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Old Scars

Posted on Thu Apr 8th, 2021 @ 8:41pm by Lieutenant Chase Thatch & Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Damiani & Lieutenant JG Aurelia Garrett

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Medbay

Thatch walked begrudgingly down the corridor heading to the medbay, the first time he was here was just to explore and he happened to run across a random coreman who saw his hands and decided to treat them to an extent. He did have a separate appointment but his hands did not hurt at all apart from the average sore feeling from working. That and catching a certain someone's punches. He rubbed his hand at that last thought as he chuckled. He had chosen not to go to his follow-up, but when he was summoned he had a feeling once he got there he was gonna get chewed out even if it was by someone of lower rank, not that he was a stickler for ranks anyway besides a few over him.

Alyssa was walking across the main bay when she felt a presence at the door. There was a feeling of...grudging intention. It was pretty common, really, for people who came here. It seemed it was that or panic for emergencies. Not often did it fall anywhere between the two. She checked the time and figured this was the latest appointment that she'd chased down.

Turning her head toward the door, she saw the young officer walking in that she expected. "Lieutenant Thatch," she greeted with a polite smile. (If one was paying close attention, they might notice the slight shift between her mouth and her voice where the two didn't quite match...though only a few were that attentive.)

He gave his best smile with a small wave. "Howdy doc..." His southern drawl came out nervous. Given that, unknown to him, the report of the malpractice done to him after his accident to his hands and the trauma that ensued was all over his medical records. "You needed to see me?" For such a man with as large stature as himself, he seemed like a big softy in the current situation. It was hard to discern how a 6'3 military built man with bandages on his hands and dirt, grime, and all other sorts from engineering could be such a gentle giant.

Aurelia sat crossed legged on a bio bed, dangling her legs off the side as a young nurse shared the latest gossip. Her back was to the main entrance of the medbay, a tactical fail if there ever was one. In her peripheral she had seen the doctor turn towards the door and her body tensed when she caught the name she used to greet who had just entered. Keeping her breathing calm as her heart spiked was more challenging when Thatch greeted the doctor in return, that southern accent of his causing heat to pool in her belly. Her body was aching to turn towards the door, she had lost all focus on the nurse, nodding along in attempt hide where her attention truly was.

Any empath would sense the shift behind them, but Alyssa was professional and ethical enough that she didn't turn to see what had changed. She simply nodded to the young human man who was considerably taller than her own 5'0" stature. "You're due for an onboarding medical evaluation and I have a note that there was a follow-up appointment you missed. I figured we could take care of those."

Thatch chuckled nervously as he started to calm down, feeling a tad out of place due to his major height difference. "Yea, sounds...good" he hesitated a bit as he made his way over to her, waiting to be instructed as he tried to distarct his mind a bit.

The doctor gestured for him to follow her to an examination area, which wasn't quite a private room but at least was a little more private than being in the main bay. "Have a seat, please," she said, waving at the biobed. "How have you been feeling? Any issues?" The matter of his hands naturally didn't pass her by, but she didn't see the need to leap at everything at once without particular cause.

Thatch took a seat. "Nothing that I can think of." He said as he tried to distract himself somehow by scanning the room around him. He however, did not stay looking around for long as the docs questions kept his attention.

Garrett side eyed Thatch as he walked past, she kept her head angled away from him and the doctor pretending to not have noticed him at all. Part of her hoped he wouldn’t see she sat mere feet from him, that his nerves would be distraction enough to keep his focus on the doctor. Aurelia contemplated slipping out of medbay once his back was turned. Luckily for her the nurse was a rambler, saving Aurelia from not having to say much and drawing attention her way.

Even sitting on the bed, the man was still taller than the doctor, but she was long used to that. "And the hands?" she asked, pulling her tricorder out of her lab-coat and opening it to begin her initial scans.

He looked a bit embarrassed but sighed. "They have not hurt, since the.. accident they never do. But no rips or bleeding, I have been trying to be more careful." He said as he let his hands sit on his knees.

The doctor ran her scanner over his hands, confirming there weren't any tears in the skin although she saw microtears that could increase without care. "May I see your hands?" she asked kindly.

