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In The Spirit of Cooperation

Posted on Sat Jan 30th, 2021 @ 11:08pm by Lieutenant Eklisa

Mission: Swarm
Location: General Lab 1
Timeline: Immediately after Brasshole

Once dismissed from the greeting of Admiral Hanson, Eklisa hurried to General Lab 1, whose storeroom housed many of the scientific supplies that weren’t housed in Cargo Bay 4, and most of the records of what supplies were available in that cargo bay. Her office was nearby, where she could review what experiments were going on aboard and the minimum of safety equipment required.

She opened a station and sent out the order that all current experiments were hereby suspended indefinitely, and all extraneous supplies were to be repackaged and prepared for transport. Then she hopped into the storeroom and sighed. Sometimes she worried she was too lax in maintaining a bit of order in the store room in favor of convenience. A human ensign, Calloway, was already there sorting through the mess.

“Viradi, we need your assistance.” She called when she heard someone enter the room.

“I am not Viradi.” A calm voice approached the storeroom, “Though I am sure your assistant chief will be along shortly.”

Eklisa whirled on the stranger. A commander, science, vulcan, probably working under the admiral. He was taller than her- not unusual- and he maintained a perfectly neutral expression, posture, tone- also not unusual for a vulcan.

“Lieutenant Commander-?”

“Lieutenant Commander Sakor.”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to give me a few minutes to prepare our supplies for distribution, commander.”

“I am not here to rush you, I am here to assist you. The records are available on this console, are they not?” He gestured to one of the science stations near the storeroom.

“They are.” Eklisa got back to work, putting some power packs into their case, “I assume you need to allocate the supplies by vessel?”

“That is correct”

The door wooshed and Viradi entered, “Lieutenant?”

“Come help me with these Nanoprobe Vials, Ensign, nice of you to join us.”

After a moment “I assume it would be prudent to apologize for Admiral Hanson’s behavior upon his arrival.”

Viradi and Calloway glanced at each other, then back to their tasks, wide-eyed.

“You do not need to apologize to me for the behavior of a superior officer, commander.” Eklisa nodded to Calloway as she showed a case of isolinear chips ready to be removed.

“I am well aware.” Sakor’s hands flew over the keys of the station, “I have been asked to apologize for his behavior multiple times in the past.”

“How long have you worked with Admiral Hanson?” Falling into a routine of sorting and climbing around two people in the small space, Eklisa wanted to get to know who she’d be working with for a while.

“Nine years, ten months, and sixteen days.”

“You’ll have to tell me about it when we have the time. Was he always so…” She fought for a diplomatic way to say ‘asshole’, glancing to Viradi for ideas.

“Graceless? Yes.” Sakor’s blank face held just a hint of amusement, “I once believed humans could talk their way out of anything. Admiral Hanson proves they can talk their way into as much trouble as they get out of.”

Eklisa laughed, but gently patted the back of Ensign Calloway to make sure she was comfortable with Lieutenant Commander Sakor’s comment on humans. Calloway looked more amused than insulted, so she hoped that was a good sign. She’d have to talk to Calloway later.

They lapsed into silence broken only by small comments as they packed up the storeroom, the comfort of a simple categorization task overwhelming the previous discomfort. Scientists always excelled at cooperation, even behind the backs of contentious politicians, and it seemed today would be no different.


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