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Who watches the watcher

Posted on Thu Feb 18th, 2021 @ 5:51am by Captain Indrala Xerix

Mission: Swarm
Location: Indrala’s apartment, DS12

Indrala stood in the middle of her closet, scanning racks of gowns and suits her father designed and then insisted she replicate and hang up. “They aren’t any use as a digital image. And you’ll find an excuse to wear them” he chided her when she complained.

She was clad in a robe, with an enormous towel wrapped around her head. This evening was the reception for the Nogura crew, and she was looking forward to an evening not spent riding her desk into oblivion.

She was roused from her perusal by the presence of Helias in her apartment. His mind had been a fog of scattered images lately, meant to keep her from discerning his true thoughts. She didn’t have the energy to explain to him that he needn’t bother. Starfleet communications had revealed what he was contriving to hide.

“I’m getting dressed, Helias. I’m running a bit behind.” She said from the closet.

“We need to talk.” The Deltan said in a serious tone.

“You’ll have to speak while I get ready. But I’m all ears, as they say” she joked. Did she know what he was going to say? Of course. Did that mean she had to make it easy for him? Absolutely not.

She selected a gown and slipped it on before walking into the bathroom and finishing her hair.

“I’ve been asked to take an assignment elsewhere…” he began.

“Oh really? Do tell, Chief.” She replied, twisting her now long hair into an elaborate coiffure

“I can’t say who, but he’s a former president.” Helias said. She could feel his anxiety rising.

She had finally heard enough. Helias saw the bathroom door open to reveal the, to reveal Indrala Xerix, Daughter of the Third House.

She was dressed in a Prussian blue ball gown with one shoulder and sleeve, and a slit that went nearly the entire way up her leg. Her hair was more blonde now, and pinned up with blue sapphires.

She looked every bit the matriarch tonight. And he didn’t have to be telepathic to know he had slipped up.

“The former President you’re going to be guarding is Jaresh-Inyo, the assignment is on Vaca-III, at his ancestral home, where you will be watching over his lovely wife Kelsan and their three children, including Breelan, whom Jaresh-Inyo named me Sentinel over as thanks for campaigning for him on Betazed during his first bid for presidency!”

She slipped her heels on as she spoke, bracing herself on the bathroom counter.

“And you were not asked, as most bodyguards for former presidents are. Rather, you asked the head of Starfleet Security to transfer you. You even reminded him that he owed you for saving his life.”

Helias made to speak, but Indrala’s glare silenced him. She pinned her mother’s Toyer medallion on the breast of her gown. It was awarded to her posthumously for her actions during the occupation of Betazed.

“You are a strong and brave man, Helias. Lying is beneath you. And I deserved more than a lie to explain why you no longer wish to remain here with me. At some point, you’ll need to take ownership of your life and stop being afraid of happiness. When you do, I wish you the best.” She said

“In the meantime, I’m late and you’re disappointing. Goodbye, Chief” she said, exiting her apartment without waiting for him to leave.


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