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Gone before Goodbye

Posted on Mon Feb 22nd, 2021 @ 5:01am by Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi & Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett

Mission: Swarm
Location: Deck 12

Aurelia rode the turbo lift to the operations deck. She wasn’t alone in the lift but kept to herself. The last few days had left her so spent she hardly made time for a meal. When she woke this morning she made it a point to visit Taldroh in Operations and somehow convince her to peel herself from her work to grab a quick bite. Or at least coffee.

Regret rose in her knowing she had kept postponing their plans due to the Admirals orders, he’d left the entire crew of DS12 struggling to keep up with the day to day demand of the station. Not to mention the refit of the USS Royal Oak that was currently under way.

Aurelia let out a hefty sigh pushing the stressful thoughts and her infinite mental to do lists away. She exited the lift, giving a gentle smile and good morning greetings to a few crew members on her way to Taldrohs office. She tapped the chime and waited hoping the office wasn’t empty.

Baeryn Whavi gave the door a quizzical look not expecting to see anyone so early in her shift. She gave a quick glance at her clock before the visitor was granted access to the room. Had time gotten away from her? The clock read 0700. Nope. Still early.

“Come in.” The door opened with a swoosh.

Aurelia walked into the office with her hands up defending her actions, “Look I know it’s super early and I can bet you haven’t eaten so just hear me out..... oh. Good Morning Lieutenant Whavi. I was hoping to catch Loh.” She stopped short seeing the red head behind the deck. Aurelia had always admired the Lieutenants locks from afar, the wild lose curls vibrant even under artificial light.

The Lieutenants face scrunched with confusion.
“Garret, isn’t it?”

Aurelia nodded in confirmation. Perhaps informing Taldroh prior would have saved her from this embarrassment. She was sure Loh would find humor in it when she heard the story about this run in.

Whavi stopped herself from registering the emotions fluttering from the Ensign in the entrance. Garrett clearly hadn’t been told the news, and she was now stuck informing the poor girl.

“I’m not sure when you last spoke to Lieutenant Loh, and I hate to be the barrier of bad news, but Loh was reassigned to Admiral Hanson’s team. She left a few days ago. Her reassignment was somewhat of a permanent one. She’s not expected to return to DS12.” Baeryn watched Garrett’s face carefully, ignoring the strong emotions that accompanied her pained expression. “I am sorry.”

Aurelia was silent. The realization washing over her quickly. She hadn’t been able to say goodbye, because she had been too busy. Did she even recall knowing oh Loh’s reassignment? Was she that wrapped up in her own workload? Sadness started to swell in her belly. It took her a few moments to register Baeryn had finished speaking.

“It’s okay, not your fault.” Her voice laced with regret.

“Was there something I could help you with?” Whavi tried to keep her voice light and neutral.

“Oh no. Sorry to barge in here like this Lieutenant. Enjoy your day.” She braved a smile and started to retreat towards the door.

“Hey wait!” Baeryn stood setting down the PADD she had been staring at the last hour.

Aurelia froze one foot in the hall.

The Lieutenant smiled and asked, “I might not be Loh but I was pretty sure you were going to invite her to breakfast. I haven’t eaten. You clearly haven’t. Care for company?”

There wasn’t any denying the betazoid was hungry. Sure she pitied the Ensign slightly but had heard Taldroh speak highly of Garretts social skills and personality leaving no doubt Aurelia had plenty of options for company. Baeryn on the other hand didn’t. It was taking her longer then she expected to adjust to her post, regardless of the months she had been there. Now that the social opportunity had quite literally walked into her office she figured she’d take it.

“Always.” The Ensign responded with a new found spark in her eyes.


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