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Looking for a distraction

Posted on Mon Jan 11th, 2021 @ 6:13am by Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett

Location: Deep Space 12
Timeline: After Hanakotoba

There was a loud click click click echoing down the corridor as Aurelia proceeded to her quarters. The sound made her swish her hips more then normal as the fabric of her dress swirled around her with every move. She was only slightly tipsy, having been determined to not become inebriated during the celebration of Hanakotoba in the cargo bay.

There was still a lump in her chest, a numbness that was dulled when in the presence of her current crew mates and friends. Aurelia could always put on a brave face, until she was alone. Dread began to grow the closer she made it to her quarters darkening the rush she felt from the party. Regardless her feet persisted on, not missing a beat.

She stopped outside the door, her arm hovering halfway between her body and the lock. Two other station occupants were coming down the hall, she knew standing there made her look suspicious, but she couldn’t seem to get her body to respond.

“Happy New Year Garrett!” Said one of the passerby’s. A smile broke across her face but by the time she opened her mouth to respond they had already made it past her. Letting out a sigh she unlocked her door and stepped inside.

It had been as she left it, everything in tight order and, empty. She stood with her back up against the door for a minute. This isn’t where she wanted to be, alone with her own thoughts. Forced to face the consequences of her decisions. Before she realized what she was doing she was kneeling at the side of her bed pulling out a suitcase like container.

Her thumbs unlocked the buckles on either side of the handle, causing the seal to split and open. Inside where tokens of her past. Her com badge from her time served above the U.S.S Kova, slightly similar to the one she wore on duty now but also very different. It felt heavy. She shifted around the container until she pulled out a holoframe.

The picture was from her birthday a few years back, she was at the center with her arms across the shoulders of two others. One being Mason. Her late friend. His smile was bright and toothy, Aurelia had one just the same in the photo. He had surprised her by orchestrating a small party to celebrate her birthday. Mason wasn’t good with secrets, Aurelia had known about his plan for weeks, but still she acted surprised and allowed him to think he had kept something from her.

The tears were building, much quicker then earlier thanks to the liquor having an effect on her emotions. She tossed the photo on the bed and stood refusing to ball up the way she had earlier. She needed a distraction. Something to keep her mind off her sorrow. Someone, she decided.

Before she could change her mind she was walking out of her quarters and down the hall. Granted she had never been where she was going, she knew the way. It was Aurelias job to know her way around the station, she had memorized level after level her first weeks aboard. The first line in a tactical advantage was knowing your surroundings and she took pride in that. She convinced herself knowing where a certain someone’s quarters were was part of that advantage.

Aurelia, still in her party attire rang the chime almost impatiently. She left the party after two in the morning, it was now close to three but that didn’t stop her from ringing the chime again.

The door swooshed open and a bare chested Jack stood before her, one hand leaning on the door frame, the other rubbing his sleepy eyes.
“Lia?” He asked furrowing his brow at first, “Is everything okay?” He stood straighter, looking her up and down trying not to admire the low slit in the front of her dress. He quickly brought his eyes back up to hers trying to read what was there, her eyes seemed different, lacking the brightness he had grown accustomed to seeing when she would visit the bar he worked at. On her cheek he thought he saw a trail that a tear had taken after falling from her eye. There was more then sadness there but he couldn’t put his finger in it.

Aurelia didn’t respond, she contemplated apologizing for waking him so late in the evening and leaving. They stood in silence for a few moments before Aurelia took the first step forward, placing her hand on his chest and pushing him back further into his quarters. Before the door closed behind them her mouth was on his and his arms snaked around her waist, pulling her closer.


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