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Falchion crew, to your stations

Posted on Fri Dec 11th, 2020 @ 10:24am by Captain Indrala Xerix & Commodore Dazad & Captain Kiala & Lieutenant J'remar Menun & Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett

Location: Deep Space Twelve
Timeline: 18th December, 2398

Commander Indrala Xerix stood behind the cockpit of the passenger shuttle. The hull had been modified, with transparent aluminum panels affording expansive views. A ceremony, more than a duty, Indrala and her senior staff were giving a visual inspection of the USS Falchion. She stood inside the interior berth of the station, with some cabin lights, and spotlights from the station illuminating her sleek hull.

“ And each man stands with his face in the light. Of his own drawn sword, ready to do what a hero can.” The Commander said quietly.

J'remar looked up from the PADD he was studying, out to the view of the Falchion in all her glory. He stared silently, listening to the Commander's words. The ship was a stunning one, he'd admit, but all this ceremony and sentiment was a waste of valuable time. The weapon systems still needed testing, the shields weren't up to standard yet, and he still had yet to view the brig and it's security arrangements. He spent a few more seconds looking out of the shuttle, before looking back down to the PADD in his hand.

Blake stood with his hands behind his back and waited. He hated some of the pomp and ceremony that came with Starfleet. He just wanted to do his job, standing around and waiting wasn't the best use of his time.

Aurelia walked briskly through the throng of people in the hanger searching for the Orion officer she was to report to. Lia hoped she hadn’t missed much and that her tardiness would go unnoticed. Her attention was averted the moment she looked up to the ship. It’s beauty caught her breath. A rush of excitement swept over her, “The beginning of a new adventure.” She spoke softly to herself.

Seph was more interested the shuttle pilot and their skills. He kept wanting to correct the pilot, or have them adjust something. There was a slight rumble on the port side that if he just adjusted the altitude control .5% would fix the problem. as a Lieutenant Commander he could totally order the pilot to do so, but he didn't want to come off as pretentious... yet... Instead he just nodded and kept looking at the ship.

After a few passes, the shuttle touched down in the tiny shuttlebay. Most of the crew were gathered, and a podium had been set up in the corner. Indrala saw Commodore Dazad and his wife standing nearby. The Commander had only met them a handful of times. “Commodore, Commander...How are you both?”

Kiala smiled, "I'm well, thank you for asking."

"Commander," the Commodore greeted as he clutched a PADD in his hand. "I am well. And you?"

Indrala couldn’t decipher the man’s emotions in the crowded room, so she gave a slight smile. “Doing well, sir. It’s a fine ship, and I’m pleased with the crew.” She said

Dazad looked around at those gathered, "I'm glad to hear that. I can still remember the first vessel I commanded. It's a special day, one that needs to be well remembered. A wise Starfleet Officer once told me that 'They're your crew, not your friends'. I never forgoth that, but not for the reasons you may thing. You can't live by that adage. A Captain is only as good as the crew under their command. You live, you work, you succeed together. Now, there is something else we need to discuss."

The Commodore and the Commander continued to speak as Doctor Kiala stepped away to give them the privacy that they required.

“Forgive me, sir.” Said the Commander. “But I can’t help but feel something other than a ship dedication is going on here. Would you clue me in?”

"In good time, Commander," the Commodore answered as he held a PADD in his hand. "I think we need to get started."

J'remar waited patiently for Commander Xerix to finish up her conversation with Commodore Dazad and his wife, hands clasped behind his back, gaze wandering over the gathered personnel. So far, so good. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened yet to warrant any suspicion. Perhaps this launch will go as smoothly as planned, though if J'remar had learned anything from his time on the USS Matthis, it was to always be on the lookout for trouble, ESPECIALLY when things were going well.

Aurelia spotted the Orion from across the room. She made quick work of navigating her way through the crowd rather then around it. She smirked playing with the idea of sneaking up on the lieutenant from behind. Thinking better of it she approached J’remar from the front. Standing straighter she addressed him, “Lieutenant Menun? Ensign Garrett reporting for duty sir.”

The lieutenant looked down at the human who'd approached him, frowning slightly. "Ensign Garrett, you were supposed to report to me earlier today. I hope that tardiness won't be repeated in the future."

While he was speaking he took mental notes of her stature, facial features, tone and inflection, and anything else that might help him analyse her personality. She was cheery and bright, but not in a bubbly, girlish way. Her posture was acceptable, though he noticed she had to straighten up before she approached him. Her lateness wasn't something in her favor, but perhaps it was a one-time thing. Overall she was pretty much like every other ensign new to their job.

“My apologies Sir,” She paused holding back the urge to give him an excuse for her tardiness. Not only did she doubt the Orion would accept any explanation but giving him any reason to think her inadequate of her new position was not how she wanted to start her time here. He didn’t need to know the several obstacles that led to her tardiness today, nor did she think he’d care. “It won’t happen again.”

She moved to stand next to J’remar slightly behind him. Mocking his stature she scanned the crowd.

"See that it doesn't," He said before looking back to keep tabs on Commander Xerix and the Commodore. He just hoped all these formalities would be over soon, so he could finish up some work he had to do aboard the ship.

Could have been worse she thought. After scanning the crowd and familiarizing herself with the exits her gaze landed on the Commander and Commadore.

“Should I patrol the premises Sir?” She was eager to move around the shuttle bay, the stand still and wait always made her restless and impatient. There was also only so much she could see given her current position.

