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Posted on Tue Apr 27th, 2021 @ 4:33pm by Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett & Lieutenant Sukan & Lieutenant Eklisa

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Holosuite 3
Timeline: After Brasshole, Before Traitor

Eklisa was ready to relax for an hour. She was dressed comfortably in her coat and sunglasses, hair up in a mid-to-late 20th century style. She was the one at the counter, telling their threat to the teller. Aurelia was the one with weaponry and the means to crack the vault should they need it. Outside, Sukan was in the getaway car.

Blowing off some steam meant different things to different people. To some, it was movies, others, a drink or a barfight that landed them in the holding cells. Eklisa's idea of blowing off steam included good friends, climbing things (such as this counter, cliffsides, or on occasion elevator shafts), and grand escapes from law enforcement.

"All of the money you are able to fit into these bags, please." She smiled, "without contacting the police."

"We only have a few hundred dollars on hand, the rest is in the vault", the teller said, clearly nervous yet trying hard to remain confident. "And it's on a timed lock"

"Then give me the few hundred you have and give my friend here access to your vault." Eklisa didn't have an ounce of malice in her voice, but her posture displayed no room for argument.

Aurelia held two nimble but heavy looking pistols out towards no hostage in particular, slowly moving both back and forth, keeping her green eyes, which were hidden behind a pair of large dark shaded glasses, shifting from hostage to hostage for any sudden movement. She donned a black wig, the silky looking hair only long enough to tuck behind her ears. The dressing up part was one of her favorites in the holodeck, especially when she got to play the villain.

One ear on the conversation between her counterpart and the teller, she began to slowly walk backwards toward the counter. She slid one of the pistols into the holster hidden inside her leather jacket and extended her free hand to the teller gesturing for the access codes.

"One, Seven, Four, Two, Four, Eight but it'll only open at a specific time. Looks like you'll have to make do with what you have", the teller said, smirking slightly.

"I'd appreciate if you'd keep your comments to yourself, dear." Unlike when Eklisa usually said 'dear', this one carried a threat- Eklisa didn't need a weapon to threaten someone when she dug her claws into the solid wood of the counter. "Crack or bust, my dear?" She turned to her partner in crime, 'dear' switched back from threat to affection. She was really asking if they'd hack or use explosives to open the vault.

Aurelia's red painted lips spread into a mischievous smirk, "I think its time for a little light show, don't you Love?" Knowing they were bond for time Garrett didn't wait for a reply but started towards the vault. She scanned the cowering hostages once more before jumping onto the counter and swinging her legs over it. Aurelia sized up the vault as she approached it. The clicking of the timer could be heard from outside the locked vault, she highly doubted the teller had been truthful so rather then waste precious minutes inputting the code she pulled a palm sized octagon container from her jacket. She pressed it against the steel door with enough force the clamping mechanisms could be heard through out the bank. The octagon lit up and Aurelia quickly entered a sequence of numbers and dashed behind a wall while yelling, "TAKE COVER!"

Eklisa grabbed the teller by the back of their shirt and tore them over the counter to shield them. If anyone else was stupid enough to not take cover after that sound and call, Eklisa didn't see them. The boom was her favorite part of this style of program. It was loud enough to rumble through the building, into her ribcage, and make her heart skip a beat, but it wasn't so loud as to hurt her ears for long.

Outside of the bank, Sukan sat in a 1970 Chevelle SS, with his hands at a perfect 10 and 2 position on the wheel. He had researched driving a car, and seemed to have a handle on it. He then heard the explosion from inside of the bank. Things must be going well, he mused.

After the bang Aurelia, coughing on the smoke and dust, made her way through the rubble and into the gapping hole of the now open vault. She shouted back to Eklisa, "Alright, we're in! Bring the bags!" She began gathering bundles of cash, stuffing her pockets as well.

Eklisa vaulted the counter and brought the bags to the vault, setting to packing them with cash efficiently. Plain black duffel bags with no markings were perfect for collecting as much cash as possible, but the huge pockets of her trench coat were just "frosting on the cake".

In the far off distance the whine of police sirens nearing their location could be heard. Sukan took a second to process the sound, then quickly calculated based on the Doppler shift that the police cars were roughly 3 minutes and 24 seconds away. Sukan instinctively tapped the chest where his combadge would be - then remembered that he had to use the walkie-talkie. He picked it up and said "Sukan to Eklisa and Garrett. The police are on their way, and will be here in 3 minutes and 15 seconds."