He clenched his fist a little before flipping his palms upright, hoping she didn't notice the slight shaking emitting from them. He was usually a very relaxed person, any form of danger never really detered hm from offering help, but for some reason, he always got so nervous.

“He is rather adorable for someone so tall isn’t he?” The Andorian nurse asked, a teasing grin spreading across her face. “Definitely a mountain I wouldn’t mind climbing.” The nurse giggled into her hand.

Embarrassment rushed through Aurelia, though her face stayed void of the emotion. Nonchalantly she responded “Who?” Her voice came off a bit harsh and bored but her eyes remained locked in the direction the doctor had lead Thatch.

The nurse grew impatient, placing a blue hand on her hip offended by Aurelia’s question. “Your eyes have been glued to him since he walked in here. I’m a nurse, reading someone’s body language is part of my job.”

Aurelia leaned back onto her palm, her focus momentarily coming back to the nurse. “Yeah, and watching people is part of mine.” She shrugged giving the nurse a taunting smile that didn’t stick as her eyes lingered back in the direction of the room Thatch had disappeared to. “Besides....I’m just curious.”

Meanwhile, back with the good doctor, Alyssa offered a smile and tried her best to emit a soothing aura. She could sense his intense unease with her question, but as a doctor, she needed to know what ailed her patients. She gently took his large, scarred hand in her smaller one and studied it. She used her other hand to run the scanner. "You do have some micro-abrasions that could tear," she offered quietly. "So I'll want to treat that before you leave." Pause. "Have you considered seeking more in-depth treatment to fix what wasn't correctly fixed before?" That follow-up question was equally gentle.

He heard 'fix' which made his hand tremble in hers a bit but he was starting to warm up to her a little bit. He felt so stupid for seeming like a scared kid but it was hard to relive what he went through only a few years prior. "u-umm, I did not really feel it necessary at the time and, im not sure if you read my file or not about back then but, asking for help with this kinda thing does not really sit well." He said as he tried to calm his hands down again before she thought something was seriously wrong and asked to do more. He could feel his mind racing and trying to block out old memories. He felt so stupid for being this anxious, if Aurelia could see him right now he was not sure what she would think of him. All his hopes with her would be dashed.

The doctor offered a soothing smile. "Well, I happen to know a bit about medicine tailored to special situations." She closed her mouth and replied, "You see, I was born mute." The voice was audible, words spoken aloud, but the sound resonated from the area of her throat rather than her closed lips.

He nodded. "I noticed when you spoke to me out front.." He said as he visibly calmed down. "I trust you, and everyone else on the station. That's what I'm trying to earn around here too." He said with his own smile and a chuckle.

"Give it time and you'll get there," Lys said, moving her lips again now. "In the meantime, I'm going to do a little deeper study of your medical records and see what we can do. For now, I'll finish your evaluation so you can go about your work again." Her expression still open, warm. She moved the scanner to finish up. "Everything else is looking good." She put the tricorder away. "I'm going to get something for your hands, for now, to keep the micro-tears from worsening." She stepped away to go to one of the cabinets housing their tools and medicines.

He looked down at his hands then caught the glance from the side of his vision and saw, her. He smiled and gave a gentle wave over to Aurelia, completely forgetting his hand was now exposed in all its damage as he smiled. He quickly put it back down averting his eyes, clearly embarrassed about the appearance of them, especially to a girl he was fond of.

Aurelia sent Chase a bright smile when their eyes locked, her nerves fluttered in her gut but quickly simmered into disappointment when he looked away. Perhaps she really was making up the connection between them. Doubt began to attempt engulf her, she almost looked away, almost left medbay altogether, but something about his expression had her pausing. Hopping down from the bio bed Aurelia excused herself from the nurse and headed toward the examination room Chase was in. Her green eyes caught sight of the pretty doctor looking through supplies, she knew shed return to her patient soon.

Aurelia entered the open door to lean against the wall adjacent from the entrance, still a few feet from where Chase sat. Folding her arms behind her and tilting her head slightly to the side she asked playfully, "That's all I get Cowboy? A little smile and a quick wave? You should know I'm not one to be dismissed so easily."

