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Posted on Fri Feb 5th, 2021 @ 1:53am by Commander Cirila Ylvor & Captain Indrala Xerix & Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Damiani & Lieutenant J'remar Menun & Lieutenant Dean Marks & Lieutenant Sukan & Lieutenant JG Alex Lockwood & Lieutenant JG Mai Lestra & Lieutenant Eklisa & Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett

Mission: Swarm
Location: Shuttlebay Beta-9, Deep Space Twelve

Captain Xerix blew a long breath out as she walked up to the shuttlebay, flanked by Helias and Standiford. Her dress uniform chaffed a bit around the collar and there was a knot in her stomach. She had never been afraid of the Admiralty. But then again, she had never been the officer in charge.

And Admiral Hanson, she had quietly learned, was something of a dictator. Those who worked around him rarely gushed about his personality. Looking over her own officers gathered to welcome him, she hoped he would at least be professional.

Alex Lockwood stood there in a crisp clean uniform watching and waiting for the admiral to come aboard, he wasn't sure what to expect when the VIP came aboard DS12, it had been too long since he'd been part of such a formal occasion, he wanted to get this over and done with as fast as possible to rid himself of the dress uniform.

J'remar stood perfectly still, his dress uniform as neat and up-to-standards as it could possibly be. His hands were clasped behind his back and his feet were set slightly apart. He'd heard of this Rear Admiral, Mitchell Hanson, and like the Captain, was slightly apprehensive about his arrival, but he didn't show any signs of that.

This was the first time Sukan had to attend an occasional as formal as this. Back on the T'Kumbra, he never had any ceremonial duties - the advantages of being an Ensign in Engineering. In preparation for the event, he had meditated for 3 hours beforehand - in order to remain focused and centered in the face of an... emotional admiral.

Marks entered the growing line formation; for once his jacket was neat and no creases from rolling up the sleeves; his collar was crisp but a little added fabric softener work in made it tolerable and shiny as it should be. Walking like a malfunctioning android to not make the uniform un-pressed was the call for the moment and after this he would be out of the jacket and uniform to make sure he did not get it dirty like every other uniform he owned.

Well, back to the gathering , he acknowledged engineer Ensign with a grin and nod before taking his place to wait.

Physically, Eklisa was standing there among everyone else with perfect posture, but mentally? She was calculating the odds of a stroke taking out Admiral Hanson before he boarded. It was comforting when compared to going through going through rumors she'd heard about him and reports she'd read the subtext in. Well, she could keep civil when talking to her third uncle, who hated her guts, so she could keep civil with a rude admiral.

Contrary to how her fellow crew mates felt, Aurelia was looking forward to meeting Rear Admiral Hanson. She knew a one on one was well out of her wheel house to ask for but a girl could dream. His record was impressive to say the least and she envied his subordinates for the knowledge he bestowed on them by leading them, even if that knowledge wasn't given in the most pleasant way possible. Men rarely intimated her, but her captain on the other hand... did. Her uniform was fine pressed, her hair neat, back straight as a pole and her hands claps within one another at the small of her back.

Elsewhere in the line, Alyssa was present. As the chief medical officer, it was expected (required) and so there she was. Dress uniform and all. She tried to not heed rumors so she would wait and learn for herself what this admiral was like but really, all she wanted was to be back in the infirmary doing what doctors were meant to do. This, to her, was just silliness.

The Runabout carrying the Admiral and his staff was top of the line, a Gryphon class, it's white hull gleaming and reflecting light. This was not the usual paint scheme for a ship of its class, this was glossy and had more elegant highlights.

It loomed over the assembled group, as if choosing a place to land, or pausing for dramatic effect. Touching down the ramp extended, and a figure in black and grey with touches of red accents sauntered down the ramp. Others followed close behind.

The Admiral was in mid-conversation with one of the Commanders in his staff, the Admiral was quite animated in his discussion. Turning to look at the assembled staff, he looked them each up and down. It was either his normal neutral expression or a sneer of disapproval crossed his face.

Slowing his pace he had a longer look at the assembled officers, his expression remaining the same. Walking to the Captain, he came to a stop with a click of his heels.

