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Posted on Thu Mar 25th, 2021 @ 6:11pm by Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett & Captain Indrala Xerix & Lieutenant J'remar Menun & Lieutenant Sukan & Lieutenant JG Alex Lockwood & Lieutenant Chase Thatch & Lieutenant JG Roger Magnus & Lieutenant Eklisa & Lieutenant JG Lukot & Ensign Viradi & Staff Warrant Officer Maven Standiford & Petty Officer 3rd Class Nelou & Antonio Purosangue & Kel

Mission: Swarm
Location: Arboretum, DS12

Maven Standiford stood back to admire their handiwork. She and an especially enthusiastic Angeleno science officer had transformed the arboretum’s large greenhouse into a reception hall fit for even an Ambassador’s ball.

The human wasn’t certain why Captain Xerix was pulling out all of the stops for a visiting ship, but far be it from her to question the silver-haired prima’s motives.

The two had formed a fast friendship, and Maven had honestly never had a more enjoyable posting. She only wished that the current scarcity facing Starfleet didn’t affect them as much as it currently seemed to.

“Don’t you think it needs more flowers?” Asked Viradi.

“No sir, I do not. This is a welcoming reception, not some tawdry scene with people writhing against one another in a storage bay” Standiford replied.

She delivered her barb with an electric smile to reassure the Angeleno that her intention was humor, not malice. His peels of laughter were melodic, and caused her to laugh as well.

“When does the Nogura arrive?” He asked.

“They have already docked. The Captain and Commander should be with them now. I’d bet the station crew start arriving any moment.” Maven explained.

Eklisa proved Maven right by walking in just then, smiling at Viradi, and claiming a seat at a table. If there was going to be a reception, she wanted to get a good look at people as they arrived. She could always get a drink later, but space was at a premium in these events.

Alex Lockwood arrived at the reception relating to the Nogura arrival he had no idea why he had even bothered to show up, but here he was none the less, he preferred to keep as low a profile as possible, to avoid attracting unwanted attention to his less than 'normal' human appearance.

Lieutenant Sukan had arrived early, dressed in a traditional Vulcan uniform - something he specifically requested from the station's tailor. Sukan was hoping to blend in somewhat - and given that most of the people there were in civilian clothing, it looked as if he had made the right call. He had little intention of interacting with people unless they wanted to, but as part of the senior staff it was important that he showed up - at least, in his mind.

The doors to the arboretum opened, and a short male Ferengi walked in, dressed in a Starfleet dress uniform, with another, slightly taller female Ferengi walking besides him, wearing a strange dress. The two made their way to one of the tables. At that point, the Starfleet officer started talking "Hello! I am Lukot, and this is my wife, Kel. Are these seats taken?"

Eklisa, dressed in her ethereal forest green dress, quickly scanned the Ferengi. "Why not yet they aren't! You're welcome to them, though I must warn you that any who sit here are going to hear a lot from me. I do need to go get a drink, would you like anything while I'm up?"

"I'll have a glass of Silmic wine", Kel said. "Just a Slug-O-Cola for me", Lukot said. Kel let out a little laugh - "Lukie never drinks synthahol when meeting new people!", prompting Lukot to let out a grin.

Eklisa grinned unnaturally wide in surprised delight " 'Lukie', then." She gestured to Lukot as she stood. "It is a pleasure. I'll be right back with those drinks."

Thatch entered. His black and red suit vest decently fit with the formal look since it was the best clothes he got. He wanted to look decent but it never was his style as he adjusted his tie. He may not have been all that comfortable but even he admitted he looked pretty sharp, even with his newly doctored hands which did look rather rough he could imagine from an outsiders perspective. But he was feeling a lot better and enthusiastic as he walked over to see if he could find anyone familiar.