Grunting Aurelia responded, "Code names Diesel! Packing up now. Nightshade and Annabell out." After jam packing a duffle bag with bricks of money, Garrett lifted it and swung it over her shoulder. The weight was considerably heavier then she expected. "We ready to blow this joint?!" She gave Eklisa a feline grin.

Eklisa bared her sharklike grin right back, hoisting up her own bag with ease. It was heavier than size would suggest, like a book. "I'm ready whenever you are!" She took off running, laughing. On the way to the door she hopped over the counter, landing on all fours, but she stood and righted herself before continuing.

The adrenaline was pumping in her veins faster with every second that went by. Who knew being the bad guy could be so much fun! Following closely behind her friend she tossed the duffle over the counter before jumping on its table top and swinging her legs over. For a human Aurelia was extremely athletic but her physique did have its limits. She picked up the duffle bag and bolted for the door. Once outside she started shouting with joy while beelining for the getaway car. She tossed the duffle into the backseat before jumping in herself. Quickly pulling her second pistol from its holster ready to exchange fire if need be. The convertible had definitely been the sensible choice.

"Go Diesel Go!" Eklisa grinned as she dropped into the car. Her breaths came in shallow gasps under her laughter. Her bun had come loose as she ran, so her hair flew about. She dropped the bag in the foot well of the car and pat Sukan's arm quickly.

Ahead of them, two police cars emerged from around the corner. Sukan pushed the gearstick into first, and hit the gas, bringing the big block V8 to life with a thunderous roar, before turning the convertible around with more tire smoke than necessary, as the car sped off.
"It would appear that I need to excise better throttle control. Precision is difficult with a foot pedal." Sukan's calm demeanor was barely audible over the engine, as he shifted into second, then third.

Erupting in a fit of giggles as Sukan accelerated she screamed, "WAHOO!" Aurelia tore the sunglass off and turned in the backseat, a gun in each hand, she aimed for the tires of the closest police car in pursuit of them. She pulled the triggers, one after another until the pop of the rubber tires could be heard. The car swerved into a parked car causing a blockade. The sudden rush of relief soon vanished at the sight and sound of multiple police cars barreling toward them from both side streets. Aurelia turned, a stream of dirty curse words coming from her, franticly looking around for a solution.

Eklisa was not one for weaponry or speed, but she had memorized the streets of the fictional city they were in. "Take the left there, we can lose them in the grid system downtown." She gestured to the third sidestreet ahead, knowing Sukan could know what she meant. Between evasive manuvers and Eklisa's next move- crawling into the backseat and reaching into the footwell for a case- hopefully she could get these 'police' off their metaphorical tails. In the case was a series of metal segments that unfolded into road spikes.

As the muscle car barreled towards the turn, a police cruiser pulled out from the street. Sukan made a quick right, then hit the handbrake, bringing the car around the cruiser with a controlled drift - with mere centimeters between the two cars. Sukan briefly locked eyes with one of the astonished officers, before straightening the convertible out and barreling down the side street, clipping a wing mirror of a parked car in the process.
"It would appear my calculations were slightly off - I failed to factor in the wear on the tires as a result of my prior driving."

Aurelia watched Eklisa over her shoulder, crouched down but still aiming both pistols toward their pursuers. The police hadn't fired at them, Aurelia assumed it was due to the civilians on the streets. Curious to what Eklisa was pulling out she asked her, voice shouting over the sirens wailing in the background, "Do you need help?"

"Throw this out to the left!" Eklisa's loose hair was a detriment to her work here, flailing in the wind, but she didn't have time to put it back. She handed a bundle of metal rods to Aurelia, then picked up her own bundle, which were connected to Aurelia's by toothed mesh. "It's a tire shredder! Soon their wheels will be worse for wear than ours, Sukan!"

"If you can disable the vehicles, then there is a 93.2% probability that we can evade the law enforcement officers by utilizing the freeway network", Sukan said, as he swerved the vehicle around a bus.

Taking the metal rods from Eklisa, Aurelia did as instructed and tossed them to the left. They spread out quickly looking like wines of metal spikes across the street. Garrett's eyes grew wide with anticipation, ready to here to pop of tires once they hit the shredder. "I like those odds Diesel!" She gave Eklisa a wink feeling giddy again.

Eklisa ducked down, but kept her head over the back seats to watch as police cars' tires burst and the cars lost most of their momentum rapidly, some turning into the parked cars on the street, others gaining more control and stopping by choice. It had been a good idea to pack the quick-deploying spikes, which were totally period-accurate, and Eklisa reveled in the benign destruction of it all.