"Captain Zerick, I am Admiral Hanson, permission to come aboard?" He asked going through the motions.

Indrala didn’t need telepathy to know that the misnomer was intentional. However, she wasn’t going to allow herself to be drawn into a fight in front of her people. Instead, she paused. Her face was a mask of neutrality. She allowed the awkward silence a good long moment before finally speaking.

“Permission granted, Admiral.” Said the Captain. She didn’t bother to add the welcome aboard.

J'remar had nearly winced at the sound of the Admiral mispronouncing the Captain's name, and he could only guess that it was on purpose. He could tell this visit would be carried out under exceedingly strained cordiality.

A small fire started inside Aurelia upon hearing the Admiral blatantly disrespect her Captain. Her posture and expression remained blank, aside from the fierce daggers her green eyes now held.

"Well Captain, I suggest we start things off," Hanson said grinning, "I will need you to go to Yellow Alert, set up a docking rotation for the ships currently under my command, please start supplying them for a long duration assignment. Also the manifests of the Station, the supplies, materials, personnel and the ships currently here."

One of Hanson's attaches whispered something in his ear, "..Oh yes and the Majority of the Marine battalion assigned to the station. That should be all. We can discuss the details in your private dining room. However just bring your XO, we don't need all of your officers there, surely they have things to do," he said, derisively.

Eklisa glanced quickly to the next officer over, in disbelief. That an admiral would so directly disrespect the senior officers of a station under his jurisdiction was unthinkable.

Sukan was... confused by the admiral's happiness. Most humans he had met did not take pleasure in giving out strict orders, especially to those they had only just met. And yet, here was Admiral Hanson, with an ear-to-ear grin that would put a Denobulan to shame. Sukan glanced at Eklisa, and noted the expression on her face. She was probably confused as well.

J'remar was stiffening all over. This admiral obviously didn't care about simple courtesies. This treatment was uncalled for and disrespectful. He glanced over at the captain, to see what her reaction was.

Alex Lockwood was shocked at the behaviour of a Starfleet admiral, he was unmoved on the surface but deep down he disliked anyone who was a rude and crude as that poor example of a starfleet officer.

Indrala glanced at her second officer as she walked by and security chief and nodded, indicating he was to dismiss the welcoming party.

Admiral Hanson leaned in closer to Indrala, he was not oblivious to his behavior, but didn't seem to care, "There is a major threat to the Federation that I intend to make sure doesn't come to pass. This will also mean the use of every active asset you have, this will include your Falchion aswell. I hope you understand," He said, before straightening back up, "Well then, a meal would be perfect about now. Lead the way Captain."

Aurelia kept her eyes shifting from the admirals troupe to the stations personnel while covertly keeping her attention and ears on the admiral as they walked past. She picked up his sorry excuse of a whisperer and although she refrained from drawing conclusions on such little facts, felt the Admiral was a ‘show of force’ before meeting someone with reason type. She was eager to be dismissed so she could investigate this great threat to the federation and learn what information the Admiral wasn’t saying.

Taking a calming breath, J'remar turned to the gathered officers from DS12 and the Falchion. "Your orders have been given. Coordinate with the officers of the Sixth Fleet to transfer all available data, personnel, supplies, and anything else that might be required. Dismissed," he said, finishing rather more bluntly than he probably meant to. The Admiral had him on edge.

"Ensign Garrett, please remain," he added as the crew began to file out.

Aurelia turned to face the Lieutenant, still holding her stern posture. "Aye sir." She waited, keeping her eyes forward and listening to the crew shuffle out of the shuttlebay.

Alex exited the shuttlebay quickly and quietly he had taken an instant disliking to the Admiral, the way the admiral treated the Captain reminded him of someone he knew a long time ago, someone who was either long dead or still enslaved to the Hive Mind, a Vulcan who'd been just as crass crude and rude, he hoped the Admiral didn't meet such a horrible end.

As the crew filed out, leaving the bay mostly empty, the lighting strip across the bay switched to yellow and began to flash slowly. The remaining shuttle technicians looked confused as to why the station was at Yellow Alert and went to find their superiors. This was going to be the last normal day on Deep Space 12 for a while.



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