Aurelia walked into the arboretum like a female on a mission. She had been looking forward to this event, had picked an exquisite black dress, fish net gloves and even spent time deciding what she was going to do with her hair. She had wanted to impress....someone. Albeit last minute she changed her mind and went with the crimson dress donning a neckline that plunged dangerously low, probably not most appropriate attire for the evening. Aurelia didn’t think twice. Her heels clicked heavily as she bee lined for the bar. Cherry red lips quirked up into a smile for the bartender. “Blood wine please, but put it in a tall stemmed glass.” As she waited for her beverage she turned to admire the decor.

Viradi spied Aurelia out of the corner of his eye and did a double take. He crossed the increasingly busy room and spoke to his friend. “Surely that dress is banned by some treaty or other, Garrett? No one should be able to command a room like this” He teased.

“All the more reason to wear it don’t you think Viradi.” She cast a coy grin and a wink to the Angeleno. The bartender set her glass behind her and Aurelia turned to take it. As she lifted the glass the blue and green crystal bracelet she received as a gift on Christmas slid down her wrist. Turning back to face her friend she added, “You look quite dashing yourself. I’m assuming this breath taking decor is your doing hmm? I may wear a dress to command a room, but you sure know how to transform one.” She allowed herself to take in the bedecked arboretum while she took her a small sip from her glass.

Viradi winked at the crimson-clad woman. “I merely create a backdrop for the works of art on display, such as yourself.” He teased.

Eklisa stopped the bartender near two of her favorite people just so she could compliment them both as she collected three drinks. "Sluggo cola, Silmic wine, and I'll have... oh. Do you have the components for a Samarian Sunset? Thank you." She turned, dramatically swirling her skirt for effect, "Aurelia! You look divine. You have a measure of confidence I applaud, but do not share, or I'd ask where you got such a garment. And Viradi? Brilliant work on the decor, and excellent choice in attire. You have a knack for these events."

The Angeleno blushed at the attention and adjusted his sherwani. “Don’t you start flirting with me too, Eklisa. All this attention will simply make my poor simple heart burst” He gushed.

Aurelias face lit up at the sweet sound of her dearest friends voice. She turned in time to watch Eklisa finish her twirl in the deep green gown she wore. She immediately embraced her friend giving her a tight squeeze. “Not as radiant as you and that smile my friend! Have you found a seat yet? Any open spots?!”

Eklisa hugged back whole-heartedly, her grin broadening further. "I'm sitting over there with those two ferengi. I do believe they're new to this station, but they are ours. You're welcome to join me." Eklisa watched the bartender as he collected the drinks she'd requested.

“Oh yes! New you say? I can’t wait to meet them.” The busybody in Aurelia thrived on meeting new acquaintances. She gave her friend a toothy smile before her face slipped into a feline smirk, side eyeing the Angeleno. Poor Viradi had no clue the dangers he was getting himself into flirting with her.

Menun was next into the spacious arboretum, his customary stern frown replaced by a slightly softer stern frown. Really, he was frowning 24/7, as most of the crew knew, and to the novice, his frowns were indistinguishable, but those who knew him best realized this was his "well I might as well enjoy myself" frown. In a unique break of character, he had forgone his uniform for something stylish. After having browsed the files on Terran formal wear, he had replicated himself a suit he thought was rather smart. It was a blackish-green suit worn over an actually black shirt, with a matching set of pants and a belt that were the same green-black. The suit itself was unbuttoned, since Menun the "soiree", as it was called, wasn't the requiring the most formal of clothing, and frankly, Menun was just apathetic as to that point. He dressed sharply on all occasions, but he never cared one bit for fashion. The only reason he'd chosen this suit design in particular was because it complimented his lighter green skin tone.

Walking further into the arboretum-turned-party, he spotted Aurelia. Inside, he sighed. Of course, she's next to the bar, the Orion thought, making his way across to Aurelia. She was also dressed in something just bordering on decent, which made him frown just a little harder.

"Well Ensign," he said, striding up to her, "I see you're getting yourself acquainted with the drinks. Anything I should try?" Again, like the suit, he was trying out something he wasn't used to: humor.

