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Oh, Hello you

Posted on Wed Mar 10th, 2021 @ 9:00pm by Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett & Lieutenant Chase Thatch

Mission: Swarm
Location: Royal Oak- Engineering

The Royal Oak was being restored incessantly day and night, there was always someone aboard trying to cram in as much work as they possibly could so that the crew could see the starship completed by the deadline. Which given the state of the ship was a task most saw as damn near impossible. 'One impossible task at a time...' Aurelia repeated to herself every time the workload seemed too grating.

After a full day of work she was ready to call it a night. She ventured through the ship making her way towards engineering, she was hoping to catch Alex Lockwood and coerce him into joining her for a meal to end the evening. There was rumor of a new restaurant that was a must visit, she had glimpsed the handsome chef at the soirée, peaking her interest. As she neared the department she could hear a males voice mumbling to himself, she failed to make out what he was saying but she lightened her footsteps to creep up anyway. Aurelia could be extremely stealthy, quieter then a mouse, when she wanted to that is, there was rarely a day she didn't relish in the limelight.

Slowly and silently she peered around the corner, seeing a man she wasn't very familiar with leaning over a table of mechanical parts. Realizing it wasn't whom she was in search of she almost turned around and left but stopped herself short reconsidering her retreat. Though he seemed preoccupied with whatever project he was tinkering with he held a sense of, loneliness. Putting on one of her more feline like smiles she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned up against the doorway inconspicuously. He continued to mumble to himself unaware of her presence until she let out a chuckle, her voice velvety soft and warm.

Thatch being so lost in thought as he was sprung up from his blueprint reading hearing her laugh, so fast in fact he neglected to remember the light over his head as his 6'3 stature brought him right up into it, making it a cringe-worthy bong sound as his head struck it. His hand reached out for his head as the other steadied the single light. He turned with a chuckle, even with his air of loneliness, he smiled at the new face. "Howdy there." He said, his deep southern accent showing broadly in his smooth voice as he spoke, rubbing the knot out of his head. "Sorry, I didn't hear you come in, I was.." He waved in the general direction of the blueprints hoping she got the idea.

Seeing how startling her presence had been to him caused her to chuckle once more. Sneaking up on people wasn't exactly a hobby, but a guilty pleasure. Her bright green eyes followed his gesture to the blueprint and table but her mind was on his accent... and his height, this man was a tower.

"Isn't it a bit late to be tinkering cowboy?" she teased, the feline smile still on her lips.

He smiled as he walked over to her. "Never too late for inspiration. That and if I didn't then I would not have met you." He chuckled, surprised at his own flirting without even taking note of her rank or anything else. However, he seemed to lack the ability to care at the moment and was seeming to get lost in her eyes. Compared to hers, his own hazel eyes seemed to reflect her bright green ones. She oddly reminded him of home, no one had actually, really talked to him since he had gotten here and that attracted him more to the conversation.

Aurelia's eyes widened a small fraction, she was pleasantly surprised by his come back which may have stirred a few butterflies in her stomach. She held his gaze intently, refusing to allow her eyes to withdraw from his. The closer he came the taller he seemed, causing her to incline her head just a bit to hold the stare. She was reminded of the height she lacked, but she knew she more then made up for in sass. She closed the gap between them, coming closer then she had intended. "And what is it that inspires you...." her eyes dropped down momentarily to note his rank before quickly meeting his gaze again. "Lieutenant?" She lingered in his space before slipping past him and heading toward the table he had been seated at.

He followed her with his head but stopped in the center of the room. "hmm...that's a hard one..I have a lot of things." He walked back over to his table and adjusted the recently head-smacked light so she could see his table. On the table there were three blueprint papers across the desk, one was the overview of the ship, the second one he had recently drawn with eraser marks making the page grey, which looked to be the reactor chamber schematics and measurements he took, and the third being his own signature drones. "If I had to pick a big one...I would say, one of the biggest ones is I wanna be helpful, everyone deserves a chance and I think this is mine to prove something." He smiled and looked over his table, naturally rubbing his hands that were now rebandaged.

She leaned on the table with both palms, her eyes flittering over the blue prints one by one until the her eyes landed on the third. It wasn’t anything she recognized, the design something newer then what was laid out in the others. She picked it up from the table to look at it more closely. Her nosey behavior not crossing her mind as inappropriate at all. She sat on the edge of his workspace lost holding up the design, studying it. Her eyebrows scrunched and she tossed him a quizzical look while asking ,”what are these? I’ve never seen them.”

