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Posted on Thu Apr 8th, 2021 @ 8:39pm by Lieutenant J'remar Menun & Lieutenant JG Mai Lestra & Captain Indrala Xerix & Commander Cirila Ylvor & Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi & Lieutenant Sukan & Lieutenant JG Alex Lockwood & Lieutenant Chase Thatch & Lieutenant JG Nevikh & Lieutenant JG Roger Magnus & Lieutenant Eklisa & Ensign V'la Azearek & Vice Admiral Veristi Nuecylle & Lieutenant JG Lukot & Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett & Ensign Tolak

Mission: Swarm
Location: Briefing Room, Operations, Deep Space Twelve
Timeline: After the Nogura reception

The alarm went out through all of the Starfleet comm badges. “Senior staff to the operations briefing room. Senior staff to the operations briefing room.” The voice belonged to Indrala, but the tone was one of cold determination.

She and Admiral Nuecylle stood waiting for the others to arrive.

“Are you sure you’re up for it?” He asked.

“I suppose the best way to find out is to let me try, Sir. Frankly you can’t risk getting personally involved. Otherwise it might seem like you aren’t acting solely in the interests of the Federation.” She said honestly.

His nod indicated that he had considered her point and came to the same conclusion.

Eklisa, as often she was, was one of the first to arrive, with a PADD in hand and a polite greeting on her lips. This unplanned meeting could mean a lot of things and she wanted to be prepared.

Menun was second to arrive, having just finished his weekly security report. The urgency and coldness in the captain's tone when she summoned her officers gave him cause for concern. He had no doubt this briefing had to do with the recent actions of the Sixth Fleet.

Alex Lockwood arrived in a timely fashion, the timing of this unplanned meeting came just as he finished his latest regeneration cycle, and he was fully awake and ready to confront whatever problems might need tackling now.

Thatch entered behind Alex, having just finished the schematics for his plan to get the Royal Oak actually running on its own power again. In the rush of his work, he didn't really have much time to clean himself up but if it was an emergency there not much point.

Lieutenant Magnus came skidding to a stop outside the room. His blood was pumping with adrenaline, his memory flowing with remembrances from the past. He took a moment to compose himself before entering, his uniform today being quite crisp despite having just walked/jogged to the meeting room. He entered the room with a determined expression and took a seat near the middle of the briefing table, pushing his chair out a bit, crossing his right leg over his left and folding his hands on top of the table.

Commander Ylvor took her seat further down the table, knowing what was about to be said was not going to be good. She placed her PADD in her lap and gave her full attention to the Admiral and the Captain.

“Please sit down. For those of you who don’t know, I’m Vice Admiral Veristi Nuecylle, the new sector commander. Deep Space Twelve was recently paid a visit by the Sixth Fleet. Starfleet HQ has just informed us that the Sixth has just moved to capture the planet Rubicun III, one of the newest member-worlds of the Federation, home to the Edo people. Rubicun III is planet of peace, and lacks even the most basic of defensive systems. It’s also home to nine billion citizens, whom we have all sworn oaths to protect.” Nuecylle said.

“After sacking Rubicun III, Admiral Hansen has made to engage the Twenty Second Fleet before they can get near the planet. Intel says that he left behind the Nebula class USS Regula, as well as a significant presence on the ground.” He continued before turning to the Betazoid to his right.

“That’s where we come in. With the station currently without a garrison vessel, we can’t help in the space battle. However, we are the closest Starfleet presence to Rubicun III. The USS Icarus will engage the Regula and draw her away from the planet. We will take transport ships and together with a contingent of Marines, land on the planet and attempt to regain control. We will also be providing aid to the Edo people and intel to Starfleet HQ.” said Indrala.

She paused, waiting for questions.

"Do we have the numbers to launch a ground assault?" Eklisa was thinking about probes they could launch to get a better handle on the numbers on the ground- without a ship in orbit, scans were going to be more difficult. A quick review of Edosian biology and planetary hazards wouldn't be remiss.

“Between Starfleet and the Marines, we should have enough personnel to retake key locations.” Indrala replied.

Cirila remained quiet as the conversation went on around her, tapping in some notes into her PADD. She did feel for those trapped within the grasp of a madman, but was now concerned with how they would go toward fixing this. Planetary insertion of marines with close quarter combat in a city of pacifists, without trying to harm personnel who might not have that same mission parameter was going to be difficult.

Menun had blinked in shock several times at the news, disbelieving anything of this sort could happen, but quickly snapped back into professional mode. He began going through numbers in his head, such as how many tactical personnel they had left, their torpedo complements, things like that. But what predominated his thoughts was the fact that a Starfleet Admiral, who had of course risen to that rank through years of dedication to the Federation, would go rogue, with hundreds if not thousands of officers backing him.

"Captain, Admiral," he addressed the Kerelian and the Betazoid. "Do we have any intel on why Admiral Hansen went rogue? What strategic reason would he have for taking Edo?"

Nuecylle took the lead on Menun’s question. “Let’s not speculate on Hansen’s motives. As for his reasoning for Rubicun III, nine billion citizens near the Starbase he just emptied of supplies. Whatever his goal is, evidently he feels hostages will help him achieve it.” He said coldly.

Alex having listened to the Admiral outline things understood why the traitor had stripped the station of so much "Hansen's motives are irrelevant at this time sir, the admiral is traitor and needs to be stopped and stopped fast, we can find out the motives later," he said he didn't have a question to ask but he felt he needed to state what was the obvious to him.