The sirens got noticeably quieter the farther away Sukan drove them. Aurelia could hear the pile up, metal smashing against metal, a cringing sound. Knowing better then to celebrate too early she peered over to Eklisa. "Think that's all they got?!" She hoped not, it seemed too easy, holoprogram or not. Disappointment flashed across her face when she realized she never even got to fire a round from the old fashioned earth pistols.

"It would appear that we have not yet lost them", Sukan said. The police had set up a roadblock directly ahead, with several officers pointing weapons towards the renegade's car - almost tempting them to try and ram through. There were no convenient turnoffs, and turning around was not an option.
"There is an alleyway to our right, but we must leave the vehicle", Sukan stated.

Eklisa grabbed her bag and prepared to exit the car, swinging a leg over the side. "Get ready to jet, Deisel, Nightshade." Every second they rode brought them closer to the cops and she did not want to get shot- even with the safeties on, a good hit could hurt quite a bit. "Can you wedge the gas? Ram them without us?"

Sukan shifted down, then grabbed the heavy walkie-talkie, and dropped it onto the accelerator. The engine revved, as it redlined first gear. "Done", he said, as the car closed in on the barricade.

"Okay time to tuck and roll!" Aurelia swung one of the heavy duffle bags over her shoulder settling the strap across her chest. After holstering her pistols she glanced quickly to both friends to ensure they were ready. Climbing onto the back seat she looked out ahead to time her jump with enough precision to guarantee the lowest impact possible. In seconds she was flying through the air then rolling on the hard cement road, she could feel the bruises already forming, rolling until her body flung open and she was on her feet sprinting down the alley way. A quick glance over her shoulder to verify her friends were in tow.

Eklisa, despite her climbing skill and relative fitness, was less graceful in her evacuation of the vehicle. She was able to hop, tuck, and roll, but she didn't quite land on her feet. She had to scramble to get up onto her feet and found herself a bit behind Aurelia, but at least she was in the same alleyway.

Sukan was the last to leave, having been holding the wheel for as long as possible. Leaping from the drivers seat, over the passenger seat, he tucked and rolled effortlessly onto the road, with only a few greenish bruises on his hands to show for it. "We should keep moving", he yelled, as the convertible loudly smashed into the blockade.

The crash caused Aurelia to cringe in the slightest, she hadn't expected the collision to reverberate half way down the alley they raced through. Aurelia slid the black wig off and chucked it into an open dumpster, she began shacking out her hair as she continued to run. A few pebbles of sweat started to collect on her brow, the duffle was far heavier then she had expected it would be, it made running difficult. Between rasping breaths she said, "Do we hot wire another car or find an abandoned building to squat in until the police stop searching?"

"Pausing will not make them stop, they'll just wall us in- we can hotwire another car easily, we just nee to get to one secluded enough to give us the time." Eklisa carried the weight a little more easily, but the running itself was the hard part. She'd never been the best sprinter. "We've got a parking garage in two blocks, the carpark in that gas station three blocks back, one over, and then again there's always trying to pick one off the street where we can work on it and stay hidden."

"We will need to perform suppressive fire. I believe there are 4 officers currently following us, with weapons. Furthermore, they know that we are armed." Sukan chose not to mention the possibility of carjacking - he was looking forward to the possibility of tackling the primitive security systems of most cars.

A little winded from the run and the adrenaline rush Garrett said, "I think I like the parking garage idea. It will give us enough cover, maybe even a place to stash the cash for the time being. Especially helpful if things get... physical." Not waiting for confirmation from her associates Garrett headed towards the parking garage. Almost immediately a bit of relief rushed over her at how dimly light the garage was. They needed to get higher, but taking the elevator seemed like a fouls idea, so weaving between cars Garrett lead them up a few levels before finding a pale blue AMC Pacer, having studies the breaking of old fashioned earth locks Aurelia pulled a tool from her back pocket and began to work on unlocking the trunk of the car to stash the cash.

Eklisa ducked between two cars nearby, keeping an eye on the level below. She tied her hair back again, in a tighter bun in preparation for hand-to-hand combat, which, if she was honest, was not her forte. In fact, most forms of combat were not her forte, but she did know basic self-defense. They'd probably be relying more on Aurelia in this situation.

Sukan grabbed the door handle, and pulled it firmly, expecting the small door lock to give way. The only thing that gave way was the handle itself, which Sukan quickly tossed aside with a very faint clatter. After giving a firm tug at the hole where the door handle used to be, the door finally opened. Sukan crawled inside the car, and dislodged the underside of the beige dashboard, revealing a tangled web of wires and circuit breakers. "This may take some time", Sukan noted to his partners in crime.