Thatch smiled at her curiosity. Others might find her actions nosey, however, he actually rather enjoyed the attention. "That darlin is an MRD blueprint. It's a drone of my own personal design that I built to help with repairs, building, and transport back in my early military days and I have been improving the design ever since. That's the mark 4 version." He explained as he sat on the edge of the desk, still finding himself looking at her, completely oblivious of his accent or saying 'darlin' a few moments prior.

A light giggle escaped her hearing the southern draw in his voice, she was quite sure no one had ever called her ‘Darlin’ before. She listened, trying her hardest to concentrate on the information he had just given her. She found herself distracted by the way he looked at her and his close proximity. Before she could think twice she stood and walked around the table to his unoccupied chair and took a seat. She laid the blueprint out on the table, “Are you using them to assist in the repairs for the Royal Oak?”

He nodded, as he found himself straining to focus on just her face. He felt like he was being circled by a very very attractive predator. Though he was feeling confident as he cleared his throat to speak. "Yep. They are quite handy when I'm working by myself and currently I have hand built four, but with those blueprints your holding, that long list there.." he leaned in closer to point it out, leaving his face a little closer to hers as he lowers his voice, giving the draw even more pull. "With this list of material here, I can put it through a replicator and mass produce them with enough material of course. And this.." he moved one to the side showing another paper. "This is a new replicator I'm building where the old two used to me. It can replicate and produce whole plates for the outside of the ship, engine parts, all sorts of equipment. It will give us the upper hand and make us even more self sufficient if docking is not an option." He said with a smile as he turned to her realizing just how close he actually was.

Pulling away from his locked gaze was proving rather difficult, probably due to her indecision as to whether she wanted to or not. He was close enough that she could feel the heat radiating from his body. She wondered if he was aware of the trouble he was getting into provoking her the way he was. He could simply be unaware of it, unaware of the cat and mouse game she played, which made it all the more enticing. A smile spread across her lips, different from the feline one she wore moments before, "It looks like you have a pretty hefty work load then Cowboy." She spoke low at first, still surprisingly close to him, refusing to back away at first. "It would be selfish of me to distract you a minute more."

She batted her lashes, studying his face for mere seconds before rising from the chair preparing to make her exit.

He felt a sense of panic flash through him as she stood, breaking him out of his trance. He may not have played the game as often as other guys, but he knew all too well how to play. He reached out and grabbed her hand with his, stopping her from leaving. "It's not selfish if I want the distraction." He felt a desire well up in himself. He smiled at her. "Besides, your the best-looking distraction I have had." He rather liked this game, though his rust was still falling off when it came to his skills in the art of flirting, he was picking it back up rather quickly. He gently pulled her hand, enough were he could express his interest but just softly so she could still back out if she so chose.

Had she wanted to she could have prevented him from grasping her hand, but her curiosity kept her from moving away. He was definitely far braver then most she came into contact with. There was something intimidating about the moment, it wasn’t him, she was hardly intimidated by any one person but the situation had her nerves in a little up roar. So very unusual for her. She could feel the bandages on his hand, could feel the rough calluses most hard working engineers had. She wasn’t phased by his expression of her attraction, she was vain that way. Slowly she slipped her hand from his grasp, lifting her hand to tap the tip of his nose with her pointer finger.

“Perhaps another time Cowboy.” Her voice was dripping with allure.

He went to protest but as he opened his mouth his PADD blinked with a notification. He let out a defeated sigh as he grabbed his bag from the table and went to leave the room. He turned to her and smiled, giving that same smile. "Ill be looking forward to it then.." He gave a seductive wink then held up his PADD, "If you need me or just wanna talk. I'm a number away." With that, he jogged off, wondering if he had left a decent enough impression to allure her back to him sometime.

Aurelia chuckled as she went her separate way towards the station. She was surprised he hadn't asked her name and wondered if he already knew who she was, which would make HIM the mystery. One she could easily solve but wouldn't. She was going to wait. Wait until he sought her out or fate saw to seeing them together again. The unknown had her smiling still as she stepped off the ship and made her way into the station.


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