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Doctor's Visit

Posted on Wed Apr 7th, 2021 @ 1:51am by Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Damiani & Lieutenant Eklisa

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Damiani's Office

Eklisa didn't like interrupting her work to go talk to the doctor, but of course, it was physicals season. She'd tried to get an appointment in as early as she could, to get it out of the way. At least she knew she was healthy. If she wasn't, she'd know. Unless it was in her brain of course. Upon thinking that, she worried about the numerous brain maladies denobulans could have. But there was no evidence, so she dismissed it.

She chimed the door, "Doctor, are you in? I've got an appointment."

Hearing the chime at her office door, Doctor Damiani looked up and called out for the person on the other side to enter. The resonance was familiar, though Alyssa was sure they hadn't worked much together yet as it wasn't that familiar. However, she also knew her schedule and thus knew who it was. "Hello, Lieutenant. Welcome. Thank you for being on time."

"Of course!" Eklisa stepped in quickly and found her seat, "How have you been? Everyone's under a lot of stress lately, I'd hate to think you're being left out of getting cared for."

Alyssa smiled and stood from behind her desk, gesturing for them to head out of the office and to an exam area. "I'm well, thank you," she assured. Doctors always made the worst patients, of course. "How have you been feeling? Any concerns?"

"If I'd had concerns, I would've come to you with them sooner than this." Eklisa hopped up and followed Alyssa, "I think the only ache or pain I've had in recent days is a stress headache making my teeth hurt. I'd have hallucinated somthing to take the stress down somewhat but I haven't found it in me. By all rights I should be halllucinating near constantly since learning of Hansen's betrayal."

"Any idea why you haven't found it in you?" Lys asked in an open, friendly manner as she gestured for Eklisa to have a seat on the biobed.

"Working theory: I am, somehow, too stressed to hallucinate. If I get a moment to calm down and center myself, maybe hold Cruncher, hopefull I'll get someone or something that isn't there showing up to help me work it out." Eklisa hopped onto the biobed and tucked her braid into a bun, "Who, what, and why specifically is more to the counselor's interest though, I'm sure. As for my teeth, they won't hurt when my jaw can relax."

Alyssa pulled her tricorder and scanner from her lab-coat pocket and began checking the other woman out. She chuckled as she did so. "The mind and the body, Lieutenant, are not cleanly severed. What happens with each impacts the other, so medical and counseling live in lock-step." She was quiet for a moment before she asked, "Who or what is Cruncher?"

Eklisa nodded along, watching the doctor scan her. "Cruncher is my Terran Box Turtle. He doesn't move much if he can help it, an he lives in my planter. He is my- and my race doesn't have a word for this, but I think it's a 'pat'? My animal family member. The only family member I've got out here for now."

"Pet," Alyssa offered helpfully. "Pets are well documented as being good for one's emotional and mental health." She ran her scanner around Eklisa's head. "I can offer you a very mild tranquilizer for off-duty hours that may help you relax enough to let your mind's otherwise native coping mechanisms kick in."

"That might be useful." Eklisa hummed, "So long as you keep it mild enough it doesn't trigger an early hibernation. I trust you can do that, of course, but I'm sure we'd all prefer I was awake sometime in the next week. I'll carve out a little more time when I'm off-duty for Cruncher. He doesn't really mind having more or less attention, but I'd be happy to give him more."

The doctor chuckled as she shut the tricorder. "No, we don't want to put any officers asleep ahead of their natural cycle. It will be very mild. Just enough to take the edge off, as the saying goes. I'll send the prescription to your quarters' replicator so you can access it when you choose to take it."

"I'd like that! It would be nice to get some help cooling down that isn't prodigious amounts of alcohol." she laughed, "I'm sure Cruncher would appreciate it as well, I get even more talkative when I'm drunk. I know he can't unerstand me, but I've found it cathartic to talk to him regardless. I'll probably have to take it after my personal projects as well."

"It shouldn't be incapacitating," Alyssa explained, taking a PADD from her other pocket to type in orders to Eklisa's quarters' replicator. "So, I suppose it would depend on how intense a focus is needed for your personal projects."

"Well, the level of focus depends on which project I do, so I'll just have to use some good judgement here and there." She pulled her knee up to her chest to hug it, "What compound is it specifically? Not that I don't trust you but I like to read up on whatever medicines I'm taking so I don't, you know, drink too much before taking something that makes alcohol more effective, or other nonsense."

"Hydroxiline," Lys replied. "I don't mind at all. Informed patients are the best advocates for their own health. I can send some particular literature from the database for you to read, if you like."

"That would be delightful. Thank you for helping me with this!" Eklisa turned her attention to Damiani herself, concern returning, "Now do be sure to take a break when you need to, and if you ever need to talk to someone who isn't a counselor my door is open."

Alyssa smiled. "Thank you, Lieutenant," she said warmly. "Otherwise, you look to be in good shape and can consider your medical evaluation passed. Do return if the hydroxiline doesn't do the trick, yes?"

"You'll be the first to hear of it!" She smiled broadly, forgetting, in her contentment, to maintain a more appropriately sized smile.

Really, though, there wasn't much that startled or offput a Starfleet doctor. Alyssa's empathic senses simply enjoyed the contentment she could feel. She closed her tricorder and slid it back into her pocket. "Then we're all set and you're free to go about your day."


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