"Admiral" counselor Magnus said, in a severe tone now understanding the severity of the situation "I know this might be an unusual request, especially for someone so high up in Starfleet Command, but I would like to take a look at Admiral Hansen's medical and psychiatric profiles, as well as his personal logs." Magnus stated as he shifted his right leg off his lap and leaned forward "I know that finding out why he is doing what he is is not necessarily the top of our list right now in terms of priorities, but as the station's Chief Counselor, I feel as if I might be able to help out best in this capacity." he said, rubbing his chin with his right hand. "If we can figure out why he's doing this, maybe we can talk him down or come up with some plan of action"

Sukan was about as surprised as he could get. Starfleet personnel had been known to go rogue, but an entire fleet was something else. Pushing that to one side, he began to think about his job. "Captain, I presume that we will be utilizing the Kernow-class vessels?" Sukan asked.

Thatch, having not been around when DS12 had its visitors was though surprised did not seem to take it as shocking as the rest. Part of that could be due to his time with the military and just being desensitized to it all. He was thinking of how a whole fleet worth of people would not have been noted not going on their original course sooner.

Baeryn took the news as shocking as the rest of the room. It seemed the entire crew was taken aback and fuming in their seats, at least that's what she thought when she glanced at the red faced, darkened eyed Aurelia across the table. "Captain, I'm having difficulty believing that the personnel that he commandeered from our station would willingly go along with any action against the federation. Do we assume they are hostages as well?"

Cirila saw a chance to respond to something she had been pondering herself, "It is unknown as to what information is being disseminated throughout the crew. He might be limiting communications, propagating lies and mis-information about the scenarios. With ships in combat stance that would not be difficult to imagine."

"If we could get on board one of the ships, that could change," Cirila said, starting a thought process and trailing off, continuing to tap into her PADD.

"Turn his own officers against him..." J'remar muttered, tossing the plan around in his head. The Commander was right. There was no possible explanation for all of this unless the majority of the personnel were being lied to, or at least misdirected. "We could try and capture or disable the Regula long enough to tell the officers the truth."

Aurelia, seated beside the security chief listened closely to Menuns muttering. Processing his words, tossing ideas around in her head. She wasn't even aware she was the one talking at first until attention was on her, "Our best bet may be to infiltrate the base to deliver the message, focusing on an area maned primarily by personnel we recently lost. Take the admirals whole operation down from the inside." But how could they get in unnoticed Garrett pondered.

“Unfortunately, I won’t be able to allow access to Admiral Hansen’s personal information. That would require the Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet or an act from the Security Council. What we have planned is to divide and liberate. One group, led by Commander Ylvor, will accompany the marines to the planet’s surface. The others will join Captain Xerix aboard the Icarus to deal with the USS Regula.” Said the Admiral

Cirila nodded happy to be getting an assignment with Marines, two of her past hosts had been in the Corps. Returning to combat operations would almost be like getting into an old comfy pair of boots.

"Gamma Company and a Flight element are all that remain. I will get in touch with the OC and get the Marines to stand to. If we are to insert without being detected, we will need a distraction. Hopefully the Icarus can supply that. That covers us to the planet's surface, but how to get a team onto the Regula?" Cirila said, asking the room.

"Do any of their weapons require them to drop sheilds when firing? I think we might be able to transport a small team if we can get a big enough window." Eklisa's eyes flicked across the PADD in her hands, "That is, also providing we can get the Icarus within range for the duration."

Magnus was disappointed to hear that the admiral would not be able to access the information he needed, however he decided to set out talking to the admiral after the meeting to at least try and get him to talk to the security counsel.

"Nebula's are old, if reliable, and despite any refits the Regula might have had, their hull and shielding will be weak in some places," Menun began. "Sometime between engaging the Regula and beaming a team aboard, we should make targeting their nacelles and configurable module a top priority. The faster we disable them the less time they have to send for reinforcements."

As he was not a senior staff and present primarily as an aide whose eidetic memory was valuable for such meetings, Nevikh had been quietly standing in the back. He took the news of Hansen's actions with stereotypical Vulcan impassivity. Indeed, given the admiral's attitude and actions, in hindsight it was not even particularly surprising. Now, however, he had something to contribute. "I worked for Yoyodyne prior to joining Starfleet. Several of their Nebula-class ships provide for cyclic high-energy sensor sweeps. Between each of those cycles, a window of 0.0195 seconds opens, requiring the ship's shields to be realigned. If the Regula is one of these Nebula variants, it should be possible to beam in a small team during that window."

Xerix and Nuecylle exchanged glances before turning to the Vulcan. “And how would we know when they are about to cycle? “ Indrala asked.

Nevikh blinked in mild surprise at the question, as it seemed obvious to him. "If one knows the shield frequencies for a ship, which we do know broadly for Nebula-class vessels, the variation in gravitron distortion is detectable. Normally this would require at least 18 minutes to identify and confirm. However, I believe I can reduce that to under 10 minutes using specific range for the Regula, which we should be able to obtain by pulling the records from her last maintenance cycle."

"I'll have those records for you by the end of the shift," Menun replied to Nevikh's request. He was a bit put off he hadn't brought anything as significant as the shielding cycles to the table, but any information they could scrounge up was worth it.

Alex stood there thinking on how inefficient the whole process was likely to be, the Borg would simply drain the enemy shields before beaming over boarding parties, but he kept his mouth shut and silently agreed to what was being proposed, which was the most efficient technique at their disposal. Alex at a time like this missed the brutally efficient techniques of the Collective, but those weren't available to the Federation, so there was no use raising such an idea.



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