Aurelia let out a dramatic gasp when Menun approached, she hadn’t expected him to wear something other then his usual uniform. She made a show of eyeing him from head to toe and back up again, “My my J’rem.... “she quickly caught herself and continued addressing Menun more professionally knowing she could only get away with so much.” I mean Lieutenant!” She was tempted to growl knowing it was cause the Orion to blush but held back.

Eklisa looked between her two friends while the bartender tapped her sunset, causing the drink to burst into light and color. She'd missed the fun part of her drink, but honestly didn't mind. "You look wonderful, Menun."

"Wonderful may be stretching it," Menun replied dryly. "I simply came dressed as requested." He looked around the greenhouse area of the arboretum.

"I have to admit Yeoman Standiford and Ensign Viradi certainly transformed this place quickly, though I fail to see the point of all the extravagance. We're only welcoming the Nogura to the station."

"I hope that's not the attitude others would have if or when we ever visit a space station." She gave Menun a scowl from under her lashes while sipping her wine.

He sighed, shaking his head. "Whether it's us arriving at another station or them coming to us, a party is a waste of time and personnel. A few of the seniors officers to greet them would have sufficed."

With holding an eye roll Aurelia suggested, "Menun, how about we order you something sweet to go with all your sour." She turned to the bartender and waved him over, she needed a refill on her bloodwine anyway.

Menun smirked. "Hilarious. You should consider taking your own advice and getting something sour to combat your sweet." He didn't drink much under normal circumstances, but today he supposed could be an exception. "Synthale," he told the bartender, who nodded and disappeared to go fix up the drink. "Really though, I could be MORE sour, so consider yourself lucky. With nearly all of my security teams gone, I've had to completely rework the shift rotations to make sure there's still someone guarding each important part of the station, but still in short enough shifts to keep them fresh and awake."

"Ahem," she scoffed, "are you forgetting who helped you do so?!" Her brows nearly reached her hair line. Though the hours spent rearranging the duty schedules of EVERY security officer on the station had been tiresome she refused to let it be a dampener on the evening. "It's fine, I know your grateful to have me. You're welcome." With a grin Aurelia flipped her hair over a bare shoulder and set her now empty glass on the bar top and watched the barman fill it quickly.

The Orion genuinely smiled at Aurelia's feigned offense. "You're right Ensign, I am grateful. I couldn't ask for a better assistant." The bartender came back with the synthale he ordered, and he took it, thanking the bartender, who then vanished to attend to other partygoers.

Gabe entered the arboretum and stopped just inside. He wasn't sure what he was expecting to see as he wasn't ordinarily on invite lists to 'parties'. As a security officer he'd worked a few gatherings where captains got together, or diplomatic dinners. But generally, he was always somewhere in the background and invisible. Well, in that regard tonight wouldn't be much different. But he'd never seen one like this before. As he looked around at he decorations he frowned. It had the feeling of some sort of gaudy birthday party rather than a dignified meeting of two crews. He was further irritated as he looked around and saw many others. What he failed to see was dress uniforms throughout. Unlike himself. The tight, uncomfortable fabric and cuts. The unnecessary decorations. Even the alterations that had to be made to conceal the sidearm he was wearing in order to be prepared to defend the Captain if necessary. He shook his head as he continued looking around.

At least he made sure to make it here before Captain Xerix. Last he knew she was having a conversation with Helias while she prepared for the evening. That allowed him the time he needed to get ready himself. It took a bit to get the specifications to hide the sidearm right but in the end it worked out well. Now, he just had to get through the evening.

Thatch had found a seat and was currently looking through some of his notes. He didn't exactly know anyone and they seemed to be having a good time so he didn't mind sitting to the side for now and letting them mingle. He was eyeing a few of the lovely ladies though. The dresses were definitely an eye-catcher compared to his simple vest and dress pants. He had to shake his head one time as he watched one twirl just to rip his eyes away. He tapped through the PaDD, checking his to-do list of the ship that he had been working on so hard. He was almost done wiring, just had to get a power source which was...interesting.

