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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Posted on Fri Jan 1st, 2021 @ 3:55am by Captain Indrala Xerix

Location: Loire, France, Earth

It was simply stunning.

Silk taffeta that hugged Indrala’s form until mid-thigh and then flared outward dramatically. Hand-sewn seed pearls dotted the surface, and the backless dress had a demi-cape which draped between her shoulder blades.

Her father had created the dress for her by hand, and true to his nature was checking the gown right till the very last moment.

“Please stop fussing, it’s perfect Jovari.” She said.

“So tell me more about this Deltan” he said, ignoring her. She realized he was working on the dress to keep his hands busy.

“He’s a great man. Adversity has given him ambition and some dark coping mechanisms. Which I find quite attractive.” She said it in a joking way, but Indrala meant it, also.

“And he has to follow you around all day. I’m sure someone with your bloated sense of self enjoys that.” Her father teased.

The light from Earth’s sun filtered through the windows of Jovari’s atelier, illuminating the Parisian workshop. She took a hard look at her father. He was in his sixties now, but still handsome.

The two of them had been through some hard times together, and Indrala realized that the sadness she felt was because it seemed like that chapter was coming to an end.

A knock at the door distracted her from her thoughts.

“Entrer” the two Xerixes said simultaneously.

Helias opened the door slightly but didn’t enter. “It’s time for me to head to the wedding venue.” He said nervously.

Indrala gave her father a smile and went to the door. She clasped the Deltan’s large hand with hers.

“I’ll see you there.” she said softly.

Twenty minutes later, Indrala Xerix was walking down the aisle. The formal gardens of an old chateau in France’s Loire valley were a stunning backdrop for the wedding, and a sprinkling of snow had given the whole scene a surreal appearance.

Her bouquet of Calla lillies and Betazoid Toyar flowers in one hand, she held the arm of her father with the other. In a sea of familiar faces, she found Helias’ and smiled.

The wedding of her father Jovari and retired model Gaspard Savoy was an assemblage of fashion’s glitterati. Indrala didn’t know Gaspard well, but she knew her father well enough to realize that the man must be special to have earned a place in the family.

The reception was held inside the chateau, in an opulent old ballroom akin to something out of an Edith Wharton novel. The Captain, now clad in black slacks, black camisole, and a black suit jacket draped over her shoulders, had danced with her father and was now mingling with guests.

Eventually she found Helias, back to the wall, taking on his protection officer role. She approached him with a disappointed scowl on her face.

“Tut tut, Chief. I had hoped by this time to be quite breathless from the number of dances we had shared” she said in mock consternation.

“Well I don’t wish to intrude on your family event. Duty is one thing, weddings are...another matter” the Deltan replied.

The Betazoid sighed dejectedly, set her champagne flute down and extended her hand to Helias. “Shall we dance?” She asked.

A chuckle escaped the Deltan’s mouth before he could help it. He allowed her to guide him to the center of the ballroom, where a number of couples were dancing to a slower number.

The two were soon swaying to the rhythm of the music, Helias’ hand on the small of the former dancer’s back. Not normally one for the limelight,the chief had forgotten all about the crowd. Midnight eyes held his gaze and a lithe frame commanded his attention.

After the song ended, the pair removed themselves to the gardens. The cool evening air was marvelous to Helias, who perpetually felt too warm. They strolled manicured boxwood hedges and crunched over pea gravel pathways.

Helias noticed a man approaching them he didn’t recognize. A svelte figure in an immaculately tailored silver suit with equally silver hair and the same midnight eyes as the Captain’s.

The man smiled, a flash of too-white teeth. Oddly, Neither Indrala nor the man said anything for a moment. Then it dawned on Helias that they were speaking telepathically.

Finally, Indrala cleared her throat. “Helias, may I present Councilor Istrol Vataix of the Beta-Veldonna system. Istrol, this is Chief Warrant Officer Helias.

The two shook hands. Istrol’s grasp was too soft, giving Helias the distinct impression that the Councilor wasn’t really interested in meeting him. “Pleasure, I’m sure.” said the argent man.

Turning to Indrala, he spoke again. “I believe you promised me a dance, Captain Xerix.” Said Istrol.

The woman turned to Helias. “Would you mind, Chief ?” She asked politely.

“Of course not, Captain” he replied. She noted his formality but said nothing.

Helias watched the pair return to the ballroom, waiting to rejoin them. The night air was still deliciously cool and the Deltan was in no hurry to see more of the smarmy silver politician.

When he did return, his heart sank. The Captain and Istrol were dancing the Paso Doble. The passionate music had the two betazoids spinning and twirling around one another with a grace that the massive Deltan simply didn’t possess.

He realized how natural and fine they looked together. Istrol had Helias beat in just about every metric. His cheeks and neck flushed with color. The Chief couldn’t compete with a councilor.

Helias turned and headed for the front of the chateau, towards where the transporter station was located. Tomorrow he’d request reassignment for the first time in his career. And put as much space between himself and Indrala Xerix as possible.


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By Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett on Sat Jan 2nd, 2021 @ 4:29pm

No helias don't do it! Fight for her ya big oaf!