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Warmest of Greetings Brother Dearest

Posted on Sat May 1st, 2021 @ 6:19am by Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Deep Space 12
Timeline: After 'Acknowledgement'

The message detailing Alijah Garrett's travel plans came as a bombshell at the most inopportune time for Aurelia. The assistant chief of security resented asking Lt Menun for the time off to 1, entertain her brother and 2, uncover the true meaning behind his visit. Alijah had NEVER once visited his sister, when she first enlisted in Starfleet her family had made it clear of their disapproval, this included her brother. Her visits home had become less and less frequent over the years, and not only due to her busy schedule. The Garrett family was well established on Earth, residing in Upstate New York on the families very own apple orchard spanning for miles and miles. The Garretts owned more land then some states contained.

The orchard has been in the family for centuries, growing more and more fruitfulwith every generation of Garretts that took over. Currently, Aurelia's older brother Alijah was set to inherit the family business. Of course Aurelia could have any part of the business and land she wished, but she had made her stance clear when she joined Starfleet, dreaming of the adventures the wide open universe would bring her. Or so she thought she had made it clear.

Standing just inside the shuttle bay that housed the transport her brother would be arriving on, Aurelia shifted on her feet, anxious was not a feeling she handled well, or experienced often. She suddenly was unsure what to do with her hands and standing like a sentry was torture. Huffing a sigh she crossed her arms behind her and leaned against the bulkhead. The transport arrived minutes later.

It had been years since Aurelia had seen her brother, but nothing regarding his appearance had changed. He strolled down the ramp in an all black immaculately pressed suit, hands in his pockets, and dark hair pristine and shaped elegantly to the left. His chiseled chin donning a five o'clock shadow that was sure to be strategic. The man looked like he had just stepped off a modeling set, the scene caused Aurelia to roll her eyes. The attention her brother was already attracting was irksome. Females literally fell to their knees when Alijah strode past, god forbid he smile at them. His green eyes, twin to her own, found her quickly and small smile pulled at the corner of his lips. He was across the bay in seconds, arms out to embrace his baby sister.

Aurelia returned her brothers smirk with one of her own as he wrapped her in his arms. The warm musky smell her brother had always worn swarmed her senses. He smelled like home, like dad.

"Lia, have you gotten shorter?" Alijah, knowing his sister would be ready to whack him the moment he released her from his grasp, held on and chuckled.

Pushing Alijah away she retorted with, "I wasn't aware you were starting to grey."

"Nonsense, I don't believe the salt and pepper look would do me justice."

"How was your trip?"

"Interesting." Alijah raised a thick brow but didn't elaborate. "Mother informed me of your resent promotion, congratulations Lia. Mother and Father send their felicitations."

"They didn't care to join you?"

"You know how Mother feels about leaving the planet."

Shaking her head Aurelia started towards the doors, "Pity, it would have been nice to see them."

"Disappointed its just me Lia?"

"Depends on the remainder of your visit." Aurelia shrugged her shoulders and led her brother from the shuttle bay.


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