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Fixer Upper

Posted on Mon Feb 15th, 2021 @ 4:58am by Captain Indrala Xerix & Commander Cirila Ylvor & Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Damiani & Lieutenant J'remar Menun & Lieutenant Sukan & Lieutenant JG Alex Lockwood & Lieutenant JG Mai Lestra & Lieutenant Eklisa

Mission: Swarm
Location: Drydock viewing area, DS12
Timeline: Four days after the Admiral's Visit

Captain Xerix stood in the expansive viewing area that looked into Deep Space Twelve’s inner dry dock area, which was remarkably empty today. The same could be said of nearly the entire facility. Admiral Hansen and his fleet had taken just about everything except the station’s bulkheads. Twelve now stood woefully understaffed and undersupplied, and would be playing catch up for the better part of a year at current estimates.

Hansen had also taken her first officer, and the Falchion. Indrala Xerix had been in command of ship for less than six months before it had been essentially stolen from her, and after several meetings with Starfleet HQ, it seemed there was no recourse.

So now she spoke to her gathered crew, berth four in view behind her with a dilapidated Excelsior-class being cradled by the slip’s invisible force fields.

“Good morning. As you know, the reassignment of the USS Falchion has left the station without a garrison ship. Combined with our lack of resources, this leaves us unable to fulfill our assigned duties. I have spoken to more top-ranking Starfleet officers in the last few days than ever before in my career. They assure me that no help is coming from home.” She said, anger evident in her voice.

“And so, I have decided to suspend all operations of Deep Space Twelve effective immediately, save those that focus on rebuilding and replacing what the fleet has taken from us.” She continued. She left out the part where she had very nearly resigned her commission.

“The jalopy you see behind me is the USS Royal Oak, NCC two thousand thirteen. An excelsior vessel that was outdated before most of us were born. However, as you all know the Excelsior is one of the most dependable and solid platforms within Starfleet, and out of the almost nine hundred produced, a full one hundred are still in service within the fleet today.”

“We are going to give the Royal Oak a new life. Strip her down to her very space frame, and refit her with the latest technology we can. Every department will be expected to devote all of their attention to bringing this ship up to standards. We might be struggling for resources, but we will acquire everything we need, even if I have to commandeer it myself” she said wryly.

“Before we go into specifics, does anyone have any questions?” She asked.

Alex studied the Excelsior class starship, how he'd wanted to be assigned to one of them as an Ensign so long ago, but he got assigned to something else, refitting one would not be simple, nor would it be quick, but with a lot of time and effort the job would be done.

Sukan glanced at the starship, sitting in drydock. "Captain, how many prior refits has the USS Royal Oak undergone?" Sukan knew just how patchwork-ey some refits could be, having seen his last ship go through something similar - and that had only been 40 years old.

“Nearly a dozen. You’ll note the flared-out secondary hull and quad impulse thrusters, indicating that this vessel received the Enterprise-B refit at some point. Her last refit was quite extensive, but that was back in 2381, and mostly a patch job. We have our work cut out for us.” Indrala replied

J'remar looked the ship up and down from where it reposed in all it's antiquity. The security and tactical systems would of course have to be completely overhauled for maximum effectiveness, but given the recent depletion of DS12's supplies, he and his team had their hands full.

"Captain, could we not have requisitioned something more....modern?" He asked carefully. He assumed the recent visit by Admiral Hanson and subsequent emptying of anything in DS12 that could be of value had left her drained.

Indrala made a show of looking around the internal drydock’s empty berths. Her normally professional attitude slipping a bit. “Why yes, Mister Menun...take your pick of the available vessels.” She said.

Eklisa couldn't hold back a snort of laughter. She hadn't been paying full attention, carefully scrolling through all the available information on the history of the Royal Oak, but the captain's deadpan delivery was the funniest thing she'd heard that day. After regaining her composure she shook her head, "Pardon me."

"Starfleet Command could have left us with a compliment of shuttles and runabouts. A starship, even an Excelsior-class, is still a major asset" Sukan commented, being as optimistic as a Vulcan can get.

Alyssa Damiani was, for lack of a better term, sulking. Outwardly, she looked stoic and professional. Inwardly... They took my mass spectrometer! Of course, she wasn't sure why that piece of equipment's theft was the most offensive, but there it was.

"It's a ship. If it flies, it's better than nothing," she said, forgetting--uncharacteristically--to move her lips with the words produced by the vocal device implanted in her throat.

Alex looked at the schematics of the vessel, pondering just how difficult putting it back together would be given how bad the situation out here was, someone at Starfleet disliked this outpost and everyone that is assigned to it for reason(s) unknown.

Indrala needed to regain the focus of the room. “If I may remind everyone, Deep Space Twelve is a border station. We are the first place an enemy in this region will strike, especially if word leaks that we are unprepared. Additionally, the Ferengi vessel that attacked us unprovoked will obviously not hesitate to destroy us if given an opportunity. In the eyes of the galaxy, we are the Federation’s military. So we had better be prepared to fight like one.” She said soberly.

Menun was internally pessimistic about their chances to defend pretty much anything with such an old ship, refitted systems or no, but he put on a resolute face and responded to Captain Xerix's serious comment.

"We will fight until the end of the line Captain, if worst comes to worst. I'm certain every officer here will go to any length to defend the Federation."

Commander Ylvor had remained stoic in the background, quiet until she thought something she could say would be useful, "There are still some areas that have not been ransacked to the same extent as the rest, for example we have some components that can be reclaimed from the Akira class vessel currently at the drydock facilities. Given some deficiencies in Starfleet material quality her space frame is not suitable for use. I wish that wasn't the case as that Akira was closer to being ready than the 'Oak is."

Eklisa worried, reading through the schematics on the sensor arrays. As interesting as the Maelstrom was she wanted to be sure they could tell what they were flying around if they needed to go into it. Aside from that she knew the theories behind what Ylvor was talking about and knew exactly which duranium-cortenide alloy had been dropped from frame construction standards. Flying an Akira-class vessel wouldn’t be advisable in normal space, much less the unpredictable mess that was the Mealstrom. She scrolled quickly on her pad, checking the refit logs and damage reports. The Oak was going to take a lot of man hours to fix up and it was one problem she couldn’t think her way out of. Eklisa was just glad she was certain everyone would be pitching in on it. Without thinking, she bit her thumbnail. “Did they take our class 2 probes? The Oak has a launcher we can use for class twos and we don’t need that many on the station itself- though I wouldn’t leave ds12 without a single probe we can operate with reduced capacity on the station more easily than a ship.”

“I’ll have an inventory report ready for all departments within the hour. I need you to break up into your respective divisions and get to work. I have cancelled all non-essential work on the station and minimized crew requirements, so you’ll have our admittedly meager resources at your disposal. Let’s get to work, people.” Xerix said with finality. The Betazoid herself would be strapped to her desk. An entire station with a skeleton crew meant she would have next-to-no time for anything but administration.



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