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Weapon Upgrades

Posted on Sat Nov 14th, 2020 @ 8:20pm by Lieutenant J'remar Menun

Location: Security Office

While Blake had been tinkering with his engine and power flow tweaks, he'd also come across a way to increase the ships phaser output but at the same time using less energy. He wanted to run it passed the Falchion's Tactical officer before he went ahead and made the changes. He'd probably still make the changes regardless of what the ships tactical officer said but he liked to have some sort of professional decorum.

He stepped into the security office and was taken back by a big green Orion sat behind the desk. "Erm, I'm looking for Lieutenant Menu?"

J'remar looked up from the tactical assessment on his PADD, frowning slightly as he saw the human male walk into the security office.

"You're speaking with him," He replied to the young man's question, setting the PADD down. "Is there something you require Lieutenant?"

Blake raised an eye brow is surprise. "Oh, well, I have some weapon Upgrades that I wanted to run by you. Basically, it'll help the recharge rate of the phasers and increase their power output at the same time. I've also detailed a couple of tweaks to the torpedo targeting systems." He said as he offered the PADD he was holding to the security chief. "I've detailed what I plan to do here."

J'remar took the PADD and scanned through the words currently on the screen. These upgrades did look promising. He couldn't find anything immediately wrong with them.

"I think these upgrades would be extremely beneficial to the ship's safety. Permissions granted to go through with these upgrades. However," he said, setting the PADD down and looking at Lieutenant Ellis. "I'll need a FULL report on everything that was changed after you've completed the upgrades, and I want to know if it should be required to transfer power from key systems. Understood?"

"Of course." Blake replied raising an eyebrow. "I'm not a first year cadet, I know my job."

"Protocol is protocol," J'remar said unamusedly.

"Obviously." Blake replied resisting the urge to roll his eyes. "Is there anything you'd like to look at or tweak while I'm working on the defensive systems?"

J'remar shook his head. "That's your area of expertise. My technological prowess is....minimal."

'Obviously' Ellis thought. "I appreciate that, Lieutenant. But I know some department heads are particular about how they want their systems to run." 'Not this department head though.'

J'remar's countenance changed from one of reserve and calmness to one of stern command.

"Lieutenant, make no mistake. Security aboard the Falchion will run at 100% efficiency at all times, and tactical situations will be dealt with quickly and expertly. I was simply relegating the task of 'tweaking' certain things in your capable hands. Now, if you'll excuse me," He said with finality, in a way that left absolutely no more questions to be asked. He picked up his PADD and began reading through it again.

"Of course." Ellis said as he turned to leave. 'Perhaps I won't tinker with the weapons then.'


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