see what they can get away with." He replied as they continued to walk side by side. "Are you willing to let them push until they get complacent or will you push back at the first sign of trouble?"

"One can't afford to be complacent when it comes to security Sir." Aurelia said sternly. She was all fun and games until it came to safety of the stations and its inhabitants. "Give someone an inch and they'll take a mile."

"True, but them taking a mile could be exactly what you need to pounce." Blake said with a smirk.

Aurelia let out a deep laugh, "Commander are you comparing me to a feline of sorts?"

"Possibly. Do you purr?" He asked with a cheeky grin.

With a devious smile she replied, “I’m more of a growler.”

"Really? That's interesting. So, what makes a gal like you growl?" Ellis asked.

"Buy me a drink blue eyes and find out." Aurelia said with a shrug, the smile not fading.

Blake offered the Ensign his arm, "Shall we?"

Aurelia didn't think twice about looping her arm with the commanders and continuing down the promenade. "We shall." she replied keeping her face forward to hide the smug look upon it.


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