He looked around the area, his watchful eyes not noticing anything out of the ordinary. "I suppose that may be necessary, though we are already aboard the Falchion. The chances of something happening are minimal at best. Proceed."

After giving his orders, he turned back to watch the Commander and the Commodore. To J'remar's right, slightly ahead of him, was the Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Ellis. The man seemed like he was trying to stay still, but the Orion could see that he was dying to get the formalities over with. In all honesty, J'remar felt the same way, but years of training had taught him self-discipline in the face of such dullness.

Ellis was bored, he had things to do in Engineering. Standing here waiting for nothing to happen was counterproductive for the Engineer. He resisted the urge to sigh.

“Aye Sir” she replied with a brief nod. Grateful to be on the move a smile spread across her face. Lia couldn’t wait to explore the new ship. She had studied a diagram of the ship prior to arriving aboard but hadn’t had a second to see it in person.

Passing in front a blue eyed man Aurelia noted his rank. Smiling she dipped her head in greeting before passing him. “Lieutenant.”

The brown haired woman caught his eye as she moved passed him. 'Perhaps standing around has its advantages.' He thought to himself. "Ensign." He replied with a smile.


A series of tones echoed throughout the Chamber as Commodore Dazad stepped forward, the signal indicating that they were about to get started with the formal dedication. The Commodore looked carefully around the group, smiling as he did so as he pondered just what the future held for this group. The Maelstrom was not a welcoming or hospitable place. There was going to be a lot of challenge, a lot of pain, but also joy and friendship.

Standing before them he looked at his notes on the datapad that he had carried with him. Instead of reading from the screen he instead slipped the portable computer tablet into his pocket. "I have never been one for speeches," he said to the group and then glanced to his wife, "nor have I been one to repeat the work of another and call it my own. Instead I have long been a fan of speaking truthfully and openly."

"We are on the threshold of an amazing period for the Federation as we near the birth of a new age. The 25th Century will soon be upon us and the adventures have only just begun for not only the Federation, but for this intrepid crew. The Maelstrom is a vast, dangerous realm. It's filled with mystery, danger, but also excitement and a journey none of us will soon forget. The Federation has left this region to its own devices before, but now we return with an intent of strengthening this area and exploring these still strange new worlds. We have already begun colonizing efforts on several planets, such as Nepenthe and Vesuvi, but there are countless other worlds still beyond the veil waiting for us. My only regret is that the mission you signed up for will not be the only one that you partake in."

Indrala’s brow arched, confusion and a bit of embarrassment coloring her face.

"Under Starfleet Executive Order 1345431 I hereby assign Commander Indrala Xerix as the Commanding Officer of Deep Space Twelve with a promotion to the rank of Captain. The Starship Falchion is thereby reassigned to DS12 as primary mission support vessel and its crew to Senior Roles at the Space Station. This mission directive is signed and affirmed by Fleet Admiral Kirsten Clancy, Commanding Officer of Starfleet." He tapped a control, "Computer."

"Awaiting Inquiry."

"Request transfer of command authority for Deep Space Twelve from Commodore Dazad to Captain Indrala Xerix. Authorization Dazad Alpha 47 Omega 42."

"Commands confirmed. Transfer Complete. Deep Space Twelve is now under the command of Captain Indrala Xerix."

Biting the inside of her cheek, the Betazoid walked towards the podium and Commodore Dazad. Her people were rarely taken by surprise, she moreso than most. So this was an entirely new sensation. Sticking to Terran military norms, she extended her right hand to the Commodore. “Thank you, sir.” was all she could manage to croak out.

The Orion was just as surprised as the rest of the officers present. This was unexpected, but it was certainly a good surprise. In the past month since the now Captain had arrived on the station, he'd come to respect her skills as a leader.

Blake's eyes widened as the realisation set in of the mammoth task ahead of him. Chief Engineer of the Falchion was a task in itself but Deep Space 12...let alone keeping the station functioning, he'd have to juggle ships in the interior hanger with ship repairs, refits and upgrades. He was a great engineer but he wasn't sure he was that great.

Commodore Dazad stepped aside from the area after a nod, hoping that the Captain would interpret that it was her time to say her piece to the introductions. He was still amazed by how many people were already here. DS12 was an amazing station - massive in size and function - he looked forward to their adventures.

Indrala’s eyes flared for a moment. She had only come to the podium to receive her extra pip. She quickly smoothed her face into the neutral expression of a diplomat, the way her mother had taught her.

“Thank you, Commodore Dazad. When we join Starfleet, regardless of age, race, rank or name, we all take the same oath. We become duty-bound to the same fight. The United Federation of Planets is an ideal. A cooperation of groups who may have little else in common. I reaffirm our commitment to that idea today. Each one of us is an ambassador for the time-honored goals of the Federation and Starfleet. With the recommissioning of the USS Falchion, we commit ourselves to peaceful exploration, defensive of the Federation, and learning what we can about this space we all share. Thank you. The newly-minted captain said.

Commander Kiala stood off to the side as she listened to the proceedings. She had seen many of these during her Starfleet career and had been more and more intrigued by them. The pomp and circumstance wasn't usually something that she was a fan of. That was one of the reasons she had more fun as a civilian serving on a Starship or a Starbase. At least then she wasn't looked at like a pariah for being married to the Commodore.

Her husband stood next to her and whispered, "I have a surprise for you later."

"I like surprises," the El-Aurian woman answered as she listened to both her husband and the new Captain. "Just as long as it's something we can both enjoy."

"Undoubtedly," the Commodore answered as the crew of the Falchion and DS12 continued the ceremony.



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