The trunk unlocked and popped open and Aurelia's face lite up with glee. Shoving her bag in she turned to Eklisa, "Good a hiding spot as any for the loot!" The sirens wailing outside the parking garage got louder with every passing second. Garrett tapped the top of the car, "Doesn't sound like we have the time you need Diesel...."

Eklisa dropped her bag in, grinning, then grabbed a (convenient, probably computer-placed) tire iron from the trunk before closing it quietly.

Steps could be heard stampeding up the ramps and echoing off the walls and cars.

Sukan was focusing hard on the hotwiring, making a mental map of what each wire does, what circuit it's part of, what's powered and what's not powered. Sukan decided to cut one of the wires - and inadvertently triggered what appeared to be an aftermarket car alarm, nestled deep in the car. The sound of footsteps in the distance was immediately overwhelmed by frantic beeping. Sukan bit his lip in brief frustration, before diving deeper into the dashboard to try and disconnect the alarm.

"Or just alert them of our exact location Diesel!" Garrett roared. "I'll see what time I can buy you. Cover him will you Love?" Aurelia pulled both pistols out as she ducked down and hurried down the closest ramp using the cars as cover.

"Yes Ma'am!" Eklisa prepared to swing the tire iron at heads if need be, but remained ducked near Sukan, out of sight.

"My apologies Nightshade, I can work fast, or I can work quietly", Sukan yelled over the blaring alarm. Sukan tugged a black wire that seemed to be powering the alarm, causing it to falter, before falling silent. Finally, Sukan mused to himself, and got back to work attempting to start the engine.

Two police officers came around the ramp, firearms drawn, and made their way towards the floor where the trio were.

Garrett heard the officers growing near, she was knelt down behind a vehicle waiting quietly, both pistols at the ready. Using the reflection of a near by windshield Aurelia crept up taking aim. It took one shot to knock the gun from the farther officers hand, moving faster then either officer Garrett emerged from her cover kicking the gun from the second officers hand before he could take aim. He cried out but then grabbed for his riot baton as Aurelia slammed the butt of her gun into his head immediately rendering him unconscious. To her dismay three more officers were running up the ramp. With little time to aim Garrett pointed her gun and pulled the trigger, but nothing happened, just the empty clicking. Growling she tossed the pistol aside as the first officer came at her. With ease and very few blows to pressure points the man was on the floor.

The second wave of officers enclosed in on her. In an attempt to slow them she shot out two windows that sent glass shards in the air, stopping one of the officers who ducked to shield himself. The blast did little to slow the other two approaching officers who were now close enough for combat. These officers moved much quicker then the first wave. The computer must be improving the officers skill sets Garrett thought. With a wicked grin drew on her strength and speed, her fist met every intended target on their bodies. Either had yet to land one blow to her.

Caught up in her own cockiness and the rush of adrenaline she was feeding off of she failed to keep track of the third officer. The same time the officers engaged in combat with Garrett fell to the floor, a clicking could be heard behind her, a gun locked and loaded. Aurelia raised her hands slowly, positive the officer wouldn’t shot her in the back. “Oh what a drag.” She said, unamused by the current situation. Before the officer could order her to the ground she began to turn towards him, and then he pulled the trigger.

“Stimulation unsuccessful.” Stated the computer. The world around them seemed to dematerialize as the wide open room of the holodeck came back into view.

Sukan got up almost immediately, completely unfazed by the sudden change in scenery.

Garrett dropped to the ground, laying on her back her arms stretched out, sweat had gathered around the back of her neck and brow. Her breathing was coming and going fast. Growling she said, “ So close! We were so close!!! And since when does the holodeck shoot someone in the back! I was unarmed! I mean as far as he could tell!! Ugh!!”

With the confusion of someone who just had reality unravel Eklisa stretched and walked over to her friend, "Officer 'Kempke' was given a more aggressive instinct in this version, to counteract your skillset. Did you read the update logs?" She leaned over her, hands in her pockets, "I'll get you a drink?" She was surprised the holodeck meant this much pent up aggression in the little officer holo but what was done was done, "Also, we did kind of tear up the city."

Aurelia beamed up at Eklisa before laughing, "Of course I didn't read the update! Do I ever? Also those tire shredders were a brilliant idea!" Hopping up she looked toward Sukan, "Are you coming with us for drinks?" Her voice hopeful.

Sukan nodded, holding his hands behind his back. "I would like to continue this discussion. I did not anticipate the inclusion of a secondary alarm system in the vehicle."

Aurelia beamed with joy, "Pesky little computer with its second layer of defenses. Ohhh next time we should try a jewel heist, and have to infiltrate the royal coffers of some castle!" Laughing the trio exited the holodeck and headed for the promenade.


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