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Uninvited Guests

Posted on Mon Jan 25th, 2021 @ 9:28am by Captain Indrala Xerix & Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Damiani & Lieutenant J'remar Menun & Lieutenant JG Alex Lockwood & Lieutenant Sukan & Lieutenant JG Mai Lestra & Lieutenant Eklisa & Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett

Mission: Swarm
Location: Operations Center, Deep Space Twelve
Timeline: 239901.18

Captain Xerix brushed a lock of silver hair from her face and pinched the bridge of her nose. The Betazoid had years of experience in Starbase operations, but being in charge of it all was a much different experience. The bright spot in the day’s work was a request from a civilian organization to open a hotel on the station, the plans of which seemed wonderfully detailed.

An incoming priority message chime distracted her from fawning over the new project. Normally one for expressing herself eloquently, the contents of the message caused the Captain to utter a single, vulgar expletive.

“Call all of the senior staff for a meeting in fifteen minutes. We have a problem” Indrala told her Yeoman.

A short while later, she walked into the large briefing room and stood at a small podium. She looked at the faces of her gathered crew. New as they all were to one another, she felt the close-knit bonds beginning to form that made a crew really special.

“I’m sorry to drag you all in here on such short notice.” She began. “ I’ve just received a priority message that the entire Sixth fleet is en route to Deep Space Twelve. I’m not sure why they are coming here, but I can nearly guarantee that it’ll make our lives a bit more difficult for a while. Department heads, what do we need to do to make ready for the arrival of the fleet?” She asked.

By the time the Captain had mentioned the Sixth Fleet, J'remar was already calculating the logistics that would be involved for it's arrival.

"If the entirety of the Sixth Fleet has been deployed, then we can only assume that Starfleet is planning something big, but I can only guess to its nature. I suggest we tighten security all around the station, and start running battle drills on DS12 and the Falchion, in case there's hostilities on the horizon."

Aurelias eyes widened a fraction before she caught herself and refrained from making an unprofessional comment regarding the entirety of a fleet aboard their station. She watched Lieutenant Menun as he spoke, nodding her head in agreement with his course of action. She pondered how his role as the captions second would affect her, she already saw the sleepless nights in her future until the truth behind why the fleet is headed their way came to light.

“I would also suggest more thorough inspections of all transports arriving and departing the station starting immediately. As well as restricted visitation at this time.”

J'remar looked over at Aurelia and nodded ever so slightly, a show of his approval of her statements.

"Should we also see to assigning accommodations for captains and senior officers aboard the station?" Aurelia asked no one in particular.

Sukan nodded slightly. "That would be a sensible action. We should also make preparations for officers taking shoreleave aboard the station. I would also like to propose that we reconfigure two of the science stations in Ops, converting them into additional communications and logistics stations", the Vulcan stated, with the trademark precision that his species is known for.

Taldrah was more excited than concerned, but she was sure to match the expressions in the room. She was ready to get back to work and to have things to do. Being busy brought her a sense of calm. Doing a bit more research on the 6th fleet would be helpful in ensuring a smooth welcome. She planned on doing just that as soon as this meeting was adjourned.

“I’ll make sure all docking stations are ready for their arrival,” Taldrah stated. “And I’m fine with reconfiguring the science stations in Ops as well. I’ll get started on this immediately.”

"I can help with those station conversions and let me get my staff to pack up whatever of their running experiments and observations they can so we have less of our own work while we're assisting in everyone else's." Eklisa chewed on her thumbnail, "Oh and we should ensure we've not only warned but assisted all the civilians on-station regarding our increased foot traffic."

Alyssa had heard the news and sat back slightly in her seat to let her mind roll over it while the other departments reported in. That was going to be a large influx of people onto the station, even if they only moved over to visit and didn't take up quarters. She did quick calculations on the state of her staff and their supplies.

"The medical staff and facilities will be ready," she finally said with a faint smile. "However, one of the most recent ships due to bring some additional infirmary personnel was delayed and we a little understaffed for this sort of surge. Permission to possible enlist any cross-trained personnel who may be available in other departments if we experience beyond capacity visits?"

“Granted. Take whatever steps you need, doctor.” Replied the Captain. She felt like this was a surprise test she hadn’t had a chance to study for, and the feeling wasn’t reassuring.

Alex Lockwood sat there silently mulling over what was being discussed, Engineering would be ready for what was to come and more, he was confident of that.

“We have less than twenty four hours before the fleet arrives. Pull resources you need to, because I don’t intend for ‘Twelve to be caught unawares and get a reputation of incompetence. Questions?” Indrala asked slightly more terse than she had intended.

J'remar studied his PADD, where he had been inputting all of the information spoken over the last few minutes. He frowned, trying to calculate why the fleet was coming HERE. To DS12, to the Maelstrom.

"Logistically, a fleet the size of the Sixth Fleet wouldn't be coming out this way to run patrols, or for escort duty, or anything of that nature. It is possible they're coming here to prevent a conflict from occurring, or perhaps more specifically, a war."

"The lack of communication with Deep Space 12 would support your theory, Lieutenant. Any other event in this sector warranting the arrival of the Sixth Fleet would not be kept secret", Sukan concurred.

“Let’s get to work, people. I expect updates regularly. Dismissed.” Said the Captain


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