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Over Coming First Impressions

Posted on Wed Apr 28th, 2021 @ 3:57pm by Lieutenant Baeryn Whavi & Lieutenant JG Roger Magnus

Mission: Swarm
Location: Counselor Magnus' Quarters, Deck 105
Timeline: Sometime after 'Soiree'

Counselor Magnus was sitting in his quarters at his desk, when the computer chimed.

"Lieutenant Magnus, your appointment with Lieutenant Whavi in your quarters is set to start in 5 minutes" the computer droned in that mechanical, female voice.

"Thank you computer" He said, needlessly really. He had lost track of time reading through crew evals and had almost forgotten his first official appointment, but luckily the computer, reliable as always, kept him on track. He got up from his desk, setting the PADD down that he had been working on. He surveyed the room, observing his furniture arrangement. The couch was still set up in its classic snake-like form which took up a lot of space in the room, but at least offered some options for seating. He set up the coffee table near one of the nooks and the arm chairs surrounding it. He had 2 minutes left, so he went to the replicator. "Lemonade" he said, causing the replicator to create a fresh glass of the delicious yellow drink, complete with a lemon slice floating around in it. He had taken some time to program the pattern for his favorite beverage into the replicator as he was not a fan of the standard, sweet lemonade with ice that the computer normally produced. He grabbed the PADD off his desk he was working on and sat down on the couch near the coffee table, taking a sip of his lemonade and setting it down. Despite not showing it outwardly, he was really looking forward to talking to the crew members at these scheduled meetings.

No sooner Magnus set down his drink the chime to his quarters rang. Baeryn waited patiently outside the counselors office, she had just finished a Mind-Stilling exercise in her own quarters before making her way here. It wasn't that Whavi was nervous as much as she was piqued to have to meet with a new counselor, explain her short comings all over again, listen to them give the same advice as she had received before and so on. Had the sessions not been made mandatory by her previous captain all those years ago she would have gladly gone without them. Being a hybrid gave way to an endless list of 'Unknowns' in regards to her empathic abilities. Most hybrids had dulled abilities, easy to ignore and turn off all together. This unfortunately had not been the case for Whavi.

Magnus looked up from the PADD. "Come on in!" He said. Realizing the computer here wasn't adjusted to his usual greeting yet, he quickly followed it up by stating "enter" which allowed the door to open. He stood up from his seat, walking over to the greet the Lieutenant as she came in. "Lieutenant Whavi, greetings!" he said jovially "Counselor Magnus, pleased to make your acquaintance" he said, reaching his hand out for a generic Earth-style welcome.

The energy emanating from Magnus came as a unexpected surprise to Baeryn, she hadn't been expecting such a....peppy individual. It made her smile, genuinely. "Please, call me Baeryn. The pleasure is mine." she said accepting the handshake. She gave the room a once over before settling her obsidian colored eyes on the counselor. He was a breath of fresh air compared to the monotone Andorian she saw previously.

"Well Baeryn, please make yourself comfortable" He said, gesturing towards the couch and chairs positioned in the room "You can call me Magnus if you wish. I don't really like to be called by my first name because honestly, I don't think it suits me that well" He said, giving a bit of a laugh. "Can I get you anything from the replicator?" He asked, moving towards the replicator slightly.

"Uh just water please, room temperature is fine. Thank you." Baeryn made her way to the sofa, sitting right in the middle and bringing her legs up to sit Indian style. "Have you ever considering changing your name?"

"Water, room temperature" Magnus requested, after making his way over to the replicator. "Hm. I guess not. All my friends when I was younger just called me Magnus and the name's grown on me over time". The replicator had finished making the beverage so he walked over, setting it down on the table in front of her. "So Baeryn, have you been on the station long?" He started, moving over to another segment of the couch. Due to the couch's curved nature, he could sit in a way that he was still facing the Lieutenant but yet he wasn't too close allowing them to have their personal space. The other bonus of this strategy was that it didn't seem like he was trying to distance himself from the 'patient' by sitting in a totally different chair. He sat down after picking up his still cool lemonade, crossing his right leg over his left and holding his glass with both his hands on his lap, making eye contact with Baeryn as she answered.

Baeryn leaned forward to retrieve the glass and took a sip. She held the glass with both hands in her lap, this would hopefully keep her from fidgeting, or twirling strands of her wild brassy hair.

“I’ve been stationed here for a little over a year. Until recently I was the assistant chief of operations, but due to the the former chief being reassigned to the Admirals fleet, I was promoted.” She knew she was more then capable of the new position, but the sudden promotion did give her a bit of anxiety. Baeryn held a lot of doubt, finding confidence to always be just a little too far to reach.

"Well congratulations!" He said, smiling at her in response to the good news. "I am sure you will-and have been doing a wonderful job" he said, then transitioning "so tell me a little bit about what you do then here at the station, some of the people you work with. I know a bit about Star Ship Operations, but I don't know as much about how those jobs differ on a station like this one" He asked, taking a sip of his lemonade.

