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A Handy Guy

Posted on Mon Feb 22nd, 2021 @ 4:52pm by Lieutenant Chase Thatch

Mission: Swarm
Location: Medical
Timeline: after "BOGO"

Kawolski hadn't intended to stay in Medical. However, without a direct assignment at the moment, he felt he should be somewhere doing something. And, well, much like the rest of the station, there was plenty to do to get Medical fully operational. He was, at the base of all things, a corpsman, so that meant his job was get Medical fully operational.

To that end he was chipping in: helping to move and clean things, putting things away and taking the minor cases that didn't need the full attention of the doctors. Who were busy helping to move and clean things, putting things away and taking care of major problems.

"Right here?" he asked the nurse as he finalized positioning of a biobed. He never realized how heavy they were. They looked slender and light, but all the equipment inside made them much heavier. The nurse nodded and Hunter went about making the connections that would secure the bed and let it be operational.

Chase was already getting to a point of exhaustion. His excitement to get to work had pushed him to keep working after the original introductions. He had already been working on some things he noted in his original walk around through the Royal Oak and was now working around the station to make sure everything was working fine for docking procedures later in the evening. He left some of the anti grav drones he built to start working on the Royal Oak in the dry dock while he went around the station fixing anything of necessity, his next stop on his walk around being the medical wing.

He felt his hands getting sore from the amount of work he had already done, the bandages he had looking frayed and dirty. He smiled brightly as he walked into medical, looking around and taking in the clean space compared to what he was working in a few hours ago. Even though his outgoing self would never show it, something deep inside him was eating away at him. He walked around the reception area, looking for anyone around. Clearing his throat, he spoke up, "Umm..hello?" He said a little hesitant of an answer as his southern twang reverberated around the halls.

Hunter poked up from where he was attaching relay cables and saw the man standing off to the center of the main area. "Yeah, whatever you brought down, just let me know and I'll tell you where to put it. After one of the nurses tells me where they want it, of course," Hunter said with a smile.

Thatch waved slightly looking a bit embarrassed but smiled. His wave was short lived as a little bit of blood could be seen leaking through the palm of his bandages and around the fingers of both arms. "I don't have anything actually, I'm one of the new Assistant Cheif engineers. I heard that I could possibly help out with some electrical stuff?" He said as he walked over.

"The Ech-EEE-double hockey sticks you can," Hunter said, "Pardoning my Klingon there, sir," he said as he came from around the bed, grabbing a tricorder as he went. "You're gonna sit down on this bed while I check out those injuries." He spoke like he normally would to any other enlisted, with authority and confidence. But, as he heard himself giving orders to someone several, several grades above him he quickly added: "please, sir."

Thatch looked genuinely confused, tilting his head to the side. Granted even during his enlisted days, he always had severe respect for coreman. He worked with them a lot at other stations but he had just met this one and was already getting barked orders at. "What injuries?" He questioned, wondering if his mind was being read about his bugging pain, obviously oblivious to his actual injury. Chase just stood there looking confused, completely ignoring the fact his rank was a factor in this. He never did tend to act upon his rank unless the need arisen, he felt just as much friends with enlisted as he did officers, it was just his nature.

"Your hands, sir," Hunter said, wondering if there was something else going on here. Some head trauma or mental illness. "C'mon over here and we'll get you fixed right up, no waitin'."

Thatch looked down at his hands, flipping them over to see his palms and fingers. His eyes widened then he looked almost uninterested. "Oh..that, umm.." Thatch suddenly looked nervous he started to slowly back away. "A-actually I can come back another day. Sorry to interrupt." He started to turn to exit his face flushed and he looked hot.

Kawolski moved quickly to get in front of the man and block the door. "No, sir, unfortunately I can't let you leave." He remained a fixed position in front of the lieutenant. "Now, you gotta go have a seat on that bed over there so I can doctor those hands of yours, or I'll be forced security and place a hold on you."

Chase was taken by surprise at this threat. Most doctors hesitated at least enough to make an escape but this one putting themselves up like this was new. He sighed and begrudgingly walked over and sat on the bed, he hated this. He really needed to get back to work, waiting around for medical things was not on his to-do list. then again, nothing that benefited himself ever was on that list. He looked away from Kowalski and stared blankly at the floor, his forearms on his knees as his hands dangled limp out from his body. He looked exhausted, the black circles under his eyes, the grime in his hair and clinging to his skin. A bead of sweat dripped off of him while he sat. He never did like seeing doctors, at least not after a few years ago.

