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Check Listing

Posted on Tue Feb 23rd, 2021 @ 1:34am by Lieutenant Eklisa & Lieutenant Sukan & Lieutenant Chase Thatch & Ensign Viradi

Mission: Swarm
Location: Lab 1

Eklisa had her work cut out for her as she watched an engineer tear the outdated equipment out of the walls. She worked on her PADD to create the model for the sensor palate she wanted- just a little better than acceptable by standards, she wasn't greedy- and projected it to the one functioning screen in the lab for Viradi to see and comment on. Some of the equipment left in here was actually older than she was.

"I'd like to see what we can do with the spectral analyzer we ripped out of that probe, but since we only have one it'll have to go on the primary sensor array, this one," she pulled up the proper diagram, "-and I'm concerned it will interfere with the subspace scanners. What do you think?"

Viradi looked up from the work he was helping with on a molecular scanner for the transporter pads. “Couldn't we program the computer to compensate for the variances?” He asked, genuinely not knowing if that would work.

"The program would have to run constantly and may cause a 0.000017 milisecond delay in results from the subspace scanners. That might be acceptable in exchange for the spectral analysis we'd get." Eklisa smiled from where she leaned on the bulkhead. "Are you worried we won't be able to convert the labs into functional spaces? I think we might have to operate at reduced capacity for a few months. We can probably get a lab for each section, but some sections might have to wait for an alternate." She was just hinking out loud as she worked, needing some secondary train of thought as she worked to arrange the sensors.

Thatch wiped the sweat from his brow, slightly overhearing their conversation but being as he was just passing through he didn't know much of what they were talking about. He crouched down and began working on some wires within the wall as one of his anti grab drones sit next to him on the ground. He looked to be working extremely hard judging from the sheer amount of multitasking.

Sukan entered the lab, being careful not to disturb anyone. He had expected the lab to look like the rest of the ship - and it was. Cables strewn everywhere, broken or missing screens. Sukan moved swiftly over to the Astrometrics section of the lab. Just as suspected, the holographic emitter was one of many components that had been taken by the previous owners of the ship. Sukan lifted one of the panels next to the screens, and started to work on it - if he could get at least one screen working, that would be a start.

"What do you think about the primary sensor array I've got there, CFOh-Oh?" Eklisa gestured to the screen she'd gotten working earlier.

Sukan turned around to look. "Impressive. I am surprised that the sensor array is still functioning. Once I have this display operational, I would appreciate access to sensor readings."

"Oh, I'm sorry to dissapoint, but this is just my proposed sensor array. It isn't functional yet. That- well. That display isn't going to be functional for a long time, either." Eklisa scanned Sukan calmly grinning, "If you need access to a terminal, try the next one to your left, Thatch here hasn't ripped any of xenogelogy out yet."

Thatch smiled sheepishly. "Sorry, I'm working to replace all this old tech as fast as I can. That's why they sent me after all." He said with a hint of exhaustion. He had made fast work around the ship already, but he still was feeling like he had something to prove. He smiled over his shoulder before going back to work. "I'm just trying to meet my new crew and show what I can do is all."

“I meant no criticism, dear, you’re doing the best you can and I’m thankful they could lend you to us for the lab’s refit- not many of our science staff are of the mechanical inclination you know. I simply wanted to point Sukan to where he can get some of his work done while we do ours. Please let me know if you need a break.” She swayed a little as she stepped closer to the xenogeology console, “I can refit this one myself later so we can keep it operational all the way up until other stations are ready- it’s just a display really- xenogeology is half sensor readings and half mathematical theory, but the terminal does connect to the ship computer- what can be said to be connected.”

He blushed a little at the 'dear' part. Since he had become an officer no one really spoke to him like that. He nodded and went back to working in the electrical panel, a spark shocking his hand as he yanked away and flicked his hand around a little. " least we know the power is starting to flow again properly." He joked as he rubbed the back of his neck with a grin, feeling a bit embarrassed that he got so distracted over something so small as he began working once again.

Eklisa nodded, smiling again. She internally chastised herself for unprofessional familiarity with a subordinate who wasn’t even in her division and who she didn’t have time to apologize to until much later. One of these days she was going to get better at policing herself or give up and decide everyone else could deal with one more cultural habit of hers but today she had more to worry about. “We can consolidate what does work into this lab and one per section at most, until it is practical to worry about more. Any science staff able to do so will have to be diverted to constructing the sensor palates and assisting the engineers. Sukan do you think you’ll need a full astrometric lab ready? I’m thinking of putting it behind the sensor arrays in priority but if you think it can be lower chime in.”

"Astrometrics can be considered low priority. The only thing I need to do is to get information from the navigational sensors. That will allow me to create a holodeck simulation of the helm." Sukan had been working on the xenogeology terminal, and tried to activate it - but nothing happened. After pausing for a moment, he hit the panel, and the worn-out display came to life, defaulting to a render of rock formations on some distant planet.

"Alright, nav sensors are heding higher on our list and astrometrics lower. That helps a lot." Eklisa tapped away at her PADD, "We've got some of the navigational sensors online, but we can get the others working for you soon. I'll work on it myself."

Sukan nodded. "Thank you, Lieutenant."

"Don't thank me yet, the work still needs doing. Are there any navigational sensors you rely on more than others? I'd hate to have one of your favored sensors go down first."

"The long range sensors are the most important, followed by the warp field scanning array, then the passive high-resolution series, then the multiphasic scan, then the subspace differential pulse, then the inverse tachyon pulse, then the geological scan, then the-" Sukan cut himself off as he realised he was going into far more detail than needed. "Just the long range sensors and the warp field scanning array."

"I'll get those online in the order you have them listed." She was used to hearing ranting and memorizing the list quickly. "Anything else you can tell me now, before I get to work on the long-range sensors?"

"I do not believe so. I'll be heading back to the station now. To use a human phrase, 'I owe you one'" Sukan nodded slightly - the closest you'd get to a smile from him - before he made his departure.

Eklisa smiled at him as he left. Then she turned to Thatch. "Do feel free to call me if you have any questions about the labs, I'm always awake and often working so you won't be interrupting."

Thatch smiles and nods "Will do, ill keep workin hard and I should have most of the ship back online within a week or so.." He said giving a soft chuckle of confidence and joy at the work he was performing. "After all, gotta earn my keep around here. It's really nice to meet you all though, I look forward to showing ya what I can do" HE said as he stood up and turned on the switch. The lights in the lab flickered to life granted very dim as they were currently the only powered by the station than its own. Chase wiped the sweat from his head/ "and now yall can work with some light." He picked up his tools as he went over to the console. "I'll see what I can do with this so yall can work some more after the whole party thing going on. If yall need something looked at just give me a ring, ill do my best to help." He gave a wink as he turned his attention to the console to start working on it before he stopped for a night.

"Thank you sir!" Eklisa added 'Make sure Thatch takes a break sometime' to her checklist, then nodded, "I'm going to go see if I can calibrate the long-range sensors." She tapped her PADD off. "Meeting ajourned."

He gave a clean salute, "aye aye!" he said with his thick deep accent and smiled, before going back to work.


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