Baeryn chuckled shyly, "Thank you. I'm doing my best, so far it seems to be enough." She cleared her throat before continuing, "As chief of operations I work mostly with the chief of engineering, Alex Lockwood, we coordinate the needs of the station and the ship -now the Royal Oak. I haven't spent much time with Lockwood due to the limited number of crew remaining, we both have quite the list of to do's and a demanding deadline to finish said list." The lieutenant paused to take a sip of water, then set the cup down not sure why she was growing so fidgety. "I could go on about my duties as far as monitoring the ships systems, performing sensors sweeps, or how often I need to coordinate with different departments throughout the station but you may find it quite boring, if not tiresome."

Baeryn leaned back and allowed her eyes to wonder throughout the room, it was decorated nicely. She wondered how the room would change the more time Magnus spent aboard.

"Well I don't want to keep you too long anyways" He said chuckling a little before asking his next question. "So how have you been coping with things with all this extra work load? Have you had much time to yourself?". Magnus was actually enjoying himself quite a lot. It was nice getting to chat with other Starfleet officers like this, even if they *were* forced to be here. Was that selfish of him? He pushed that thought aside.

Baeryn could pick up on the doctors eagerness, his excitement. It wasn't intentional, her reading him, she was still mastering her empathic abilities after years of suppressing them. At first she thought it odd, most counselors she met with treated the position as a job or task, treated each patient as a problem they were looking for the answer to. Magnus gave a different vibe. He genuinely seemed to find joy in his current position, which, relaxed her more then she though it would. Perhaps these sessions wouldn't drag like the others.

"It's been a bit of a struggle, but were managing the best we can. I'm proud of those around me for persevering through all this. Like anyone I have days I wish I was relaxing in the sun on Risa." She gave a shrug and a half smile. "The increase in workload has made creating personal connections a bit tricky, aside from Aurelia I've yet to...find anything in common with anyone here."

"Ah, Risa. There's a place I have not been in some time." Magnus said, taking a sip of his lemonade which of course, made him miss Risa more. "Were you at the reception the other night? Did you get to talk to anyone there?" He asked, searching for a new segway.

Scrunching her face she responded by shaking her head no. "Big gatherings like that... I tend to try to avoid. My....betazoid half... well my empathic abilities can be a bit unmanageable in certain circumstances such as that." She shrugged the vulnerability off. "You?"

"I showed up, but I didn't get talking to too many people unfortunately" Magnus lamented. "When you say that your empathic abilities can be a bit unmanageable, what do you mean by that?" Magnus enquired. He had read through Baeryn's file of course, but it seemed like previous counselors had not really dug deep enough on this topic, or at least if they did their notes were fairly sparse.

Baeryn took a deep breath, readying herself for this discussion. Displaying her shortcomings wasn't exactly something she enjoyed. Pushing away the shame that came along with explaining herself she started, eyes not leaving the glass of water in front of her.

"Growing up I didn't show any signs that I had inherited any of my mothers abilities. A huge disappointment to her. When I was seventeen my father, "She paused briefly, " passed a hunting accident. At first I thought it was just my minds way of dealing with the loss. I started to know what others were feeling. The pity they had for me mostly. It caused me to seclude myself, and handle the pain...with substances that helped numb my over active mind. But then one day I could hear what people were thinking, at first I lumped it up to the affects of the alcohol but the voices got louder."

Taking another deep breath in an attempt to fill herself with bravery, desperate to find the courage to continue. Mentally see closeted parts of her story she knew she wasn't ready to talk about. Not with someone knew. Not yet.

"I spent years after that ignoring my gift. So much that I was ordered to seek help and deal with it, or risk the loss of my career. I'm in a better place now, but years ago I couldn't say the same. Big functions, like the reception for the Noruga crew, I have to extensively prepare myself mentally. So that I'm not overwhelmed by the presence of so many minds. It can feel like being caught in a tidal wave, a loud, roaring smothering tidal wave"

Magnus sat there for a moment, mulling over the situation in his mind. He imagined that it must have been very difficult having to deal with that, he didn't need to ask to know that. Not having much experience himself with empathic abilities, he wasn't sure how to help her exactly, but he was determined to try. He just had to find a way to do that without pushing her too hard. He could see she was struggling to find the will to dig this deep into what she saw as a shortcoming. He softened his voice, saying "Baeryn, thank you for sharing that with me. It sounds like you are a very strong individual to have made it through all that and come this far." He took a moment to pause before continuing; "from what you just said, it sounds like it is still a struggle to deal with your empathic abilities. I would like to help you with this, if that's what you want. Otherwise, just let me know what I can do for you. I don't want to assume what you need" He finished, knowing that he had made that mistake in the past, and didn't want to make it again.

"I would appreciate all help and assistance you would be willing to provide." She gave the doctor a grateful smile, it was a relief and a nice change to have assistance offered to her, rather then forced upon her.

"Well, where do you want to start?" Magnus asked, leaning forward and setting his now empty glass on the table.

"I guess there's no better place then the beginning." Baeryn took a sharp inhale, sat back in her seat, and began with her mothers family chronicle.


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