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Delta Heist, PT II

Posted on Fri Jan 29th, 2021 @ 1:48pm by Captain Indrala Xerix

Mission: Beneath the Raptor’s Wings
Location: Delta Hydrae


Dorvaela - Member of the Romulan Imperial Family

Areinnye - Admiral in the Star Navy and CO of the Dominus

Sienelis - Commanding officer at Delta Hydrae and designer of the Ra’nodaire class

Taeval - Dorvaela’s honor guard

Varuul - Chief of construction at Delta Hydrae

“Enough!” Dorvaela bellowed.

A few hours after the encounter with the half-Reman engineer, who was now locked in a storage room on the Dominus, Dorvaela sat on the bridge, waiting for Admiral Areinnye’s plan to manifest itself.

This was taking too long. They needed to be away into the void. To become a shadow. Instead, they were meandering around one of the busiest stations in Romulan territory.

The chirrup of an incoming communication pulled him from his thoughts. Admiral Areinnye, who was obviously on the bridge of a ship, addressed him.

“Your Excellency, we are readying to leave Delta-Hydrae. I’ll be taking command of the new ship, and the Dominus will follow us to the rendezvous point. You needn’t fret, the crew will handle everything” she said condescendingly.

His response was cut short by the power flickering on Areinnye’s ship, which Dorvaela suspected was the new Ra’nodaire. He heard the crew reporting to the Admiral even though he could no longer see them.

“Primary power relays have just failed, ma’am. The failsafe shunts are relaying the energy back into the AQS system.” Said the unknown officer.

The noble didn’t know everything about starships, despite most of his time on one. But he knew without primary power, the massive new ship was pretty much space debris.

As if on cue, two Norexan class warbirds de-cloaked in between the Dominus and the new ship. The power failure wasn’t an accident. This had been a setup.

“Shields up” Dorvaela yelled. The officer obliged him, probably more out of agreement than obedience. Taeval approached him.

“Sir, I think we should cloak and attempt to make an escape. Areinnye is obviously compromised.” Said the Sentinel.

After a moment, Dorvaela replied. “We cannot leave her, she’s the only one who knows the rendezvous location.” He said, realizing that she had probably made that decision to force everyone’s allegiances.

“We cannot fight two warbirds. And the Admiral’s ship is in no better a position. We either flee or surrender” said Taeval in frustration.

The warbirds hadn’t even hailed them yet, ignoring the Dominus until the Ra’nodaire was secured. Dorvaela thought about the next move. The Dominus was nearly unarmed, ponderously slow, and generally unsuitable for combat.

What they did have, however, was surprise. Mind made, Dorvaela would now see if the crew would accept him as their leader.

“Operations, use our tractor beams to push the warbirds into the station!” He said in what he hoped was an authoritive tone.

The engineering officer spoke up from behind him.

“That’s not his department, sir. And if the beam is used to push something, it’s called a repulsor beam.”

Dorvaela said nothing, embarrassed from his slip up and waiting to see if his orders would be carried out. After a long pause, the engineer spoke again.

“Readying the repulsor beam. Helm, hold our position with maneuvering thrusters. Three. Two. One.”

An invisible hand grabbed the two sleek warbirds, whose engines glowed and strained to be released.

Amid the multitude of noises, an incoming transmission was routed to the main viewer.

Sienelis. The traitor.

“Dorvaela, deactivate the beams and release us. You aren’t involved in this fight”’ she said.

He hadn’t been. Up until this moment, Dorvaela hadn’t been anything other than what others wanted him to be. But undoubtedly, if Areinnye was captured or destroyed, he would be also. His fate was now tied to hers.

“You will address me as Hru’hfirh Dorvaela. Power down your ship and await my orders.” He said. His voice sounded calm, showing none of the turbulence he felt.

Sienelis’ face slid into a condescending smirk. “You’ve chosen the wrong day to grow a spine, Excellency. Target the Dominus and open fire!” The short-haired woman yelled, ending the communication.

Dorvaela was nearly rocked out of his seat.

“Shields at eighty nine percent and holding” shouted the engineer.

“How long until we can push them into the station?” He asked after another volley.

“Four minutes. Shields now at seventy two percent.”

A cruel idea struck him. One fitting for Sienelis.

“Can we bash them against one another?”

“Already on it, sir.” Said the engineer.

Before Dorvaela could blink, the two Norexan warbirds careened into one another, fragile neck structures snapping and buckling in a satisfying manner.

Plumes of plasma coolant and clouds of debris intermingled and expanded, announcing the destruction of the two vessels.

“Search for survivors. I don’t care where we have to lock them. Get them onboard.” Dorvaela said.

Nearly a half hour later, they had rescued around two hundred and medical personnel were seeing to injuries.


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