He snapped out of his own head to look back to the group of people. He almost felt inclined to go and flirt but, the only romance skill he had was his accent at this point. He just sighed and sipped a glass of wine as he watched on. Maybe one day.

Eklisa collected the three drinks in her arms, thankful the cola had a lid and could be tucked in her arm so she could focus on not spilling the other two. "You're welcome to join us whenever you're comfortable." She nodded her goodbyes to Viradi, Aurelia, and Menun. Before heading back to the table with the Ferengi.

Aurelia was scanning the crowds to see who was in attendance and whom was missing. She had yet to find Lockwood, truth be told she was sure he would skip the event all together but she still had hope he would make an appearance. Her eyes locked on a hazel set not too far off from their position at the bar. She had caught the male looking in their general direction a couple times, like he was debating approaching them but hadn't found the courage to do so. He didn't look familiar, but then again a majority of the crew present didn't either. So many had joined the station recently. Before she could wave the male over Eklisa's exit from the group pulled her attention away from him. She moved to follow Eklisa to her table throwing a tease over her should to Menun and Viradi, "Coming boys?"

J'remar, after taking a long sip of his drink, stepped up beside Aurelia, following her in the direction the Denobulan had left in. He spied their objective: a table at which sat two Ferengi. Ferengi....
He frowned, infinitesimally. He'd never like Ferengi. They were generally backstabbing, thieving little trolls that tried to cheat you at every turn. Everyone knew that. J'remar was never one to hold a prejudice, since it was unStarfleet...but Ferengi...they were hard to trust.

The counselor walked into the room, surprised to note that he arrived before the captain and the Nogura's crew. Magnus had changed into a fresh Starfleet uniform since he had spent hours in his previous uniform. He was hoping to meet some people here tonight and make their acquaintance whilst wearing his uniform since it's what he wore while he worked-if people could get use to him in a social setting like this, it would make it easier in counseling sessions. Nonetheless, he was still looking forward to a more relaxing evening than what he had suffered through over the course of his first afternoon on board DS 12.

Watching the counselor enter, Gabe shook his head and moved back further into some decorations. The last thing he wanted now was to have another 'conversation' with the counselor. Especially now, at a very public function hosted by the captain.

"If you are attempting to hide from the counselor, there is a secluded area behind the Moba trees to your right", Sukan addressed the warrant officer, having appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

Gabe started at the voice and reached for his hidden weapon, but stopped himself at seeing the Vulcan addressing him. Playing off the reach as a need to adjust his jacket. He glanced at the area mentioned. "I guess I'm not the only one to have an encounter with his ego?"

Sukan raised his eyebrows. "I am merely attempting to avoid... 'small talk'. Vulcans believe that conversation exists to convey important information. Most species tend to disagree."

"Lieutenant," Gabe said with an easy smile, "If I weren't on duty for this reception, I'd grab us a table so we could sit in silence together all night long."

Petty Officer 3rd Class Nelou slipped quietly into the gathering for the Nogura she was late, she had been working on something in her quarters and had lost track f the time, but she did make it to the Soirée, and she needed to blend in and appear as she'd been there for a lot longer than just having snuck into the arboretum.

Antonio Purosangue slipped a fresh apron on over his sauce-stained chef’s jacket and adjusted his sleeves for the umpteenth time. His black curly locks spilled down onto his forehead as he fidgeted. This was his first time feeding high-ranking Starfleet officers and he felt an uncharacteristic nervousness course through him.

He had volunteered to cater the food for the evening in hopes of getting the Captain to approve his restaurant. A deep space station wasn’t his first choice for a culinary debut, but rumor had it a luxury hotel was currently under construction in the station, so perhaps Deep Space Twelve would become something of an avant-garde destination.

The Italian pushed a hover-cart laden with lobster canapés, tall shot-glasses of verdant soup, Bolian caviar amuse bouché, and prawns with Klingon Grapok sauce. As he entered the reception and began placing food, he looked around to see who would try his fare first.