He chuckled as he smiled at her, hope in his eyes mixed with still a bit of anxiety. "Well darling, I'm a bit embarrassed actually," he said softly, definitely different from his usual attitude. He reluctantly placed his hands back on his knees well in view. He looked down at the floor, obviously nervous about what she would think, after all, its not exactly the most attractive look.

For a brief second her smile fell, her eyes scanned the hands he usually kept wrapped and she felt a bit of regret for just barging in. What was she thinking? No one but her stopped at med bay for the latest gossip, they came because they needed actual medical attention, to see the doctor, privately. Internally she fought herself, she should apologize then leave, but her body refused to allow her to move while he had that look on his face. With a somber voice she spoke, quieter then before, "Scars are just stories we wear on the outside. Nothing to be ashamed of, we all have them. Whether they can be seen or not." The corner of her mouth perked up.

He smirked then laughed. "Shesh, yall sound the same." He jested thought the look on his face was pure appreciation. He winked at her. "I promise, no matter where the scars are, I still have your back." He said to her, a look of trust and...something else in his eyes. He didn't want her to leave him, ever. There was a term for this feeling, though in the moment he didn't exactly think he wanted to say it.

"You've got my back huh?" Aurelia chuckled then asked, "Would you being willing to assist me in an important inspection tonight then? After your shift, say- 0900? It's an unannounced inspection of sorts, so it's gotta stay on the hush but your help would help me exponentially." Aurelia's face took on a roguish if not wary look.

He looked down to the floor thinking through his schedule and then looked back at her with a smirk. "Sure darlin, Id be happy to help." He said his deep southern accent coming out again, sounding calmer now that she was here and didn't leave him over what others had an especially romantic interest. "where do I need to meet you?"

The infamous feline grin returned to Aurelia's face. "Meet me in the eastern sector of the promenade." Pushing herself from the wall she stepped closer to him, her eyes fell onto his hands and the scarring for a moment. She took in the damage whatever accident he had been in left behind. Resisting the urge to touch the back of his hand she brought those vivid grass green eyes to his and winked at him, as she turned for the door she spoke over her shoulder, "I'll be seeing you later Cowboy."

He smirked at her, using his own trick on him like that. "Sure will. See ya then darlin." He said back giving his own wink before turning back to the doc.

On her way out of medbay she caught site of the doctor and waved goodbye. "Enjoy your day Doc." It took most of her will power to not skip her way out of sickbay, the excitement she felt knowing she had plans to see Chase again was stronger then she thought it would be.

The emotions radiating from and between them were impossible for a Betazoid to miss, but she kept on a professional face as she nodded to the exiting officer and the returned to her patient. She gently took one of his hands and began to run a tool over it. A faint blue light was emitted and healed the micro-abrasions. "After this, you should be all set to head out," she offered.

He barley took note of her actions as he had a doofy smile on his face as he looked at the door where she had exited, giving a small sigh. "S-sorry doc, did you say something?" He asked a tinge of red on his face as he chuckled lightly.

Alyssa hid a faint smile of amusement by keeping her head down, focusing on treating his hands. When she was done, it was her usual open but professional expression. "You're all set," she said. "You're free to go."

He looked down and opened and closed his hand comfortably. "Thanks, doc, is there a time I have to come back or?" He asked as he rubbed his now relaxed palms with his thumb. He cleared his throat as he tried to shove his thoughts of the girl out of his mind for a second.

"For this treatment, you're all set," Alyssa replied. "For the future possibilities, I'll do a little research and contact you later."

Thatch nodded to her as he stood up, almost forgetting he was so tall his feet sat flat on the floor even while he sat. "Got it. Thanks, doc!" He said with a smile that was a genuine 'thank you so much' type of smile. He turned for the door, making sure to use the sign-out sheet to save her some work where he could.

As he left, he held his two fingers to his head in a salute to say bye, all with that smile still plastered on his face as he walked back out into the corridor. Now a diffrent set of thoughts flooded his mind. What was that girl planning...


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