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Bridge the Gap

Posted on Mon Mar 15th, 2021 @ 3:02pm by Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett & Lieutenant Sukan & Ensign V'la Azearek

Mission: Swarm
Location: Deck 1, USS Royal Oak
Timeline: 239902.18

Sukan's journey to the bridge had not been pleasant. Just after he stepped off the transporter pad, an engineer had to pry open the transporter room doors - apparently someone had accidentally cut an ODN relay, and knocked out door control for the entire deck.

As he walked along the corridors, he noticed open panels, as engineering teams pulled out decades of hotfixes, patch jobs and crossed circuits. Duotronic relays were linked into isolinear processors, which fed ODN connections. The fact that anything worked to begin with was shocking.

The turbolifts worked surprisingly well - until the doors opened on Deck 1, getting stuck halfway open.
The bridge itself was a mess - pieces of equipment lay scattered, as various personnel went through and upgrading the systems. The viewscreen had been disconnected, and taken back to the station, leaving the far wall unnervingly empty.

V'la heard- and felt- him approach, and crawled out from under her conole to assist him with the doors, calmly pulling one side the rest of the way open before he could open them himself. Her hair was more of a mess than it usually was, but she'd long given up on keeping it as neat and tidy as most vulcans did.

"Welcome to the bridge, Lieutenant." Her eyes didn't move as she scanned his emotional state, "What do you think of the Royal Oak so far?"

Sukan paused, attempting to find a diplomatic way of phrasing what he was thinking: That the only thing worth salvaging is the bulkheads.
"It requires a lot of work", he spoke, before taking a closer look at the ensign. Her pointed ears and dark eyes made Sukan slightly nervous - a half-Betazoid, half-Vulcan could most likely read him like a book, better than most telepaths.
"I believe we have not met. I am Lieutenant Sukan, Chief Flight Control Officer."

She felt anxiety roll off of him like dust clouds in a storm and she slightly nodded before she stepped back. "I'm Ensign V'la, Assistanct Chief Communications Officer. Let me know if there is anything I can assist you with." With that, she crawled back under the comms console to work on the relays. Most engineers were busy and she knew enough about the new audio output device to set it up.

Aurelia squeezed through the half ajar turbo lift door and released a 'you've got to be joking me' giggle. It took her a minute to notice anyone else was present, her mouth open gawking around the bridge in disbelief. "This has got to be a joke..." she said mostly to herself. It felt like walking through a junkyard salvaging what parts they could. Except those parts were already gone.

Sukan turned his attention to the new arrival "I am afraid that this is no joke. You should watch your step - sections of floor panel appear to be missing."

V'la poked her head out from under the panel. This situation led to so many emotions that felt like wet sand. "Were this in jest, I would still not be amused. It is too dangerous to be suitable. I'm afraid the bridge needs more work than some other areas in regards to the flooring."

Aurelia immediately looked down, not that she doubted the others but looked at this to, with disbelief. Shaking her head she made her way to what she assumed was the security/tactical station. Half the label was smashed in, splintering in a thousand pieces. She rotated the chair to have a seat and have a better look at the console but quickly noticed that the cushion for the chair was missing. She wasn’t sure why she found this situation humorous, she was positive she would feel the polar opposite in a few days.

“And to think I found the Falchion being incomplete a nuisance....” she muttered. She placed her hands on her hips and turned to address the others.

“Oh right, sorry, Ensign Garrett.” She gave them both a smile.

"Ensign V'la." She leaned back to continue her work once the pleasantries were out of the way. Humor and frustration were common bedfellows now, but that would sour over the next few days. Most emotional beings grew fatigued of the dichotomy and left amusement for anger, righteous or contrived. Garrett's frustration already left a bad taste in her mouth, her anger would likely be worse.

"Lieutenant Sukan", the Vulcan said, before turning back to the helm - or at least, the spot where the helm would have been had it not been ripped out and propped up against the wall. Sukan had hoped to familiarise himself with the ship controls - looks like he'd need to take a trip to the holodeck for that.

"Pleasure to meet you both!" Aurelia said with a bit more pep then she expected. Her attention back on the consul in front of her she added, "I have to admit my engineering skills are... lacking to say the least. So if we happen to find ourselves locked on the bridge its quite possibly my fault." She wasn't sure how the others would react to her humor but chuckled anyway before pulling out the chair and kneeling before the open panel of unconnected wires underneath the security station.

"We will be rescued if that becomes the case." the Betazoid-Vulcan hybrid spoke clearly, but it was still muffled by her position under the comms console, "But I doubt you could blunder so far as to lock us in."

Aurelias giggle was lost in the exposed innards of her station. “Your faith is most flattering V’la!”

“To call it faith is an egregious overstatement. It is improbable that you could get those doors to close intentionally, much less by accident, and even less so to lock them. They aren’t currently being powered by anything.” Her fluffy head bobbed out of the space she had folded herself into, “I do not expect you to accidentally reconnect them from a station too far from the doors to have any of the necessary wiring. You’re welcome to prove me wrong of course. Having the doors powered is a benefit, even at the cost of us being trapped in a place we are working in and safe to remain in for a few hours.”

