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A Capite Ad Calcem

Posted on Sun Mar 21st, 2021 @ 6:16pm by Ensign Tolak & Kel

Mission: Side Posts
Location: Cargo Bay 23

"What in the name of..."
Kel could not think of an appropriate epithete to use, and doubled back on herself.
"What do you mean, 'surprise inspection'?"

Tolak looked up and down at the short Ferengi. Ferengi warranted an entire class at Starfleet Academy, and for one reason: They always had an ulterior motive. Furrowing his eyebrows, he responded clinically;
"Pursuant to Starfleet regulation 221, section-"

Kel was not having any of this. "Don't quote regulation at me. All I want is a reason, plain and simple, for why you called us back to the station!" Kel spoke loudly, almost shouting, and articulating with her hands.

Her ship had just been recalled back to the station, having already been at warp for a day. Said ship, the Latinum Wing, now sat in Cargo Bay 23, with half a dozen security personnel swarming all over it, searching it from bridge to stern. While they were not as violent as the Klingon guards who once searched the ship, they weren't exactly being careful.

Tolak was able to ignore her anger and rudeness. Being a Vulcan had its benefits. "Your vessel was due for a random, mandatory class 4 cargo inspection before departing. However, there was a communication error between Traffic Control and Security, resulting in-"

"Resulting in you calling us back to the station, when we were already halfway to Kelvas Prime!" Kel was furious - the food and medical supplies she was flying to the Cardassian colony were time sensitive. Even with the statis field, they had to get there within 12 days.

"Halfway would be an exaggeration. You had only completed 14.62% of your journey when you were recalled." Tolak stood still, impassive to the Ferengi's emotional beratement.

Kel buried her head in her hands, and took a deep breath in. She wasn't exactly a firm believer in the Rules of Acquisition, but the 101st one popped into her head as she stared at the stone cold face of the Vulcan security officer - Profit trumps emotion. There's no point in getting angry. After regaining her composure, she asked
"How long will this inspection take?"

"The inspection will take 18 hours." Tolak glared directly at the Ferengi.

"18 hours?!" She exclaimed in surprise. She never had to deal with anything like this before, at any starbase. She knew that half the base was tied up on repairs to the USS Royal Oak, but even so...

"Correct." Tolak added, "That is, assuming that you have nothing to hide."

Kel replied in her snarkiest tone "Oh, of course not. Absolutely nothing to hide in the slightest. You can search the ship all you want. Hell, search it twice if it makes you feel better!"

"I do not believe we will need to search the ship twice." Tolak was right - their first search would be thorough enough. "I have duties to attend to", he stated, before turning around and walking off without another word.

Kel waited until he was out of earshot before mumbling some choice words. She then heard a loud clank as a Starfleet officer removed a piece of hull plating of her ship. Filling 18 hours of dead time was going to be a challenge, to say the least.


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