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New Perspective

Posted on Sun Mar 14th, 2021 @ 4:32pm by Commander Cirila Ylvor

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Commander Ylvor's Quarters, DS12
Timeline: After 'Empty Shell'

It had been a day since the interaction with the Captain regarding her new role as XO, things were still a blur. Having this handed to her had been somewhat expected but now that it was happening the things she thought would be easy were not so much. Requests for information, duty roster changes, transfer requests had all started to filter through her PADDs, and she was starting to get to them in a good amount of time.

On a personal side, Cirila had almost immediately got herself into the right uniform, and replicated the rest of the Starfleet Order of Dress ensemble. Red was a good colour on her, she had to admit, or perhaps it could be the absence of a copious amount of grime and dirt from being ankle deep in some ODN access tube. She had decided to let her hair grow out more, as she wouldn't be bound by as much need for practicality.

She remembered Fedan's face when she told him of her promotion, his expression was a mix of excitement and confusion, which she understood. He had taken blow after blow recently, Hansen's fleet had stripped anything not nailed down or hidden behind bulkheads, in effect killing the current build in the drydock. Effectively he was now in charge of a drydock with nothing to build. In addition personnel were being transferred back to DS12 to cover manpower shortages, including his former superior, Cirila. Fedan had unfortunately inherited a basically abandoned facility, not a meritorious first command.

Fedan had transferred her personal effects to her new billeted quarters on the station, and she was now on her way to her new home for the first time. Cirila had thought he might join her but perhaps she had mis-read their relationship, wasn't the first time in her life. Somehow she thought she would have learned by now, technically being over 200 years old. People were hard to deal with, and she knew she would have to have a conversation that they probably wouldn't like.

The doors swished open, revealing an extensive if not ordinary set of quarters, much larger than those on the drydock. As the XO she had the option to ask for civilian quarters, but had still decided to stay in 'Navy row' as she liked to call it. In fact most officers had the option to billet in civilian apartments, given the fact so many were still unoccupied, it seems that the settlers were still 'on their way'. With what was happening in the galaxy she thought they may be a long way off. Her main reason for being in Starfleet accommodation potentially came from a misguided thought that being closer to DS12 Operations would be a better scenario, but site to site transporter options had come a long way.

Taking a quick tour, she did feel a bit like a VIP, these were lavish in the amount of room, the station could spare it. A mezzanine bedroom with ensuite and walk in robe, a small semi-closed off office area, a main living space with separate dining and another room off the living space. Large floor to ceiling windows would be spectacular when the station rotated, she would very much enjoy watching the light from the sun play across her quarters, feeling the warmth on her skin. Thankfully in deep space, there wouldn't be anyone to look through those windows.

After a couple hours she had most of it unpacked, her uniforms stowed, including the obsolete ones from by-gone eras. Her civilian clothes being the minority in her wardrobe. A few of her trinkets found themselves into her office, some accolades, a model of her first starship assignment. A small armoury of weapons were also displayed, including a sword that her previous host Roban had used many decades ago. But also including another sword Cirila had physically made within a blacksmithing facility, one of her personal favorites.

Having finished with most of the important unpacking, she decided to explore one of the more unique features that had only come about recently, and only on Stations. The holo-booth, a small room with dedicated holographic projectors, a luxury for higher ranked officers. With the advances with holography in recent years, larger holodecks were becoming more outdated and the holo-suite the way forward. Holodecks themselves only being utilized for larger scale events, such as mass trainings or social gatherings that needed it.

Loading up one of her personal favorite holo-programs, a simple island with a lagoon in a non-descript peninsula, with the most crystal clear turquoise water and stunning landscape surrounds. The holo-booth was limited in size and so she knew there wouldn't be an option to go swimming, but there was the option to perhaps dip her toes in. Taking off her clothing, she stepped into the booth, no need for any modesty in her own quarters. Her eyes closed, feeling the sand between her toes, before taking some steps into the water. Parts of her mind were racing about the opportunity to test out the limits of this system, seeing how deep she could go into the water. Another wanting to just switch off with the relaxing visage, another was experiencing the rush of being seemingly out in nature without a single shred of clothing, even if not simulated.

Not wanting to possibly flood her quarters however she decided the best thing to do would be to lay on her back, still submersing her body in the crisp cool water. Relaxing to the point of near sleep, she had vivid memories flow through her brain, some were hers, others were not. A pang of hunger however raised her from her relaxation, plus the cold had started to get a bit too much. Heading back to shore, taking note that the water had been contained by a field, she raised an eyebrow. She toweled off and replicated herself a spicy Bolian dish, accompanied by an Andorian cider, sitting for the first time at her small dining area, just looking out to the stars that slowly rotated with the spin of the station.

Commander Ylvor had been given some time to get her affairs in order with moving, that had already been done, well within the time allotted. Cirila needed to work, setting out some PADDs, and using her desk monitor she proceeded to start the overview of the personnel reports. Thankfully the task was less mammoth, given the current nature of the station. This continued for a number of hours, before she decided that a small tour around the station was in order, personnel reports could wait until tomorrow. After donning her uniform, she stood in the quarters with her hands on her hips.

"This will do," she said, a smile across her face, before leaving through the door.


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