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Dinner on the Promenade

Posted on Tue Dec 22nd, 2020 @ 9:25pm by Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett & Lieutenant Eklisa

Location: Deep Space 12- Promenade
Timeline: Before the events of Merry Christmas

Shore leave was slowly approaching the crew of the U.S.S. Falchion. In a couple of weeks they would be traveling all over the galaxy, some returning home to see family, visiting exotic places with lovers, going on grand adventures.

Aurelia hadn't made any definite plans as of yet. Sure she could take a transport back home to earth and visit her family but something held her back from doing so. Perhaps staying on the station would be a better idea, there was plenty she could get accomplished in the allotted time they had. The security teams work was never done, but then again what's the point of shore leave if she's just going to work the entire time. Aurelia couldn't deny that the workload hadn't been a tad draining.

She smiled down at a small Bolian girl bouncing a ball along a shopfront on the promenade on her way to a new Bajoran restaurant that had just opened. Aurelia was glad to be meeting Eklisa for dinner after their shifts, she was starving and needed to take her mind off work.

Eklisa had found them a table as soon as she'd been able. Being Denobulan, she'd thought about scheduling a hibernation for her shore leave and sleeping the entire time, but it seemed like a waste to spend all that time doing nothing when she could be getting to know her new crewmates. She needed to build her colony out of the people she was to be stuck with for the next few years of her commission. She could hibernate over a weekend or something more convenient.

It was hard for her to be patient, so she'd ordered appetizers and intended to eat exactly half of it.

Aurelia wasn't expecting the Bajoran restaurant to be as packed with life as it was when she finally made it. She snuck past people waiting in search for Eklisa. She hadn't spotted her out-front and if she knew the Denobulan she had already arrived and was seated somewhere. Her eyes lite up when she finally recognized her.

"Eklisa!" She beamed as she approached the table just before a waitress delivered whatever Eklisa had ordered. Aurelia plopped down in the seat across from her still donning her smile. "This place looks to be doing quite well!"

"From what I can tell, it deserves the business." Eklisa smiled back at Aurelia, taking a bite of the fried vegetable with her hands, "Authentic Bajoran cuisine is, while not difficult to come by, very hard to do well. I'm looking forward to trying their Sevala. One of the cooks here is from Sakelo City! Was your shift productive?"

"I believe the cooks name is Jalan something...?" She shook her head too tired to recall any more information than that. "The shift was...long. Its hard to measure productivity when I have to dispatch security members to tend to petty disputes between shop owners or stop the defacement of the station by rogue teenagers." Aurelia let out a long sigh while trying to rub a knot from her neck.

When the waitress returned to check on them Aurelia ordered an ale in the largest glass they had. "How is the science department treating you?" She asked Eklisa.

"So far, very well! The staff is very knowledgeable, but I'm afraid I talk a few of their ears off." Eklisa ordered some winter wine, "Security is a job I could never do, nothing stays safe long enough to feel accomplished. When I complete a task, I know something, data is gathered and we're ready to move on to the next task, whether gathering further data or forming a new hypothesis. When you complete a task, there's no guarantee someone won't come along and muck it up! I harbor a deep respect for anyone with your patience or dedication."
Eklisa's eyes took Aurelia apart, like she was solving a puzzle in her head.

"Well I'm glad to know someone appreciates the work we do!" She let out a laugh. "I have patience but not the patience required for anything science related." She took a generous sip of her ale before picking up a fried vegetable. It was nice to be off duty and socializing with a fellow crewmate. 'Perhaps taking a trip with Eklisa would make shore leave a more appetizing idea! She thought.'

"Eklisa do you have plans for the up coming shore leave?"

The drama of conversations tables away distracted the science officer. Watching people interact was utterly delightful.

"That I do not. I considered going into hibernation, but I'd rather do something entertaining. Recreation is better than being unconscious for a week, don't you think?" Eklisa reasoned aloud, then sipped her wine. "Why do you ask?"

"I was going to stay aboard the station, try to get ahead of some work but I'm thinking I could relish in some relaxation instead. Have you been to Earth?" Aurelia had only been home a handful of times since joining Starfleet and never brought anyone with her. She was already throwing together a grand trip in her mind, places to show Eklisa, all the incredible tastes of her family's cider mill.

"Well, I did attend Starfleet Academy on earth, but I never really left San Fransisco, except that trip I was able to take to the Amazon nature preserve with a few friends from xenobotany." She'd seen very little of the human homeworld, but what she had seen had been very similar to Denobula, albeit much colder and sparser in the case of San Fran. Her interest turned from the room back to Aurelia. "Planning on heading back for the holiday?"

"Thinking I may, would you like to accompany me? My family owns a cider mill in North America, the largest in the region. It could be alot fun." Aurelia hoped she hadn't been to jealous with her enthusiasm and scared Eklisa from joining her for the holiday.

"That does sound like a lot of fun. I'd love to accompany you, if your family wouldn't mind you having a visitor with you. Earth is a very curious little planet, any opportunity to see more of its' natural beauty is welcome to me, and one of my step fathers owns an orchard on Denobula, I wonder how similar the two facilities might be." She smiled. She was glad for the appetizer, so she had something to do with her hands to mask her own excitement. She sincerely did want to see more of earth, but also it would be interesting to observe human holiday rituals, and learn more about Ensign Garrett in the process. It seemed a little silly to think of a shore leave as an opportunity to study humans but that was exactly what she wanted to do with it.

"Perfect! I'll see to the arrangements after dinner. I say we leave the day after the party at Stefanos, How does that sound? I wonder if Lieutenant Menun would join us, I doubt he has anything planned." Aurelia excitement burst as she rambled on. She was mentally creating a check list in her head before she could take another breath. "My parents will be so thrilled! I haven't spent a holiday at home in years."

"That sounds perfect!"


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