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Empty Shell

Posted on Tue Mar 2nd, 2021 @ 1:18pm by Commander Cirila Ylvor & Captain Indrala Xerix

Mission: Swarm
Location: TBD
Timeline: After 'Brasshole'

The screen flicked on to reveal Cirila sitting hastily down into the chair behind her desk in her quarters. Wearing sporting attire and glistening with sweat, Cirila seemed out of breath. In the background a padded mat lay on the ground.

"How can I help you ma'am?" she asked, dabbing her forehead with a towel. Cirila had been expecting a call as the Fleet had departed. Having had many a requisition order from their staff and ships asking for spare parts, and whether the Akira class ship could be rushed into service before the fleet left. She had sent them into a flurry, asking for requisition orders to be sent through proper channels, stalling, sending them to the wrong people etc. Any trick she could to make sure that they couldn't get what they wanted, without letting them know that was her intention. She figured there may be a list of complaints waiting for her from Captain Xerix.

Indrala frowned a moment. “Seems I’ve interrupted your perspiration.” She said, shifting a bit in her seat. The formerly bleak-white walls of her apartment could be seen behind her, now dressed in delicate chinoiserie patterned paper.

“I need to speak with you face to face....perhaps after you’ve had some time to groom.” She said dryly.

Cirila became self conscious, looking down at her outfit, "I will put on a fresh uniform and see you in 20, Captain," she said, waiting for the Captain to end the call. It was of course rude to hang up on your superior officer, thankfully the screen clicked off.

--- 20 Minutes Later, Indrala's Apartment ---

Cirila stood with her hands behind her back after pressing the door chime to Indrala's apartment. After finding the location, was interested to see that it was in the Civilian Section of the Starbase. Captain's prerogative to choose where was best for them, plus she had seen the Captain's ready room, including the small ward room tucked off to the side. Perhaps it didn't matter that her quarters were further away from the Operations level.

Indrala answered the door in person, rather than barking across the room in the military fashion. Her opportunities to behave like a civilian were few and far between, so she tried to take full advantage of them. Today was one of them, despite her needing to use it for a decision she had been mulling for some time.

“Come in, Commander. I just set a pot of Jestral tea out on the balcony.” Said the Betazoid, walking away from the door and through the apartment’s small foyer towards large French doors that looked out into the arboretum.

"Sounds wonderful," she said following Indrala, "Wonderful place you have here, I'd have never thought the Civilian quarters would be this inviting."

Indrala nodded as she poured each of them a cup of tea. The arboretum was in its early spring season, with most of the trees just beginning to grow leaves. “The Trojan class station is entirely too large, and Starfleet is building smaller, more manageable designs. But size does have some perks.” She replied

Cirila needed to make more time to come to the station and enjoy the arboretum, she closed her eyes, a breeze flowing over her face. She was reminded of a far off planet, a memory from a previous host. It was a pleasant memory.

"You wanted to see me Captain?" Cirila said, sliding into a comfortable seated position. The stress of the past few days had been incredible, but now that things had settled down she was noticing the little things again. She had a sip of the tea.

“Yes. Blake Ellis has been...reassigned. Apparently he’s now Admiral Hansen’s chief bootlicker.” She said, realizing she had been a bit more candid than she had intended.

"Wow the Admiral was extremely efficient at stripping everything he could get his hands on," Cirila said enjoying the tea. She was lucky that the Drydock was spared a personnel decrease, she was already working with limited staff.

“Ellis’ vacancy leaves the second chair open. I’m not much for looking outside the family when it comes to promotions...However you and I haven’t always worked in harmony.” Indrala stated plainly.

Cirila's shoulders dropped slightly at the last comment, knowing full well of what the Captain meant. Things had however changed in Cirila's mind, since getting a third solid pip, as well as suffering through the ransacking by Hansen, there was a sense that DS12 was home. Not just an assignment or a step in her career path. Cirila was ready to accept what the Captain had subtly suggested, and work toward a better working arrangement between the two. Having seen a bit more behind the scenes of her CO, it shouldn't be a problem, she was a strong elegant woman with refined tastes, and Cirila would be interested to know more about the woman, and the Captain.

"No Indrala we haven't," Cirila risked using her Captain's first name, but in this relaxed setting it could be worth it, "But I am willing to work on that."

The Betazoid nodded imperceptibly, relishing the cool breeze for a moment. “Tell me about the Ylvor symbiont?” She inquired.

Cirila's head tilted to the side in surprise at the question, thinking how best to answer, "It enjoys long crawls on the beach," Cirila joked.

Indrala chuckled, realizing she had sort of walked into that one.

"If you are referring to my previous hosts, I have had 6 previous, and I am the 7th. I was on the Honduras when the symbiote and it's host at the time, were brought on board. I had been in training for taking a host, almost nearing the end of my studies. The Symbiosis commission had already paired me with a Field Docent, who approved the joining."

“As a telepath, I find the idea of a joined consciousness quite intriguing. Especially the joining.” Said Xerix.

"I am aware of your species ability to read minds, if you would like to read me when I recall the memory," Cirila said, taking some deep breaths.

“Very well...but just so you know, I can only see thoughts from the host’s mind. Betazoids can’t read much of anything from symbionts.” Replied Indrala.

"It is the most strange feeling I have experienced in my life, its simultaneously like being immersed in cool water and warm sand, both at the same time," Cirila remarked, her eyes distant and not focusing on anything in particular, she felt the hairs on her arm stand on end and felt a shiver run over her from the memory, "A less romantic way of explaining it, is having 7 additional memory banks installed, but you don't quite understand the programming language," she laughed. She took another sip of her tea, now closing herself off from the memories. She had learnt that delving too deep into the past exhausts her.

The Betazoid’s eyelids flittered for a moment before she regained her composure. “That was quite...unusual. Betazoid telepathy is conversational. A brief exchange of information. It seems that the connection between Trill symbiont and host is more interdependent. No other wonder the commission screens candidates. The relationship between the two could easily turn harmful for one or both.” She said.

"Oh indeed, there was significant training involved, and warnings that you can lose yourself to the previous hosts, it does need to be equal. I thought that all of my tastes would change, my career, reactions to friends. But it wasn't the case, It was like becoming instantly wiser, more intuitive, it took everything to another level," Cirila said, realizing she could almost write a book on the subject, instead seeing that she was talking too much.

"Do you find that your abilities as a Betazoid affect your ability to lead?" Cirila asked, turning the conversation away from herself.

“I don’t have much else to compare it to, frankly. It’s a bit frustrating when someone lies, but I try my best to never use my abilities to hurt an officer’s career. The assumption is already that I’m a clairvoyant know it all. No need to increase those suspicions.” Indrala said frankly.

"Very wise to have an ability and know when and if to use it," Cirila said, "I am presuming you are able to read me at this point. I mean no disrespect."

Indrala poured herself another cup of tea before responding. “Somewhat. But the reason I’ve asked you here is to offer you the position of Executive Officer of Deep Space Twelve.” She said frankly.

Cirila smiled, "Thank you Ma'am, I accept the position. I feel I look better in red anyway."


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