Sukan, who had been tinkering with wires near the former helm station, poked his head up. "Your logic relies on the assumption that the designers of this ship, as well as those responsible for subsequent refits, performed their duties in a logical way. I do not share that assumption. it is not only plausible, it is highly probable that the bridge lockdown mechanism shares a circuit with one of the systems that is currently being worked on." He then pulled a tangle mess of optical cables. "I have identified at least 11 bridge functions that have been routed through this... " he then glanced at the bundle, attempting to find a logical-sounding word for it. None came to mind. "thing."

"That is..." V'la sought a logical description for her opinion on the matter, but found herself in a similar boat to Sukan, "Dissapointing. Please be as careful as you can, Garrett, but it would not be your fault if you do lock us in. I do still believe it would be beneficial to get the doors powered, regardless of our captivity."

Aurelia held in her laughter to the best of her ability. Biting her lip while still half submerged in the panel under the station. These unfortunate Vulcans got stuck with likely the most illogical member of DS12. Things didn’t happen to Aurelia, Aurelia happened to... things.
Wiggling back out of the panel she replied, “I shall be as cautious as I am able. ” She took one glance at the bundle Sukan hell up, ”Well if that’s not the most chaotic cluster I’ve seen so far. Looks like you struck gold Lieutenant.” She joked knowing full well the Vulcan say little to no humor in the situation.

"It would be more appropriate to say that I have 'struck' optical mono-crystal microfibers. The gold content of these conduits is minimal, as gold is only used for insulating the couplings." A textbook Vulcan response, if ever there was one.

"I believe Aurelia was employing a human metaphor- 'gold' in this instance being something particularly significant, valuable, or rare." V'la's muffled voice carried the slightest hint of amusement- the whole sentance a pitch higher than her calm voice- but retained the emotionles intonation.

Aurelia never thought she would find the discussion of earth dialect between two Vulcans... comical. She wondered how long she could keep them going, it wasn’t unlike her to have a sarcastic comment for any situation. Chuckling, Aurelia opened the tool kit she had brought with her, pulled out a hyperspanner and ducked back into the open panel. Focusing on not frying a circuit, which may be harder to accomplish anyway given there looked to be no power to the unit she worked on at all, she hummed a tune. “Lieutenant Sukan!?” She shouted while still submerged. “Do we know the last time this bird flew?”

"I'm not sure what you are refering to. There are no birds aboa- " Sukan realised what was happening as he said the words. "Assuming that you are referring to the last time that the Royal Oak was in self-propelled flight, that would be stardate 239809.14, at exactly 14:05, when it was relocated to Qualor II Surplus Depot Z15, and the warp core was extracted." Sukan paused for a moment. "If you wish to create confusion, you will need to do better than that."

"You were attempting to sew confusion?" V'la sat up, climbing out from under her console. "That is amusing to an extent." She didn't appreciate being the 'butt' of a joke, but she'd really rather everyone stay cool. She grabbed a new component and slipped back under the console.

"I... was just speaking in metaphor, but was genuinely curious. I should have studied the specks on this ship with more care." Silently she accepted the unspoken challenge Sukan had unintentionally given her with a smile. She continued on for a while quietly working on her station, detangling, pulling out dead ends.

Sukan stood up, and made his way to the turbolift doors, and said "I will be in astrometrics" before departing the bridge.

Aurelia felt a ping of regret, she hoped she hadn't been the reason Sukan left so soon. She continued to work for a few moments but the silence was driving her mad. From still under the counter surrounded by wires and the tools she had brought, "So....V'la was it? How are you enjoying the station?" She hoped the small talk wouldn't be too much of a distraction, it was a much better idea then singing.

"The station is adequate. It appears to be understaffed and understocked at the moment." V'la had never understood why people needed to fill silences. Her father had been the same way when they were kids. "It is currently very stressed. I'm sure it isn't always so stressed, but I must admit I can't wait for it to calm down so I can see its true character. I hope it is pleasant. No one has been unwelcoming."

"The whole station is... dealing with alot of emotions right now, but yes stressed is definitely the overlying feeling. It'll get better, I know that once we've made headway on the repairs of this ancient beauty things will feel less, tense." She paused to smile, a pleasant memory of laughter filled her mind, walking the promenade, returning smiles and waves to store owners as well as other station occupants during one of her many security strolls. "If you don't mind me asking, where was your last post?"

"I was posted aboard the Montegue, a Freedom-class starship. We rarely left federation space." V'la quietly reveled in the joy and familiarity she felt from Garrett. She couldn't read her mind, not really, not like her father could from across the room. "It's less of a tension and more of a fatigue. Stress can be a lot of things. Right now, it's like the crew has been used up, as empty as the cargo bays." She silently chastized herself for poetic phrasing, she of all people knew how inefficient that was for communication.

Hearing someone describe the station in such a way saddened Garrett, but just briefly, beyond the feeling of being left bare she felt a new found surge of determination to see that the station, the ship, and the crew were restored to their former status. Before that conniving Admiral paid them a visit. "For what its worth, and in case no one has expressed it, thank you. For being here and helping." She took a survey of the parts she needed to look into replicating and typed the list quickly into her PaDD then stood. "I'm going to go look into finding some parts, don't work too hard V'la" She ended with a smile.

V'la waved just slightly from under the console. Maybe some of Aurelia's determination had rubbed off of her, or maybe she'd always had it, but V'la felt more productive. She wanted to see the ship in full working order. She wanted to see the station when everyone wasn't so exhausted. There wasn't exactly much she could do to make that happen, but whatever she could, she would.


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