"Alright, that's good. let me just get these bandages..." Kawolski stopped as he unwrapped the first bandage. The damage may not have started off being too severe but the lack of proper care and treatment made it worse. Much worse. He wasn't a stranger to infected wounds - he'd seen enough of them especially in his time with the FMF - combat zones weren't the best for wounds - but he didn't expect to be struck by the smell of the set in infection. He took a moment, holding his breath while anger swept through him. How could anyone have let this man go on like this without doing something? A treatment, maybe two or three, and it would have been taken care of. Now? He shoved the anger away, for now. "How 'bout you tell me how you came about hurting ya'self in the firs' place?" He pitched his voice soft and low, as if he were speaking to a spooked animal whose trust he was trying to gain.

Thatch sighed again. There it was, again. He kept his gaze down at the floor. trying to sound his normal cheery self. "I didn't exactly do anything, just doing maintenance in the dry dock is all. This is not the first time it has happened." He winced at his error in speech. His accent came out thicker than usual from his lack of management of what he sounded like. "I-I mean, I just was working a lot today and, well..having burned hands don't exactly stay tough or repair the same but...I didn't have time to try and fix it myself..and-" He realized he was rambling. As the bandages came off, more of his burnt arms were shown from his injuries all those years ago. His gaze left the floor as he tried now not to look at his arms as memories came flooding back.

The further it was revealed the angrier Kawolski got. Past the actual phalanges, there wasn't much recent damage. But what he continued to see, that was old. Very old. There was damage there that shouldn't be. "Hey, Lieutenant," he said with a smile, "this ain't so bad. I seen worse. My brother, he's a Marine and one time, he got blowed up. Just out there doin' his thing and got caught up in an 'splosion. Messed him up a bit." Kawolski tossed the bandage aside and started on the other hand, knowing he'd find more of the same. "'Ventually they won their battle and they got my brother ta the docs. At first they thought there wasn' much they could do for'im. But that's afore they got him back to Medical. Starfleet got the best doctorin' in all the galaxy, y'know?" Both hands fully revealed, Kawolski looked around. He expected to see some doctors available but he didn't. Well, this couldn't wait. As it was the infection itself was going to take a few treatments to heal.

"My brother gets a couple doctors and they set out to work on'im. Takin' care'a him like they should. Only," Kawolski set out the tools he'd need along with a couple hyposprays. "Only, them doctors did their job too good, y'know? They got him fixed up so nice now when girls give'im a second look, it ain't outta fear they just passed some ugly monster. Now they think he might be a bit good lookin. I right figure, what you got here, it ain't so bad. You can be fixed up too, y'know?"

He didn't just tell the story to distract the patient but also himself. The more he saw, the more he realize just how abused this man had been, it just kept stoking the fires of his rage. Back on his own colony, which wasn't the most technologically advanced, they wouldn't have let even those who deserved punishment be left damaged like this. It wasn't God's way.

Thatch could not help but let his guard down little as he talked. His grip relaxed as he definitely did not seem his normal cheery self as he once was. "Yea..maybe.." He said as he closed his eyes, just letting him do his work. He had never even considered relationships since he joined this line of work. It always seemed very taboo. He never thought anyone would like him like that anyway, all he was was build and fix things. He was conflicted, not sure where his mind should be. So, he always was working, he did not know anyone else on the station yet and felt like he had something he needed to prove. However, this was not a counselor, just a medic. But his words did seem to help a little, even if he did nto quite feel the effects yet.

"Now, it ain't all a happy endin', no siree, Lieutenant, don' want ya thinkin' it is." Kawolski said as he applied an anesthetic mist to the injured hands. "My brother's still a Marine, ain't nuthin them docs could do 'bout that." Hunter fiddled with a tool for a few moments, to let the anesthetic take effect. "Now, this might tingle a bit, ya might think it's hurtin' ya, but I guarantee you're gonna be jus' fine."

Chase nodded. "Since they got burnt I can't feel much in them anymore for years now. I mean, obviously I can feel them but nothing resembling pain." He said monotone. "It's not that I'm worried about how they look. Nothing can change it, honestly it humbled me. I'm worried about not being good enough doc. I have worked my whole life to get even close to were I am now. When I was assigned to this crew I was so excited and ready to get started, I still am.." he hesitated.

"I'm afraid that I'm not good enough is all. I may be an officer but, some days I don't feel like I earned it. I don't act like an officer. People say I'm too nice to be one. Others say I work to hard to be one. And they are right. I just want to help people and make things work better in my own way. Momma always said I could make everything outta nothin, including Friendship's. I just don't wanna mess things up with a new crew but being uptight and snapping orders not what I do. So I guess me working myself this hard is my apology in a way." He said all this, starting to almost fall asleep sitting there. He had been awake over a day now working on the Royal Oak and the station as a whole. He was tired, but to him, it was how he always was. No one usually cared about his health. He just wanted to help out his new crew the only way he knew how.

