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Trading Barbs

Posted on Sun Jan 31st, 2021 @ 3:21pm by Commander Cirila Ylvor & Captain Indrala Xerix

Mission: Swarm
Location: Station Commander's Office

Feeling substantially better after her shower replete with a fresh uniform, Cirila felt more like herself once more. Accompanied by Lt Fedan, they reached the shuttle bay. The Runabout Swan was her ride for this meeting with DS12's CO. The Runabout's modular section had been removed in favour of a cargo module. Which was completely empty, but Cirila was fully aware of this.

Too few opportunities to pilot made themselves available to Cirila, and she relished in the chance. Starting the preflight check, Fedan went to check on the rear sections. He came back into the cockpit with a confused look on his face, pointing a thumb behind him.

"Are we meant to have loaded anything? Should we just take the shuttlepod?" He said, perplexed.

"I have a job for you," she said, "You will need to use some of your convincing skills."

"Meaning?" Fedan said, taking a seat next to her, starting his own system start ups.

"See what you can find up for trade," Cirila said a smile creeping across her lips, "You know what we need and what we have. Then whatever we get we might be able to trade foe something we want. I will try the diplomatic route with the CO, see if requisitions will actually work."

"Ah, I see," he said simply as the craft slowly took off. Heading out into space, the nose pointed straight at the Station which was a good 20 minutes away at half impulse. All they could muster with the traffic in the sector.

Initiating the autopilot, Cirila sat back in her chair, this might not have been the type of flying she wanted to do right now. A small time passed silently before Fedan spoke up.

"So I think there was something in the cargo containers back there.." he said, getting a confused look from Cirila, who furrowed her brow, looking at his expression as his eyebrow raised.

"Again?!" she exclaimed, her grin returning and standing slowly, "See you are convincing.."

---- 20 Minutes later ----

After landing and letting Fedan go off and look for things not nailed down, Cirila found herself at the Operations deck of the station. It was a rather expansive deck, a main centre section raised on another level, with 4 other sections or pods, coming off the main. Finding the right corridor she headed down toward the Captain's office. Passing the unmanned console outside of the room, she pressed the door chime, hoping for an answer.

“Come in, Commander.” Indrala said. She didn’t look up from her screen as she gestured for the woman to take a chair.

Standiford stood from her smaller desk and spoke. “I believe I’ll take lunch now, Sir.” She said.

Cirila stood aside as the door opened, allowing easy passage past. Entering, she came to a semblance of attention, not as a slight on her superior, just the fact they had done this dance a few times now.

"Thank you for seeing me Captain," Cirila said, curtly.

“I think it’s time you and I got to know one another better, professionally speaking. Would you care to tell a little about your methods for meeting your goals when you lack the tools needed to do so?” Indrala asked directly.

Cirila furrowed her brow slightly, then smiled "Well uh, I would say they are not conventional Ma'am. I process my requests through requisitions, and when that doesn't work," Cirila paused, "Certain items of value can and potentially have been traded for other items of value, which in turn can be traded for required items to continue construction. As for the actual work part of it, many hands make light work. Even if those hands are tired from double shifts."

Lieutenant Commander Ylvor wasn't sure if her being vague would illicit an unfortunate response from the Captain. There wasn't anything illegal regarding her processes. They were not currently featured in any Starfleet manual that Cirila could recall, however they could have been in the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.

“I see” replied the Captain. She had known about the engineer’s dubious methods for some time. But frankly, Starfleet had been behaving as if a parts ration was currently in place. “Are you bending any other rules?”

"No Ma'am, every single piece we install is up to Starfleet code, redundancies in place, simulations run, load testing circuits," Cirila replied quickly, not liking her work questioned and became a tad too defensive. Question her methods sure, but not her work.

“I don’t care for your tone, Mr. Ylvor. I wasn’t criticizing you, rather attempting to reassure’ve been here quite some time. I think your work deserves recognition.” Indrala said.

Cirila's brow furrowed, at both her haste to respond with emotion and with slight confusion. Taking a subtle breath, she relaxed her shoulders, "Apologies ma'am."

Captain Xerix pulled a small box with a single pip from a drawer in her desk. “I’ll trade ya” she said kindly.

Tilting her head to the side slightly, "You are making me a Commander?"

Cirila slowly picked up the small box and inspected it. This promotion was unexpected, as far as she knew there was still more time-in-grade for her to get through before being considered for the full 3 pips.

“That’s right. And with that promotion you’ll have a bit more pull during...official..requisitions. But the rank also requires a bit more of you. I imagine you’re considering that as we speak.” Said the Betazoid.

"Ah heh yes ma'am, what else would you have me do?" Cirila said, unable to wipe a smile off her face.

Indrala was quiet for a moment before responding. “I want you to make the sort of choices I have to make. Putting the station’s needs before anything else. Do you understand what I’m getting at?” She said.

Cirila nodded in understanding, and realised an ominous tone in her Captain's voice.

"Is there something I should know Captain?" Cirila asked hoping not to be too forward.

“Nothing more than that, for now. Thank you, Commander.” Said the Captain.

Something didn't sit right with Cirila but she did not want to push things, "Was there anything else before I return to the Drydock ma'am?"

“That’s all. Dismissed, Commander.” Said Indrala.

Cirila turned to leave, hoping to find Fedan to tell him of the new shiny pip, as well as stop him from doing anything that would get a newly minted Commander in trouble.

Turning back, "Thank you Captain," she said genuinely. The doors swished shut behind Cirila.



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