Eklisa stepped past the chef, her arms full of drinks but her eye caught by the fare and the caterer. She'd have to come back to collect some delicacies later, as well as learn this human's name. He looked too nervous for him to stand alone for too long. She left to set the drinks down delicately. "Silmic wine for the lady, and a Sluggo Cola for you sir. I'm afraid I met with a few dear friends at the bar, do you mind if they join us?"

Kel gave a toothy smile. "Of course not! There's no good reason to not meet new people!". Lukot was also smiling, and chipped in "After all, they might have latinum on them", prompting a small laugh from Kel.

Magnus hadn't realized how hungry he was until he saw the food cart come out. He stepped over to where the chef was, avoiding running into anyone else miraculously. "Hello chef, how are you this evening?" He asked, surveying the sustenance with a curious twinkle in his eye.

Antonio smiled happily. “It’s considered polite to make eye contact with the chef before ogling his goods. I’m fine thank you. And yourself?” He replied.

"Ah apologies chef. I am fine thank you! Do you have anything here you would suggest trying?" He asked, looking up.

“The smoked salmon macarons are quite good. Or perhaps the demi beef Wellington” Antonio responded.

"I think perhaps I will try the salmon macrons, I have always been a big salmon fan" He said, enjoying the aroma that now wafted from the cart. "How long have you been on the station chef?" He asked.

“I’ve only just arrived. I had previously worked on the Maltese Falcon, a private yacht” he explained. “Have you been here long?”

"No, I just arrived here myself" he said, looking a bit embarrassed and raising his hand up to rub the back of his head. "So what brings you to a space station in the middle of nowhere? Sounds like that private yacht was pretty nice!" He lamented, before remembering his manners. "I'm Lieutenant Magnus by the way, I'm the new Chief Counselor for DS12".

“Antonio purosangue, chef extraordinaire” the Italian beamed. “How do you find the station?” He asked.

"Actually, I have found it quite intriguing so far, empty though" Magnus said, looking around the greenhouse. Despite there being crew from the Nogura and the station here tonight, he could tell that there were some ranks and positions missing from attendance. "And you?" He asked

Making her way to the table close behind Eklisa, Aurelia took note of the plethora of new faces. She smiled at both the chef and Counselor as she passed them. When she caught site of the table she was headed toward and the two ferangi, her excitement grew, evident by the bright gleam in her eye and toothy smile as she introduced herself. "Hello! I'm Eklisa's friends Aurelia! I hope we aren't intruding." She refrained from extending a hand by lightly gripping the back of the chair she stood behind.

"Not at all! I'm Lieutenant Junior Grade Lukot, and this is my lovely wife, Kel", the Ferengi said, giving an even toothier grin in return.

J'remar stood for a short moment, watching Aurelia get herself seated after greeting the Ferengi. "And I am Lieutenant Menun, also a colleague of Eklisa," he said, just a little tursely. That wasn't because of his instinctual dislike of Ferengi, no. That was because of his instinctual dislike of social gatherings. The time he was spending here could be much more effectively used, but there was no getting out of this "soiree." He chose a seat across from Aurelia, so he could be facing the others.

Thatch laid his head down on the table with a sigh. There was no way he was gonna make new acquaintances if all anyone ever saw of him was just fixing things. Despite his reluctance to go talk, when he warmed up he was bright, exuberant and very outgoing, and fun to talk to. He picked his head up and stood slowly from his seat. "I'll always be a single loner playing with drones if I don't actually go talk to girls once and a while.." He said under his breath as he walked to the bar to get a drink to calm his nerves.

He did look rather impressive. Years of working around in maintenance and lifting had given him a rather sculpted military body figure, though if anyone asked he would not have noticed. He smoothed his clothes best he could and strained his tie. Though nervous he was starting to notice the effects the place had given him already when it came to confidence.


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