"Well, now, Lieutenant, that's what I'm tryna tell ya," Hunter said as he picked up the dermal regenerator. "Now, I can doctor up this new damage, an' I see how ya can be hurtin ya'self wit'out knowin. But, it ain't gotta be that way. Yeah, I can fix this hurt today, but the doctor's here. They can fix the older stuff, make it all work agin. Way it should, even take away the scars. Take a bit, prolly, but can be done."

Hunter switched hands. "As for the rest, well, way I see it, all ya gotta worry 'bout is bein' who God made ya. Some will like it, some won't but only one that matters is God. Be right with Him and all else just works."

Chase just sighed. "yea, I suppose your right. I dont really mind the scars, reminds me of my goal of joining in the first place." He chuckled. "You oddly remind me of home. Sound like a friend I used to have." He said with a genuine smile. his hands relaxing more as he sat up a little taller.

Hunter smiled. "How 'bout you say I remind ya of a friend you're gonna have?"

Chase smiled. "Sure, I'm ok with that too." He said as he looked around the room while he let the doc work. "I can see the medical wing is also not doing so hot huh?"

"Well," Hunter said as he glanced around the area. "Nothin' a bit'o elbow grease won't fix. My daddy always said to keep a good supply on stock, never know when ya might be needin' it to help out." He set the dermal regenerator back on the tray. "Now, this part might sting ya a might, but do ya best to hold still and we'll get through it right quick." He checked the calibration on the new tool and then activated it, using it to begin blasting away the infection that remained.

Chase winced a little but more from the anticipation, it didn't seem to hurt at all, then again after what the docs said when it happened about his nerves being essentially destroyed, it didn't supprise him. He looked around again, picking out some things he could help with. "Well, I'd be happy to help speed up the process if y'all need help."

"Nah, Lieutenant, you're gonna have orders to rest and relax the hands for a day or so. 'Preciate the offer though. Don' worry too much 'bout it since I got a bunch more corpsmen comin in on a transport in a few hours."

He smiled with a sense of pride. "Well actually I developed anti grav dones a few years back and I made some when I first got here, I can let you use one and then I'm not using my hands at all. They basically can do everything I can just..ya know. Floating." He said with a smile on his face as he gestured to is arm mounted PDA that he took off. "It's all on there. Figured with the lack of crew or other engineers around I could help out so I dusted the blueprint, built 4 and now the process is a lot faster. At least faster than it would have been."

"Wow," Hunter said, impressed. "That's some right smart thinkin there. But, I gotta ask, how you operate the PaDD without usin' your hands?"

Chase chuckled "I do touch it. Its why I always have it on me since I use it so often. But it's the same as a normal PADD just my own personal version of it. I have always like improving designs. The PaDD is great, but I needed something that can multitask when I needed help or do external repairs as well without having to go outside. So I can up with the drone concept. The PDA or Personal Drone Auxillary was more so an additional project on my PaDD. So, with the algorithm I made for them to communicate with eachother, the can do repairs, scans, or project with tech already in PaDDs." He explained.

"Of course it takes a lot of maintenance to maintain but I'm always repairing, improving, my tech. Of course it has some issues that I'm working out but, it seemed like we could use the help so I figured I'd dust off the old gear and see if I could help out more."

"An' maybe now you see the problem here?" Hunter asked, finishing the second hand. "You gotta rest ya hands otherwise you risk the infection bein' bad for awhile. That means we might have to start amputatin' and I'm sure you don't want that. 'Gin I say, you gotta be off duty for a bit. We'll check everythin' tomorrow an see where it's at."

He mentally face palms. "Yea I see it.." he hated being bed ridden when he felt like he should help but he had a point. "Ok ok..your right" he admitted with a sputter.

"Good, try ta relax and have some fun," Hunter said. "We're gonna leave them uncovered now and I'll get wit'ya tomorrow to check on the progress. Probably have ta do 'nother treatment but it shouldn't be so bad. I'm also gonna put in for ya to get an appointment with the Doc. They can tell ya how they can best help."

He sighed, as nice as it was to feel appreciated, he still did not really like the doctor. "Yea, I got it." He said standing up off the bed as he looked at his hands.

"Alright then," Hunter said taking a final scan. "Then I'll see ya tomorrow for the followup and we can go from there, yeah?"

He nodded and stood up. "Yea, I got it."

Hunter nodded and brought up the chart to make his notes and schedule an appointment with the primary doctors to look at the engineer's hands. He may only be an advanced medic, but he was pretty sure that the majority of damage could still be repaired.



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